YouTube: SAAB Performance Team practising…

saabperformanceWe all know SAAB Performance Team and their amazing driving skills.
This time I found a nice video on YouTube, and for all of you hoping they was practising with the NEVS 2014 9-3 Aero I’m sad to say, it isn’t from this year… Actually it’s taken during some practising with the GM900 coupe in Billund, Denmark back in 1996! The video is partly taken inside the car, and I have to say, the driving it’s even more impressive viewed from inside the car! As you will see in the end of the clip, things wasn’t ending just as planed…

Enjoy this fantastic clip!

Thursday Snippets – Love The Beast edition

I didn’t know Car and Driver were going to do this, so it’s a slight case of fortunate timing.
If you happened to read my reflective piece from last night about the joy of driving and that caused you to do a little reminiscing of your own, then you might want to put pen to paper (i.e. fingers to keys) and enter a competition over at C&D.
All you have to do is write about your first car:

What we want to know from you is a little about your first car: What it was, whether or not you loved it and why. If you’ve lost track of it over the years, would you like to find it again? Feel free to share any memories–good or bad–specific to your first ride.

The prizes will be given at random so everyone’s got a good chance of winning. In case it’s not going to be as random as they say, it’d probably help if your story’s a good one.
The prize pack includes a copy of the film, Love The Beast. This is an essential movie for any gearhead. It tells the story of Eric Bana’s love affair with the Ford Falcon he bought when he was a teenager and crashed twenty-something years later, not too far from where I’m sitting right now, during a leg of the Targa Tasmania tarmac rally. It explores the reasons why blokes get so obsessive about things they love and the bonds that are created through that shared interest. It’s also got some killer driving footage from Tasmania, too.
Click here to enter the competition. And even if you don’t, see if you can get hold of that movie. It really is worthwhile.
If you’ve got time, here’s some great automotive writing from one of my long-time favourites, PJ O’Rourke. He tackles the Jeep Wrangler.
Those of you who are affected by the whole Conan/Leno late night TV thing, please leave your prejudices at the door. Your comments on this post about that issue, should you make them, will be deleted because I don’t care.
What I do care about, however, is the Koenigsegg Trevita that Leno had in his garage. The following video will take you on a look around that car, with the tour guide being none other than Christian von Koenigsegg himself.

The car is absolutely amazing and CvK is heck of a dude.
Viggen owners out there might want to take note of these……
If I mentioned a group of red cars on a track, driving in various formations, around the cones and on two wheels, etc, you’d probably think immediately of the Saab Performance Team.
I know Saab have been doing those moves for over 20 years.
I’m not sure how long Cadillac have been doing it for.
hat tip to Andy Rupert.
I don’t have any sort of Satnav device as I live in a small city and don’t really need it.
But the idea of Darth Vader telling me my route to work has me thinking a TomTom might be a good idea.

Monday Snippets – ordering problems edition

Whilst there’s one dealer in Sweden advertising the Saab 9-3x with pricing, dealers in other parts of the world are having troubles ordering cars. Over the weekend, I head from two North American dealers stating that GM won’t take any Saab orders from them for the time being.
One of them, in the US, states that Saab and Hummer are both in the same situation, being counted out of their ‘consensus’ ordering for the next month.
The other, in Canada, hasn’t been provided with a 2010 Vehicle Ordering Guide as yet, adding that it mightn’t be until the end of Septeber that things start to normalise.
Are these what we might call birth pains? I hope so.
Can you figure a solid connection between Saab and the Hudson motor company of the 1950’s?
If so, Hemmings is the place to let your knowledge shine.
They have a sime-regular column called Six Degrees of Automotive Separation and over the weekend, they asked readers to figure the link between Saab and Hudson.
Thanks Ted Y!
I wrote about a recent event in Belgium last week, invloving many Saab 9-3 convertibles and the Saab Performance Team strutting their stuff at Spa.
There’s some great video here.
If you like seeeing a classic Saab in picturesque locations, click here.
And if you’re wondering about that graphic on the hood in the image, above, then I think it has something to do with the owner……
Thanks Jerome – a beautiful car!

Saab Performance Team do rain dance at Spa, Belgium

The Saab Performance Team leaped to recent prominence a few years ago when a video of them at the famous Spa racetrack at Francorchamps in Belgium went viral. Of course, Saab have had a performance driving team for a long time now, with their famous Saab Suite dating back to the late 1980s.
The team were back at Spa last week, though unfortunately the conditions didn’t lend themselves to much in the way of tyre screeching as it was raining during their performance. I’ve got some video to load up later, but these photos will have to do for now.
The day was a race day at Spa with a special Saab presence, including the Saab 9-3x. This vehicle is starting to do the rounds more and more and should be hitting European showrooms in the next month or so.
From a Saab perspective, the event comprised a day for invited customers, hosted by Saab Belgium.
The day started at an abbey in Stavelot, close to Spa. Around 60 couples were welcomed with a fleet of Saab 9-3 convertibles, which they drove in convoy to Spa. They even had a police escort, front and rear!
The convertibles doing a circuit in formation…..
The cars were then used to parade the drivers for the day’s racing…..
It looks like Saab Belgium are on the move once again. They’ve possibly been the single most active Saab jurisdiction in recent months, with 9-4x displays and other things going on.
Despite the rain on this occasion, I’m sure everyone involved had a good time.
I’ll do my best to get the video loaded up soon.
If you’re on Facebook, you should look up Saab Beherman Brussels and befreind them. There should be a whole collection of photos from this event there for you to look at.

Saab 9-3x on video

I’ve just uploaded a new video of the Saab Performance Team having some fun in northern Sweden. The video also features footage of the new Saab 9-3x, which will make it’s world debut at Geneva next week.
This video is available for viewing through the Saab widget as well, though if you haven’t downloaded that yet (or don’t want to) then you can watch the video here at Saabs United.
Some people using Internet Explorer have trouble watching video here. If that’s you, then click here to watch it at Google Video or you can watch it on YouTube.
If you’re OK with video, then you can watch it after the jump.

Read moreSaab 9-3x on video

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