VW evoking memories of Saab EV-1?

From Autoblog….
Volkswagen have a new ad for the VW Polo that channels a little bit of Back to the Future and a lot more of Grease for a kind of Gen-X movie mashup commercial.
The ad starts with a gang of teens looking a lot like the T-Birds but cruising around in a town very much like Hill Valley from Back to the Future. They pull up on seeing the Polo and burst into a diner/cafe thing just like Biff and the gang in BTTF.
From there on it’s all Grease as they supposedly have a race, with the hip young Polo dude-of-the-future getting the girl at the end (and showing her the operation of a seatbelt in a very gentlemanly manner).
The positioning of the future car in the 1950’s setting definitely evokes memories of the Back To The Future franchise and keen Saabophiles may recall that there was a Saab in the second Back to the Future movie.
That car was the Saab EV-1. Back to the Future II came out in 1989 but despite the Saab EV-1 being built four years earlier, it still looked futuristic enough for inclusion on the movie set.
And yes, Wikipedia and IMDB are a godsend for stuff like this!

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