Poll: Polish fan club of the year

Update 2: It’s the last day of voting, and they could really use your help. They’re only a few votes away from making it into the next round, so take a minute of your time to cast your ballot! / Jeff

Updated: Come on and support Saab Klub Polska by vote and register your e-mail! It only takes a few minutes of your time! / Carl-Henrik

m!ko, a Saab brother from Poland, has sent the team an e-mail requesting all of our help in Auto Swiat’s current “fan club of the year” poll.

The Saab club’s description (thanks google translate!):

The club focuses on promoting safe driving, road rescue, and raising the qualifications of drivers on Polish roads. Page www.saabklub.pl brings together more than 15 000 members and a profile on a social networking site Facebook www.facebook.com / SaabKlubPolska has over 1 300 fans.

Note: Participating in the poll requires confirming a link sent by e-mail.

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