SAAB Of The Week

This weeks Saab Of The Week comes to us from Petr from Prague who loved Saab so much that it was used as a wedding car. This shot was taken with an iPhone…… hope the bride didn’t see the groom on an iPhone on the wedding day. This is really not too uncommon, Saabs seem to be used in weddings a lot. Moments after receiving this photo from Petrs wedding, I received another from Andrew of an almost identical 9-3 convertible that was used for his friends wedding when their original wedding car didn’t come through. I bet they were more than happy with the replacement. From all of us at SAABSUNITED, congratulations on your wedding Petr and I look forward to seeing more of the photos when you get them. As always, keep the photos coming to [email protected].




SAAB Of The Week

This weeks SAAB Of The Week comes to us from hughw and is a picture of his 9-3X on a ferry from Woods Hole to Martha’s Vineyard. Below the photo is a copy of the email sent with his picture. Thanks for sharing Hugh and I hope you get the chance next year to experience your XWD in the snow. As always, please keep the photos coming to [email protected].


Here’s my 2011 9-3X on the ferry from Woods Hole to Martha’s Vineyard. The license plates read “CHILMARK”. the town on Martha’s Vineyard where we have our country home. We’ve had the plates now for close to forty years and often receive comments in the strangest places. And now, with the new 9-3X, we get questions about Saab’s new model, are they still alive, etc. And from our Saab friends, who know a bit more, we get questions on how the heck we got a new car when Saab has not been producing for two years. The answer is that we scoured the internet last fall looking for a “new” 9-3X with Nav and found several including one in South Carolina and another in Minnesota. But luckily, we found this beautiful baby with just 65 miles on the odometer closer to our home in New York at Gary Blake Saab in Exeter, New Hampshire. They had purchased the car by auction from California and shipped it east on a flat bed truck. Their salesperson, Keith Wallace, told me on the phone that the car was in great shape despite sitting somewhere in California for a couple of years. So I risked the 284 mile drive up from New York to New Hampshire to buy the car and trade in my 2009 9-3SC, and I couldn’t have been more delighted to find such a perfect car. My only disappointment has been that I was looking for a lot of snow to give the car a good workout, and we had hardly any in New York. Long Live Saab!!!

Hugh Weisman

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