Lafrentz’ Saab meet in Kiel June 13th/14th

_L5F1561For the past two weeks Anna and I have been trekking around Germany in my 9-5. Stops along the way: Berlin, Kiel, Wolfsburg and Düsseldorf.

Berlin & Düsseldorf because I happen to be a 178 cm tall Stones fan (i.e. a medium to large fan) and they just happened to be playing those towns (if any of you have two spare tickets for Stockholm, let me know).

Wolfsburg because RedJ and his wife lives nearby and we enjoy hanging out with them. Apparently they have an automobile factory down there too.

Kiel… Well, as Trued reported there was a Saab meet taking place there last weekend. Knowing that Autohaus Lafrentz have specialized themselves on the NG 9-5 I decided it was an opportune moment to check them out.

Ethan in the background getting the coffee going. Meanwhile a hungry Norwegian dude (behind the camera) is about to pounce on the breakfast buffet long before everyone has arrived.
Ethan in the background getting the coffee going. Meanwhile a hungry Norwegian dude (behind the camera) is about to pounce on the breakfast buffet long before everyone has arrived.
The event was one of the most pleasant Saab weekends I have ever participated in. Lafrentz had gone all out and provided free food and beverages for the 34 NG 9-5 owners who signed up for the event in addition to a hefty bag of swag (flashlight, Hirsch cap and a usb memory stick among other things). Friday evening we enjoyed a nice barbeque, followed by a hearty breakfast the next day, and finally the big dinner on Saturday. In between the scheduled activities we got to talk to old and new friends and see lots of great 9-5s, including eight of the pre-production combis.

After seeing some of the neat stuff Lafrentz have in stock, it dawned on me just how significant they have become in the NG 9-5 community: Replacement dashboard fascia (as previously reported by RedJ), rare 9-5 SC parts secured after the bankruptcy and some upgrades intended for future 9-5s.

Case in point: A fellow Norwegian had his 9-5 retrofitted with a back-up camera. The job was completed in about eight hours, and a new discovery was made along the way: MY11 sported a different wiring harness between the transmission and the steering wheel. MY10 seems to be better prepared for this particular upgrade than its slightly newer sibling. Wires have to be

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Hirsch Front Spoiler and Side Sills for the 9-5 II

9-5 Hirsch Performance

For quite some time the Hirsch Performance front spoiler and side sills for the second generation 9-5 were not available anymore. Now, encouraged by demand, Hirsch Performance again made a small amount of those parts. No surprise that they were sold out within hours.

Right now they are looking into the possibility of setting up another production round if there is demand. If you are interested please contact Markus Lafrentz of Saab Service Kiel, who initiated this and coordinates the orders. Of course this is not limited to customers from Germany, I am sure he can arrange deliverey to wherever you are.

Quite a while ago I could experience the Hirsch Performance 9-5 in the wilderness and I also drove it up to the SaabsUnited Octoberfest in 2011. Those aerodynamic additions are part of an impressive package. I just spoke to Hirsch and there are also some other parts available like springs for the 2.8T and rear spoilers.

Surely worth a look and a unique chance to make a special car even more individual.

Ferry to the Saab Festival – Meet in Kiel

When I started to arrange my trip to the Saab Festival this year I talked to Markus at Saab Service Lafrentz in Kiel as I wanted to include a long overdue visit there in my trip. That plan ended up in me and them booking a place on the same ferry. A bit later Tom of joined in and we were breeding the idea that it would be fun to get a few more Saab people on that ferry. Not only from Germany, but maybe also other parts of Europe. So here we go:

We are taking the 18.45 StenaLine ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg on Thursday, 30th of May. Meeting point for the afternoon will be Saab Service Lafrentz as it is only a few minutes from where the departure of the ship is. The ferry might get full pretty soon so if you want to take that route better be quick.

Of course we will drive up to Trollhättan together then so if you come another way you can still join us in Sweden. Arrival in Gothenburg will be 09.00 on Friday, 31st of May. We will be easy to recognize as we have a red 9-4x and at least one 9-5 SC among us.

Me and the Lafrentz team will take the sam ferry back from Gothenburg, departure is Sunday, 2nd of June at 18.45. Could be a nice opportunity to reflect on the past days among fellow Saabers.

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