Enjoy your weekend and be nice to your Saab

Victor Muller is either in the US, or in China working with Pang Da and Youngman to find a solution. In any case Eric Geers says that he is working 24/7 to find a solution.

Further the people of Hemfosa are also working over the weekend to get the real estate deal done.
Quote from the CEO of Hemfosa Jens Engvall:

….We’re working on this now, and will keep working over the weekend if necessary. Monday is an important day. It’s vital now that we find a solution, he says.

Thanks Börjesson for the tip.

And there are also people like Steven, Swade, Wade who are not going to let it go, not now and not later.

For me its time to switch off the computer till Monday (I’m too much of a junkie, so I think I will peek a couple of times over the weekend).

Today I will spend a nice evening with my wife, and tomorrow I will be nice to my car and clean it inside and outside.

Have a nice weekend everyone and be nice to your Saabs.

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