We are many, We are SAAB: Warsaw, Poland

And here we continue with the We are many, We are SAAB worldwide gatherings – this story we received from Poland, thanks Jeremi and Marcin.

  • A broader update will follow, but this is just for you to know that our “We are many, we are Saab” event in Warsaw, Poland, was an astounding success – and great fun!
    Despite a rapid breakdown in the weather – after many relatively warm weeks we got a sudden bout of cold wind and snow from Scandinavia 😀 – the attendance was beyond expectations. Over 200 cars and 300 people showed up at the parking of the Cargo Terminal of the Warsaw Airport (who generously allowed as to gather there). 
    Despite it being the start of the winter holiday season in Poland, Saab fans came from all over Poland, driving many hundred kilometres to congregate on this special occassion. We’ve had all kinds of Saabs, from the very newest 9-5s and ’11 9-3s, through YS3Fs, YS3Ds, a fair share of 9000, a swarm of 900, and no less than three 99s! The many two-strokes and 96 V4s Poland is known for in Saab circles had to stay in the garages unfortunately.
    The Saab spirit permeated the gathering, with us sharing coffee, cake and regional specialities, all the while getting photographed, filmed and talking to the media. I guess both them and we ourselves were surprised how MANY we are.
    I hope all the other events around the globe went just as well, and I hope we shall make the impact we hope for.


We are many, We are SAAB: TAIWAN. UPD!

45 cars were present at the meeting in Northern Taiwan! By the way – it is amazing to see the weather in different parts of the planet 😉

Thanks Mars!

UPD! Alan sent us information about a rally in Central Taiwan

Excellent weather and gathering 25 Saab cars.
Another four cars even moved to the highest road of Taiwan, 3275m with 6 Celsius.  

You can upload and watch other pictures from this event here – saabsunited.com/taiwan


We are many, We are SAAB : FINLAND

Here is the story about the gathering in Finland by Petteri!

  • Saab Club of Finland organized a WeAreSAAB meeting in Tampere.
    We had 120 cars and 250-300 participants, which was perhaps slightly less than expected, but that didn’t make it a lesser meeting in any way. The meeting was well organized and the rows of Saabs sure looked great on this bright winter day.The weather was rather chilly with -8C and a biting breeze. Luckily the club had organized a tent and a “soup cannon” so it was possible to spend some time shielded from the wind, eating some wonderful meat soup for lunch.

    We started at 11, had lunch, listened to some short speeches, took photos, talked a lot of Saab Talk, met many Saab friends and made new ones. Unlike some greater meetings, we didn’t hire a plane for photos but used a skylift instead. 🙂 At 14 it was time to line up and make a short convoy before heading home.

    I can’t speak for all of us, but at least I had a great time and I could feel the Saab Spirit was there.

    Cheers, Petteri


More pictures here –saabsunited.com/finland

Awesome Saab club cars come out to play in Oz

I get a lot of photos come through my inbox from Saab events all around the world. Sitting here in Australia, it’s easy to look at these brilliant cars in faraway places and think that all the good stuff is closer to Sweden. We are, after all, about as far away from the Saaberland as you can get. Sometimes I neglect to remember that we’ve got some pretty special cars down here, too.

A handful of those cars, either standard or exotic, got together last weekend in Sydney for a meeting of the NSW Branch of the Saab Car Club of Australia.

It was a normal Saab Club affair (meet, greet, street and eat), but when I saw some of the photos yesterday, it made me want to jump in a DeLorean, crank it to 88 and re-live my weekend in another location.

Some pics of some of the attendees….. there were around 13 cars and 22 people there all together.

(I’m guessing here, but) I believe the 99 below belongs to Simon A, who has a 99T that’s just as extraordinary. He’s also the guy who sold me my 900 Aero a few years ago and I can personally attest to the amazing condition that he keeps his cars in.

This would have undoubtedly been the celebrity car of the event – an ultra rare Saab 900 Enduro. These were a limited edition of 12 put together by Saab Australia, featuring an outrageous body kit, water injection and some other go-faster stuff. There are believed to be just 5 of these remaining, making them rarer that the original Saab Sonett!

