SAAB spirit @ series 2016 – contestant #1

Nordic Performance

I, like many other of us, have witnessed the true Saab spirit fade away amongst the enthusiasts, – one by one.

However, during these years, I have also witnessed pioneers in the field blossom and fight on through the storms.
And regardless of the speculations that may revolve amongst the community, there’s no doubt in my mind that these guys possess extreme knowledge and a forever burning passion for Saab. 


What I’m talking about and what caught my attention is the Saab nuts at Nordic Performance in Norrköping, Sweden, and their custom built 9-3SS Aero. I’ve seen this build emerge from a mind so detailed, accurate and refined, that you’re still able see the typical lines and shapes we all know so well, despite the fact that this is an extremely modified car. The custom-built front and the cocky appearance overall gives you a good idea of what lies beneath the surface. So, hereby I would like to introduce this stunning and impressive build to the rest of the Saab world

“The Eliminator” Nordic Extreme 

Saab 9-3SS Aero ’05

With it’s top speed on 240km/h @ 7000rpm, 500HP/550Nm (2,0bar boost pressure, ethanol) and 480hp/500Nm (petrol), and a total wight at 1120kg/2470lb(without driver), – this beast is high-speed tooled from a solid billet of pure power and adrenaline.

And here’s some of the specs..


  • Full rollcage by Chromoly / lightweight steel built by Bröderna Båge
  • Öhlins 3-way shock absorbers w. Öhlins coilovers front & back
  • 357mm front brake discs w. six piston brake calipers, rear ventilated Aero brake discs,Yellowstuff brake pads
  • 9×18″ ET 20 OZ Titanium racing alloys
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 235/35-18 tires


  • T8 racing engine management system by Nordic
  • Fully forged B207R 1998CC engine
  • Darton engine sleeves
  • Verdi forged rods
  • JE custom made forged pistons
  • Balance shaft deleted
  • 1200CC Bosch Impedance fuel injectors
  • Chain-driven water pump
  • Garret GTBB 30/76 turbo
  • DO88 intercooler
  • Nordic custom made extractor manifold
  • 5-speed Quaife gearbox kit with OBX slip differential

Rolf Uhr, the driver of this racecar is no stranger to Saab. Ever since he got his driver’s license back in 1971, with a Saab V4 as his first car, – he has since then been faithful towards the car brand (with the only exception of two Opel vectra’s performed in Stcs). He’s pretty much done it all, rally, rallycross, and ice rally and racing, a constant involvement in the brand in many different ways. Rolf actually stopped active competing in 2002, but since he received an invitation to join timeattack in 2015, he’s been hooked. They acquired a 9-3SS that Saab themselves had built to run as a long-lap car, and it was equipped with a 1, 9TDI diesel engine. At the end of last season they decided to replace the engine with a custom built B207R engine, and they decided to go all the way up to Pro Class at series (meaning free modifications with only requirement of street legal tires). The first race this year is held at Kinnekulle racetrack, Sweden 3rd-5th of June. 

“We’re sticking our necks out this year, and we are determined to place SAAB back on the map as a race car. And we’re planning to do that with our custom built and reinforced original Saab. “

Rolf Uhr, Nordic Performance


For more info, pictures and updates, follow Nordic’s journey here on Facebook Facebook page

Photos by APEX-FOTO


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