Thursday Night Snippets – Gomez edition

Get myself arrested is one of my favourite tunes of all time and I’m pretty sure you’ll be singing it after watching this video from the Brussels Motor Show.

It’s not often that Victor Muller is upstaged in a video, but I think it’s fair to say it’s happened here. It’s in Dutch, but don’t let that stop you.

The video also features the wonderful Sofie from Saab, which is a surprise as she’s usually a behind-the-scenes type. Wonderful to see her out and about as she does so much hard work there in Belgium.


Speaking of VM, Saabworld has come across a great story about his little dinghy, which you can hire if you’ve got some spare change and want to drift around the Caribbean during the winter.

Click here for more pictures of The Highlander (there can be only one VM, right).


And whilst we’re covering VM and extravagant things, let’s move sideways to Spyker. It seems the rumours were true: they’re ditching the Audi powerplant for a 6.2litre LS9 engine out of the Corvette for the C8 Aileron Spyder.

Grunty, with craftsmanship.


Congratulations to Till72, another one of our regulars here at SU, who’ll be off to the Ice Hotel at Saab Germany’s invitation for the Saab Ice Experience.

Rumour has it that another occasional SU contributor might be heading up there, too.

Add those to Sappy who won a trip from SaabGB last week and it’s going to be a regular SU party up there!


It’s interesting that reader opinions seem to be divided over which engine should be the one to power the Saab 9-5 SportCombi in the US.

It’s a no-win situation for SCNA if you ask me.


Luke Lewis, the guy who organised the reportedly resplendent autumnal drive through Connecticut back in November is planning another one.

This time it’s a trek around Rhode Island, on Saturday, March 12th.

Interested parties should check out the Facebook page for the event.


A Saab Support Convoy memory from Denmark. January 2011.

Thanks to Hans T

Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting – January 22-23

For the Europeans with a penchant for Saabs ….. and cheese., purveyors of fine Saab models (I’ve still got to order one of those new C900s) are putting together a gathering of a social nature for the Saab aficionado in Le Côty, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

They already have around 60 people attending from a number of countries in Europe. If you’d like to join them, the details are below and you can register online either here or here. There’s also a Facebook page for the event.


Saturday 22 January 2011 :

  • from 11h. lunch-aperitif
  • afternoon, activities according to the weather and to the snow
  • From 18 h. Aperitif followed by the meal cheese fondue Neuchâteloise, Restaurant La Vieille Fontaine, Le Côty, CH-2058 Le Pâquier

Sunday 23 January 2011:

  • from 10 h. Brunch at the restaurant La Vieille Fontaine

Costs : Saturday evening meal CHF. 35.–/€ 27.– , brunch CHF. 25.–/€ 19.–, night in dormitory CHF. 15.–/€ 12.–

Saab independence celebration – Dallas TX

There will be several groups re-living the Saab Support Convoys they held last year.

Some Saab nuts in Dallas will be gathering in a celebration of Saab’s independence.

Date: Saturday, January 22 from 01:00 PM to 4:30 PM

It’s time to gather and celebrate that SAAB lives on after just one year of a pending death sentence! This date was by far the most popular so I hope you can attend.

I thought we could meet for lunch and a mid-day margarita if you are so inclined at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop since they have good parking. (
From there it is a short drive over to White Rock Lake. There is a great spot for a photo overlooking dwntwn Dallas at the old Dreyfuss Club spot located at E Lawther Dr Dallas, TX, 75394 (East side of White Rock Lake).

Access from Lake Highlands from N Buckner Blvd

Take Tiffany Way Left from Lake Highlands down toward lakeside trail. Keep right to Dreyfus Club spot on top of the hill.

The goal of this meet is to celebrate all things SAAB and be thankful for the future. Unless it is just pouring rain please try to make it out! Please call or email with any questions!

Thanks – Daniel

If anyone in the area is interested in attending and hasn’t got the contact information, please let me know and I’ll connect you with Daniel.

Saab Turbo X Euromeeting 2011

Do you have a Saab Turbo X?

Are you one of the unfortunate Sith Lords who bought the wrong car, something other than a Turbo X?

Do you not have a Saab Turbo X but lust after Saab’s modern Black Turbo?

Do you just enjoy the thought of a bunch of Saab Turbo X’s gathering in the same place?

Some Turbo X owners in France are hosting the first ever Saab Turbo X Euromeeting in May. You don’t have to own a Turbo X to go along, though obviously that’s the focus of the gathering.

They have a website (in French) and a Facebook page alrady set up for the event and invite anyone interested in the Turbo X to check out the event and come along.

The following information was sent along by Leigh M, one of the organisers.



SATURDAY 21st of May 2011 from 11am to 6pm :

-> Meeting nearby to the Lac du Der, which is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe, offering numerous activities for children, adults, individuals & families. A private meeting area will be reserved close to the lake (50m) and close to the local lake harbour.

