A Saabmarine surfaces

A Christmas image from Greg Abbott, whose new Saab 9-5 got a little snowed in during festivities on the weekend.

Saab have added the Head-Up Display to their cars. Periscope next?

Not that he’d have much need for it in these circumstances, but Greg (having been a good boy this year) received a little sign to act as a reminder for others that they shouldn’t cramp his style when looking for a place to park….

Free “Mr Saab” books (Swedish version)

UPDATE – All the books are gone!

I received the following from Oxford Saab, who had a minor barn-find whilst doing their annual stocktake.

Swedes who don’t have a copy of this fantastic book might want to get in touch via the email address below.

Thanks to Oxford Saab for thinking of we SU readers!


Hi Steven

During our annual stock clearance we have come across 7 copies of the iconic Erik Carlsson Mr Saab book which I am sure many of your readers on SU are aware of.

Normally this would be considered an opportunity as they retail for about £50 and are quite sought after.

Our excitement was somewhat diminished when we noticed the books are the Swedish edition; not a word of English on any of the 157 pages.

After considering our options I have decided to offer them to the contributors of Saabs United in recognition of their efforts during the Save Saab campaign.

  • 7 copies available on a first come first served basis
  • Mr Saab book is free of charge
  • Recipient to pay postage cost
  • The books have sat on the shelf for a year so the dust jackets are a little worse for wear
  • Probably best if you can read Swedish

The book weighs 875 g I have checked postage from UK to Sweden = £6 & to USA = £11.50

If you’d like one of these seven copies, please email ……. UPDATE – All the books are gone!

Remember, it’s first come, first served.

Make your own paper model Saab 900

I don’t know how I missed this before as I’m pretty sure that it’s come across my feeds, probably from Etienne’s blog back when sale stories were going crazy……
Still, I thought it was worth a mention here after I stumbled upon it again last night.
Saab Belgium, as part of their “I Love Saab” campaign, hosted a paper cutout design for a classic Saab 900. To make the model, you simply print the design, cut, fold and paste.
Click here to go to the download page. I’m sure the kiddies (even the grown up ones) will love it!

Christmas Saab-style

OK, something to lighten the tone…..seeing there’s a moment.
I was very fortunate to have one of our SU regulars smile upon me this Christmas. I’m not sure if he wants to be identified or not, but it’s a mate from here in Oz who thought it’d be a nice idea to get something for my Monte.
This is what I got:
Yes, it’s an oil cap, but no ordinary oil cap.
This is one of the Taliaferro billet aluminium oil caps, which normally comes with the genuinesaab.com URL engraved under the Griffin.
Look closely, and you’ll see Nick at GenuineSaab was kind enough to do a little custom work 🙂
As our family was spread all over the world this Christmas, we haven’t actually had a proper Christmas yet. So it was very nice to come home to this little surprise.
A blessing indeed.

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