Rumourmill: Saab looking to BMW for engines, transmissions

A few days ago, Jan-Erik Berggren from Gothenburg had a quote from Saab’s Powertrain guru, Kjell AC Bergstrom, pointing to some possibility of Saab partnering with companies ‘to the south’ in various ways.

A Dutch newspaper has indicated today that that company could be BMW. Googletrans:

Saab goes into the sea with BMW

They themselves still keep their lips tightly [closed]. But it now seems certain that Saab, approximately three months after the restart, has taken serious steps to get away from ……GM technology.

CEO Victor Muller will apparently soon change. A number of signs – such as visits by management to Munich – notes that the Dutch-Swedish car builder [plans to] partner with BMW. It is obvious that the focus after the first step in component could focus on engines, transmissions and Environment (technologies?) of the German premium brand. The idea of cooperation in the field of [a planned] small Saab imposes itself.

Bear in mind that this is some speculation on their part, but it’s what you might call well reasoned speculation.

Saab do want to move to other partners for engines and architectures and BMW would be a good one to move with. I believe that one of the Swedish motoring publications shone some light on similar rumours a few months ago, so it’s fair to say that evidence is gathering.

It’d be a great move for Saab, especially with a smaller Saab planned but not yet paid for. To partner with a company known for its engines almost as much as for it’s chassis would be quite a coup. It helps BMW move a little more volume in their powertrain and it allows Saab to cut development costs.

But until it’s official, it’s all speculation. The rumours are mounting but they’re still just rumours until there’s an announcement of some sort.

Thanks to Tim W for the link.

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