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Being a vocal supporter of Saab and in the industry as a Sales Manager of a Saab dealer, I often get emails from people who are in need of direction as to where to go with their Saab. I received one such email the other day from a gentleman from Ottawa with a tough one. The Trionic 7 ECU in his 2002 9-3 had been bricked and he wanted to know if we had the tools to reprogram to factory settings. Problem being was that he is in Ottawa and I am in BC so I wouldn’t have the car, just the ECU which doesn’t work for the tools we have at our location as we need the vehicle too.

I was informed that he was going to send the ECU to Genuine Saab as they had the tooling to plug the ECU in without the car and resetting the setting to factory. He had been in contact with Nick at Genuine Saab on November 19th about sending it out and was willing to pay to express it to them and pay for all shipping to ensure it moved quickly. To my amazement I got an email update this morning.


Here’s an update to my situation.
Nick at Genuine Saab came through in a big way. I couriered the ECU on Tuesday, they got it Wednesday and turned it around on the same day so I wouldn’t have to wait through US Thanksgiving.

Nick loaded one of his own files, and it’s excellent. The car started right away, and immediately settled into a very steady idle. The power delivery is extremely consistent, with no holes or sudden peaks in the torque curve. The car feels about as fast as a stock Viggen, which is great since it was rated at 185hp when new.

I would definitely recommend GS to any Saab owner. Great service, great product knowledge, and a definite passion for the brand.


Personally, I don’t really post about endorsing a sponsor or where to take a Saab other than a Saab dealer but this had to be told. Customer service to me is one of the most important parts of meeting the needs of the Saab customer and this has got to be one of the best stories of service that I have heard in a very long time. I was blown away to hear a 4 day turn around actually took place from Canada to the USA and back and even with a USA holiday in those days….. Unbelievable. Bernard, thank you for sharing a real life story of one of the sponsors here and Genuine Saab, thanks for exceeding the customers expectations.

Service That Makes You Smile

Saab is as I have always said, more than just a car. If you are like me, you may find yourself a little addicted to all things Saab. Personally I find myself constantly searching for Saab news and trying to stay connected to as many people like me as I can all over the world.

We are fortunate enough to be connected through the internet and to be able to reach out to one another when needed and to have friendships that wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

Today I want to touch on an area that is dear to me when it comes to Saab and the people of Saab. That brings me to the people like myself who are still here and willing to help. We have all gotten to know Julie Gardner from Kelly Saab in the comments here and she has proven to me time and time again that she is 100% about helping people and keeping them informed.

I believe that good service is something we all deserve but not what we always get.

On my Facebook account I follow as many Saab Clubs as I find and I came across a post that made me smile. The Saab Club Of SanDiego has a member name Zachary Rehfeld. A while back he had posted a photo of some clips he needed for his 900NG but was having trouble finding. Enter Julie Gardner who seems to follow a lot of the same things as I do. She had commented that she thought they may have some in stock and would check when she got back to work.

So, here is what I saw yesterday when I was thumbing through Facebook with a note saying I got the clips in the mail thank you Julie they work and fit in my 900ng.

Yes this is not a news related post, this is a post that just speaks of the level of commitment of the people involved with Saab. This is what makes me smile when I think of what we are. We are so much more than a car and people like Julie need to be celebrated for what they do. Julie, you rock.




Lord Rust pays a visit to my wife’s 9000

This does not look good

My favorite author is Terry Pratchett. One of his Discworld characters is Lord Rust who can be described as a an aristocrat who believes laws do not apply to him (and his patriotism is so great that he is convinced the state should be subject to his rule).

In the latest book, the son of Lord Rust had to leave the country due to some unfortunate ‘misunderstandings’. I believe he has now resurfaced… inside my exhaust system.

Lately my wife’s classic 1997 9000 CSE 2.3T (50th Anniversary model) has emitted a beefier and somewhat puffier engine sound than normal. I suspected a small leakage in the exhaust system and booked an appointment with my local dealer, Gustaf E Bil.

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First service — checking the fluids

Draining the oil
After 30000 km on the road, my 9-5’s first service was finally due. I headed over to my local dealer, Gustaf E Bil in Mariestad, and received excellent service as usual. Urban changed my oil, oil filter and inspected every inch, nook and cranny. All the door hinges were oiled and one of the hooks in the trunk had a screw tightened as a bonus.

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Saab Cars NA – Welcome Back Offer

RE-POSTED as a reminder…..

Please make sure you take advantage of this great offer if you can!


Those of you viewing this site from the United States will note there’s a new advertisement in the top left corner of the site.

This is from Saab Cars North America, who want to welcome you back to your local Saab dealers with some special offers on parts, and vintage rates for owners of older Saabs.

All dealers are participating and have access to a 15% discount from SCNA – make sure you ask for it. In addition, many of those dealers have been encouraged to offer a vintage labour rate for work performed on your car. Again, make sure you ask for it.

I know that my mates at New Salem Saab have offered a vintage rate for pre-2003 cars for some time now. I’m sure some of the other dealers have it as regular item on their menu too. This is a similar deal that they’re all being encouraged to offer during the Welcome Back campaign.

The Welcome Back offer is open to owners of all Saabs from 1993 to 2002 and covers the following parts groups:

  • Shocks
  • Water pumps
  • Fuel pumps
  • Air filters
  • Exhaust systems
  • Brakes, brake components
  • Clutches

The offer is scheduled to close at the end of October, so the first thing you need to do is locate your nearest dealer, give them a call and get down there for a visit.

For Saab to be strong, they need a strong dealer network. That means dealers need your support.

So if you’ve got a Saab made between 1993 and 2002, go on down and pay them a visit.

One burned Saab clutch

I was amazed when I saw it, and even more amazed when I heard how easily it can happen.

Don’t ride your clutch, or more to the point, don’t half-ride your clutch. Otherwise it could end up like this…..(and yes, it’s a Saab).

How a half-knackered clutch would look, well….the top bit, at least.

And this is how your clutch could look, even on a young-ish car, in a very short time if the person is inexperienced driving a manual car…..


GM Tech 2: How your Saab talks to your mechanic

Tedjs, our resident tech guy, has kindly provided this insight into the modern mechanic’s Swiss Army Knife – GM’s Tech 2 (or Tech II as you’d write it if search engines didn’t exist.)
I’d like to thank Ted for taking the time and giving us this insight into the little electronic doodads that control our Saab vehicles. Hopefully this will be the first of a few articles on this.
Enjoy the journey….
If you really want to know what your Saab is thinking about when you’re motoring around town this holiday season, hopefully Santa will have dropped the following pieces of hardware off for you:

    A GM Tech II scan tool
    A CANdi module so the Tech II can talk to the high speed network on your Saab
    And of course the Saab software program for the Tech II

GM kindly supplies our school with all this hardware. All I needed was my Saab to give the Tech II something to do. My 2007 9-3 Aero has the turbocharged V6 and six speed automatic, so that is what will be referenced here.
Tech II
Tech II
A little background before we dig in….

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