This one makes me sentimental because it’s actually my old Viggen. Now owned by Wayne G, in Sydney, and apparently running as smooth as silk (which is fantastic news considering the accident I had in it). Wayne – I want it back some day 🙂

The 9000 Carlsson is another favourite of mine. Great to see this white one there.

As you could tell from my SOTW entry yesterday, I’ve got a massive softspot for the TurboX. My good mate Jose owns this Turbo X, one of the first few purchased in Australia.

One more shot of the Enduro….. I really want to do a proper feature entry on this car one day. I must get up to Sydders and meet the owner some time.

And yes, there were people there 🙂 …..and what a fine bunch they look like, too. Not a heavy looking right foot amongst the lot of them.


Friday Snippets – Fire edition

I was quite distressed last night to hear about a fire being deliberately lit in my favourite hotel – the Scandic Swania in Trollhattan.

Most people who have visited Trollhattan would be familiar with the Swania and I know a bunch of SU readers have stayed there over the years during Saab Festival and other events. It’s great views, wonderful rooms, exceptional staff (and great breakfasts!) make it a wonderful place to stay when you’re visiting the land of Saab.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the fire. I hope they catch the bastard that lit it and that the Scandic group can rebuild the damaged sections of the hotel soon.


Saab fans in south-east Pennsylvania should look in on the SE Penn Saab Club forum and check out the Independence Day drive they’re organising for February 20th.

The plan at the moment is for a light brunch around 10am and then a drive to the appropriately named Victory brewing company for a tour and a lunch.

They need to book the tour, so check in at the forum and show your interest.


Speaking of Saab gatherings, the Saab Swiss Fondue meeting was held last weekend in Switzerland. Around 60+ people and 30 Saabs were there for the weekend and it looks like there was a good time, and plenty of cheese, had by all.

They got some good media coverage, too. This is just one of many…..

The event was organised by Dimini.ch, who sell wonderful scale model Saabs (and a few others).

There are plenty of photos here and even some good video over at Saab Actu.


Hilton Holloway from Autocar has published a review of the baby of the Saab 9-5 range – the 1.6T petrol version.

It’s actually quite a positive read but the same problems with UK tests persist – a ride experience that’s less comfy than it should be. It seems 18 wheels with 45 profile tyres aren’t doing the trick and if some other setup is available, then UK journos should be getting that alternative.

HH quite likes the 1.6T engine in most instances and the overall finish of the car seems to have improved in his estimation.


All you advocates of a high powered Saab ought to get your thinking caps on in preparation for the weekend – the SU Hi-Po Challenge will be on.

Thursday Night Snippets – Gomez edition

Get myself arrested is one of my favourite tunes of all time and I’m pretty sure you’ll be singing it after watching this video from the Brussels Motor Show.

It’s not often that Victor Muller is upstaged in a video, but I think it’s fair to say it’s happened here. It’s in Dutch, but don’t let that stop you.

The video also features the wonderful Sofie from Saab, which is a surprise as she’s usually a behind-the-scenes type. Wonderful to see her out and about as she does so much hard work there in Belgium.


Speaking of VM, Saabworld has come across a great story about his little dinghy, which you can hire if you’ve got some spare change and want to drift around the Caribbean during the winter.

Click here for more pictures of The Highlander (there can be only one VM, right).


And whilst we’re covering VM and extravagant things, let’s move sideways to Spyker. It seems the rumours were true: they’re ditching the Audi powerplant for a 6.2litre LS9 engine out of the Corvette for the C8 Aileron Spyder.

Grunty, with craftsmanship.


Congratulations to Till72, another one of our regulars here at SU, who’ll be off to the Ice Hotel at Saab Germany’s invitation for the Saab Ice Experience.

Rumour has it that another occasional SU contributor might be heading up there, too.

Add those to Sappy who won a trip from SaabGB last week and it’s going to be a regular SU party up there!


It’s interesting that reader opinions seem to be divided over which engine should be the one to power the Saab 9-5 SportCombi in the US.

It’s a no-win situation for SCNA if you ask me.


Luke Lewis, the guy who organised the reportedly resplendent autumnal drive through Connecticut back in November is planning another one.

This time it’s a trek around Rhode Island, on Saturday, March 12th.

Interested parties should check out the Facebook page for the event.


A Saab Support Convoy memory from Denmark. January 2011.

Thanks to Hans T

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