Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – in a 2-stroke

One of my favorite comedians, Jerry Seinfeld, has for the past few years been heading up his own little web-tv show where he is inviting various colleagues for a ride in an interesting car and a cup of coffee.

And, in season five, they finally feature a proper car: A two stroke Monte Carlo 850.

Jerry in a two-stroke

I wonder if we will see Jerry return with a black 900 one of these days? Black Saab rules!

Saab stroker to go for two Bonneville records in 2011

You all remember the Bonneville Saab, right?

A quick recap…..

Bertil’s a Swedish expat in the US and after seeing this 96 for sale, decided to buy it to run at Bonneville. He has a history building race engines in the US, and running old 96s back in Sweden.

The car is a 1966 Saab Monte Carlo with a 750cc race engine, triple side-draught Solex carbs putting out around 94hp.

Bertil’s debut trip to Bonneville this year didn’t see him break any records for his class of vehicle. There were some mechanical issues that hindered the car. Aside from that, veterans of the salt flats say it takes between 3 and 7 years for ‘newbies’ to get familiar enough with the environment and conditions to build a car that’s capable.

To the present, then……

Bertil’s sent through a few photos from the flats, below. The car looks absolutely magnificent in this setting. The setting there is so huge. Amazing, David vs Goliath stuff.

Bertil’s also mentioned that he’s building two engines for next year’s Bonneville tilt. He’s not only hoping to break the 3-7 year prediction, he’s hoping to do it in two separate classes!



I’ll keep you posted with any updates as Bertil passes them along and I can’t wait to see what he can turn out at The Flats next year!

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