Saab Festival Website online

It doesn’t have all the programme details online yet, but there is a Saab Festival website now available online.
The site confirms that this year’s festival will be a special celebration of the Saab 96, which will be 50 years old this year.
All you overseas visitors better bring a freight container, too, as the SDCC will be having another sale during the festival and there’s sure to be plenty of rare parts and bargains available.
Again, I’d encourage everyone who possibly can make it, to get along. It’s going to be a fantastic festival and a celebration of Saabs independence, as well as the iconic Saab 96.
You won’t regret it, I can assure you.
Thanks to Pavel for the tip!

Saab Enthusiasts to Flock to 2010 Saab Festival

The following is a press release from Saab in Sweden.


  • Saab Festival to be held on 15-18 July in Trollhättan, the home of Saab
  • Focus on newly-launched 9-5 sedan and 50th anniversary of Saab 96

Trollhättan, Sweden. Thousands of Saab enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to attend the 2010 Saab Festival in Sweden between 15 – 18 July, the first to be held since Saab became an independent company earlier this year.

The biennial festival is traditionally the world’s largest gathering of Saab fans. Based around the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, the home of Saab, this year’s event will focus on Saabs past and present, including the newly-launched Saab 9-5 sedan.

In addition to factory tours, parades, presentations and automobilia sales, the festival will include a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Saab 96, the car that took Erik ‘Mr Saab’ Carlsson to the first of a hat-trick of RAC Rally victories in 1960.

“This year’s event has special significance as it comes at the start of a new era in our company’s history,” said Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson. “Many Saab fans around the world demonstrated great support for Saab during the sale negotiations and we are delighted to take this opportunity of showing our appreciation.”


Saab Festival 2010 – booked!

UPDATE below


Accommodation has been booked in Trollhattan for the 2010 Saab Festival, which will tie in very nicely with the Midnight Sun Rally so I’ll get to see Jörgen and Bo, as well as Vladimir Antonov and co-driver whipping around the forests.

The Festival has now been confirmed by Saab Museum director, Peter Backstrom, via his twitter account so it’s all systems go.


If you are in any way able, I urge you to do what you can to get to Trollhattan for this festival. I received a lot of help from readers here at SU to go to the 60th Anniversary festival back in 2007 and it really was the bet Saab event I’ve ever attended – by a long way.

This year promises to be a great event as well. There’s no word yet as to what might be on the official program, but the prospect of gathering in Trollhattan and celebrating Saab’s new ownership and independence should be reason enough to get along and enjoy the weekend.

Throw in the Midnight Sun rally, the locks, every Saab you can imagine, the Wednesday night car show, Kinnekulle, the never-really-setting sun and everything else and you’ve got a recipe for lots of great Saab memories.




Djup Strupe is rarely idle. This source is unconfirmed, but reads well.

This summer, the Saab-enthusiasts will gather again.

Thousands of Saab-enthusiasts from all over the world are expected during the Saab festival in Trollhättan 15-18th July. It’s the first festival since Saab became an independent company earlier this year. The festival, which usually is arranged every second year, is the world’s largest gathering for Saab fans and is held near the Saab Car Museum. This year, extra attention will be on the 50 year celebration of the Saab 96.

-The event this year is truly special, since it occurs at a time when our company enters a new era, says JAJ.

-Saab-fans all over the world were a great support for Saab during the sale process, and we are happy to have this opportunity to show our appreciation.

Rumour: Saab Festival – July 15-18

A poster at Svenska Saabklubben has posted the following on their club forum. It’s short and to the point:

According to reliable source……Saab Festival in Trollhättan, Sweden July 15 to 18!

Those dates coincide with the Midnight Sun rally, which will be running around Trollhattan on the 15th, so the dates make good sense.

The holding of a Festival this year will be a fantastic coup for Saab, who missed out on a Festival last year (the festival is normally held every two years) and will give all those Saab fans who participated in the Saab Support Convoys a chance to come to Saab’s home and celebrate the company’s new found independence.

Of course, we must wait on confirmation of this from Saab themselves, but those Svenska Saabklubben guys have some pretty good contacts.

