Spanish Dealer Tour – Girona

As we mentioned before the Spanish dealer tour is underway at the moment. Today we got some pics from the first day at Scandiauto in Girona (thanks Irene!). We were told that about 30 very interested customers attended the event. Two local newspapers showed up, took picures of the cars and made an interview to Manuel Alcázar, the country director of Saab Spain. Both are planning a special reportage about Saab and those two cars.

There may be some who say that 30 people is not much and under normal circumstances I might agree. But what I learned from talks with the Saab Germany guys is that almost all of the people who showed up at those events were highly interested in the cars. Even on events like in Munich, at noon, with no special invitations some 30 people showed up and wanted to experience the product. At least here in Germany we’d expect that interest to lead to real sales as soon as a production start is in sight.

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