3rd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, a great success.

We had a great email from Dimitri and Fred about the weekends Saab meet in Le Côty, Switzerland. It certainly looks like it was a very enjoyable weekend and a great success.

On Saturday morning our neighbour came with his tractor to put the snow away just before we hear the nice sound of a Saab 900 Turbo 16, some northern french arrived in a yellow 900 Aero. At 11 am and since then a regularly flow of Saab from France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium and even Sweden came in.
The nice Swedish red 900 Aero didn’t come directly from Sweden, our great and famous friend Lennart, THE Sonett specialist came with it from the Geneva Lake area.

Thanks to our sponsors (Hirsch Performance, Saab Parts AB, Garage Asticher, Atlas Editions and Dimini.ch) we could give a nice welcome package to each participant !

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2nd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, this weekend.

Well done to Dimitri and Fred for organising the Fondue event again this year. The Saab count is over 60 cars including French, Swiss and Russian. We look forward to your report after the weekend. Have a great time. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dimini/with/6731274127/

this posted early Nevember

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Saab meeting in Buchs, Switzerland

Today a Saab group from Buchs in Switzerland held their “1st Remember SAAB Meeting” in Switzerland.

Approx 22 cars from 1968 to 2012 met today in Buchs/AG, Switzerland.

The SAAB Fans from Switzerland think on all of the SAAB employees and hope for a good and long term solution for SAAB with Victor Muller as CEO.

Hopefully you can place this picture on your homepage. Attached some photos.

Best regards,


A few more pictures can be found here,

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