Phoenix entered production, kind of.

Phoenix in Geneva
Saab PhoeniX concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

The Saab PhoeniX concept was not understood by everybody when it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2011. But it was the concept that should have started a new phase in the life of Saab as a car company. It was quirky enough to be declared as a Saab, and some years later a company in southern Germany did imitate it at some point when they created their most futuristic car at that point.

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Poll: Auto Express Design Award 2011

Romac sends word that Auto Express in Britain are conducting a poll featuring a dashing young Saab.

The Auto Express Design Award is a special prize given to the most head-turning car of recent months.

Now, far be it from me to skew the poll in any way by letting you know who my favorite is, all I will hint at is that its name starts with “Saa…” and ends with “…iX”.

Happy voting everyone!

Saab Phoenix @ Chelsea Piers

Here’s some detail video from Chelsea Piers of the Saab PhoeniX traveling exhibition. It’s but one of many videos to come in the next few days from SaabsUnited.

Saab has some great shots coming of the PhoeniX rolling around the West Village that and Meatpacking District that will be online soon. Germans may not be able to watch the video because I used a Swedish band as background music, rest assured I’ll post a muted version for you guys later. Next year we’re buying an image stabilizer mount so we can get some more pro-style shots 😉


A more road-ready PhoeniX? (photochop)

Following our coverage of the PhoeniX showing in Trollhättan (A few more and PhoeniX European Tour 2011), the team received this e-mail from T.M.:

Subject: what would a road-ready phoeniX look like?..hmm
That`s what I asked myself, and I came up with something, didn`t mess with the front cause I quite like it, the back and side needed a bit of “street normality” to them.

As you’ll recall the PhoeniX has aerodynamically innovative wings that channel air in a very tight way to lower the coefficient of drag.

So, what did T.M. come up with?

Better? Worse? Should Saab try harder to be normal? Discuss. More images in an update after the break.

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PhoeniX European Tour 2011 – Trollhättan

I finally got to see the PhoeniX concept in the flesh. It is certainly not what we are used to from Saab and I liked what I saw.

Rather than attempt to take the world’s best picture of the PhoeniX, I instead opted for calling some attention to various details that caught my eye.

More follows after the jump:

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The PhoeniX shown at the museum April 2nd

I cannot believe I almost missed this, but tomorrow they will present the PhoeniX at the museum.

You now have the chance to see the PhoeniX at its home field in Trollhättan. It is on display in the Saab Car Museum on Saturday April 2nd.

I am going. Anyone else? (I have a second source for this news as well, so this is no April’s fools joke)

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