-> Picnic nearby to the lake (each one is invited to bring all his picnic necessary and some specialties to share with other participants)

-> Optional afternoon activities :

  • A huge choice of individual and/or family activities are possible (6 sand beaches, tree climbing resort, miniature golf, ride on the lake, etc …)
  • A 2 hours roadbook will also be available for all who whish to discover the Champagne country side and numerous points of interest.
  • Full details on the exceptional site of the Lac du Der and the many activities available here:

Read more

Saab Club Taiwan end of year celebration

One of the great things about the Saab Support Convoys back in January last year (was it really one year ago????) was the fact that you got to see people supporting Saab in countries that you may never have thought had a significant Saab following.

The amount of support coming out of Asia was a real eye-opener for me and one of the great expressions of support came from Taiwan, where they assembled a massive 180 vehicles for a heartwarming Saab Support Convoy.

The Saab Club of Taiwan had a gathering on December 31st to see in the new year, with a still-impressive 40 vehicles and around 60 people attending.

Happy New Year to you Saabnuts in Taiwan, and thanks for the photos and video! I hope you all have a wonderful 2011.



Monday Night Snippets

BIG thanks to Jeff P for the LA Auto Show banner featuring at the top of the website all this week!

Outstanding stuff. I know a few people have commented on it already, so Jeff – it’s put smiles on people’s faces already……. job done!


This might be the final entry on SU before I hit LA, so there’s a bit of stuff to cover.


People and cars.

That’s what this stuff is all about. People and cars.


One of Finland’s former parliamentarians, Riitta Uosukainen, is doing some free promotional work for Saab after she and her husband had a collision with a moose on the weekend:

“We were driving with my husband at 17.00 (this time of the year it’s really dark outside in Finland at five O’clock), when suddenly a giant moose jumped out from the dark straight on to our car.”

The impact was so severe that Mrs. Uosukainen thanks the rugged build of the car, and thanks to that nothing bad happened to the people inside it:
“The car was totaled. If it hadn’t been a Saab we both (She and Her husband) would of been dead.”

Then she thanks all the officials who arrived to the scene and gives compliments to the Police, ambulance staff, tow-car company and the hospital. Everything worked flawlessly. “I think it’s good for everybody to know”.

The she gives a warning to all drivers out there: “It’s unbelievable how this situation could surprise us all. The way it came (the moose, translators clarification), there are no words to describe it. It’s such a noise that it felt as if it fell from the sky.”

Thanks to Pekko for the translation.

Assuming they’ll order a new 9-5 to replace the one the moose just totalled, perhaps VM could deliver it personally to keep the story rolling?


I had a great catch-up dinner with a couple of Sydney Saab friends this evening. OK, Richo’s moved over to the dark side, but I still sense good in him, as does Princess Lea [sic]. Brendan B was there with his Viggen convertible, too.

The other members of the Sydney Saab clan that I usually catch up with were probably sick of seeing each other’s faces as they had what looks like a great meet-and-drive event on the weekend.

I had to put two shots of the Viggen in there – because it used to be mine! It’s now owned by a guy named Wayne G, who tells me it’s purring like a cat.

Great job, NSW Saab nuts!


The Guardian had a short review of the Saab 9-5 over the weekend.

No urgency. Not much of huge interest there.


It’s interesting that Volvo’s new Chinese owners want to move into places Volvo hadn’t planned on going….

…. and then their main product development guy leaves.

Saab might be struggling onwards, but I still think we got the better deal.


LA – here we come!

Saab Homecoming at Reinertsen Motors (NJ)

Reinertsen Motors are one of a number of dealerships that I only ever hear good things about, so when I got an email about this (I’m on their regular mailing list) I emailed Keith Coultrap at Reinertsen to find out some more.

Saab Homecoming Event

Where: Reinertsen Motors – Denville, NJ
When: November 20, 2010, 10am-4pm

  1. Show off your Saab
  2. See the RMI Saab Heritage Collection
  3. Test-drive the All-New 9-5 Sedan, both the Aero & Turbo4 will be available.

Test-Drive an All-New 9-5 Sedan to receive a $25 voucher to use on your next visit to the Reinertsen Motors Service or Parts Department.

Bagels & Mimosas will be served from 10am to noon…Skol!

Whilst a number of dealers have already had launch events for the Saab 9-5, Reinertsen decided to wait until the 4-cylinder range was available for people to see and test drive. This is a lunch event, another great opportunity for Saab people to get together, catch up, enjoy their vehicles and support a local, standalone dealer.

Reinertsen are hoping for a good fleet of Saab cars to turn up, show off – and for people to check out the new 2011 Saab 9-5, of course.

As mentioned in the promo, they’ll also have a few of their own vintage Saabs available for inspection (not for sale, though!). These include a 1972 96 V4, a 1980 99 EMS and the classic 1990 900 SPG. Hopefully there will be a few old Saab racers on site as well.

If you’re in the area, mark the 20th November on your calendar and get along to Reinertsen.

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