Google captures Saab Festival 2007

All credit to Mioh for discovering this one. I certainly didn’t know about it.
Back in 2007 the attendees at the Saab Festival were able to participate in a track day at Kinnekulle racetrack. It seems that might have been the same day the satellites snapped the photo used as the ‘satellite’ shot for Google Maps.
Here’s the image as it appears on Google Maps (go to 58.545788,13.396195 if you want to look it up for yourself).
That certainly looks like the setting from what I can remember. The rows of cars waiting to get on to the track and the many cars in the surrounding grounds. This is many more cars than what you get at your average car club track meet.
Mioh was trawling around Google Maps looking at racetracks in Sweden and the formation of the cars at Kinnekulle prompted him to turn to his own photos from the day to confirm his suspicions.
Sure enough, his suspicions were correct. Here are some of the comparison shots:
One of the red cars is missing in the satellite shot, but the others are definitely correct.
The pink limo is visible, but if you want more confirmation, have a look at the bus in the background and then scroll back up to the first shot in this post – it’s right there.
These cars from the museum are also clearly visible, especially the little racecar painted in Swedish national colors.
Again, the race cars and trailers in the background are clearly visible.
That prompted me to have a look for my own car from that day (the car that Saab Sweden were nice enough to loan me for the week). It was a 60th anniversary 9-3 Convertible in Cerulean Blue with a black roof.
I have a feeling that I was in the middle row of the lineup, and right at the back, which would place me here:
So – if you were there, too, where are you??
Kudos to Mioh for the discovery and my thanks for passing it on to share here. Fantastic!

No Saab Festival for 2009 – but ‘Saab Days’ go ahead in July!!!

Further to my initial entry on the subject, I’ve received some more information about Saabens Dagar, which will be held from July 17-19th.
For obvious reasons, the official, company-sponsored Saab Festival cannot happen this year. Saab’s reorganisation and the general economic situation dictate that the company cannot do this in 2009. Hopefully a healthier Saab will be able to host a Saab Festival at the next scheduled date, in 2011.
For 2009, though, three of the main Saab car clubs in Sweden – Swedish Saab Club, Saab Turbo Club of Sweden and Club Sonett Sweden – are going to combine their resources and organise Saabens Dagar, or Saab Days.
Here is the info that I’ve received so far:

We will grab the opportunity to work together with the organisers of the Midnight Sun Rally that will have a stop & go overnight at the Saab Car Museum between Friday Saturday and the local motorclub SMK Trollhättan will organize 2 specialstages around Trollhättan where the rallycars will compete. We expect around 180 rallycars, and of them 35-40 Saabs from Twostrokers to V4 and 99 turbos.
Driven flat out. The way they should be driven. A unique opportunity!!!!! See for more info.
Without being able to reveal the detailed Saabrelated programme yet for the weekend, the Trollhättans city will be in party mood during the annual Festival Fallens Dagar (“waterfalldays”).

More information will eventually be made available through the various club websites and I’ll do my best to share it here as it comes to hand.
Whilst not a traditional Saab Festival, I’m sure that this time is going to have plenty to offer the Saab enthusiast and I’m sure Saab will play a part through the museum and factory tours, etc.
If you’re anywhere nearby, then book a room, a campsite, whatever you can. Trollhattan in the summer is a beautiful, beautiful place. With a fleet of Saabs screaming around on a rally circuit, could it get any better?

Keep mid-July free for ‘Saab Days’

I’ve just heard from a Trollhattan local that July 17-19 have been set aside as ‘Saab Days’, being possibly a scaled down version of the Saab Festival.
I’ve written to seek some confirmation as to the nature of the event and will post whatever details I get as they come to hand.
I’m not sure at this point whether I’ll be able to make it. I’m in some discussions with the powers that be about that at the moment. If you can possibly make it, I can’t recommend it highly enough.
A week in Trollhattan when the Saab Festival is on is a week in Saab-lover’s paradise. I met so many brilliant people back in 2007.
How many Saabs turn up?
It really is possible to be sitting roadside at a cafe by the third day, have a Saab Sonett II park next to you and not take a second look.
As soon as I know more, you’ll know it too. I guess a lot will depend on what happens in the next month or so as to Saab’s ownership status.

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