Saab independence celebration – Dallas TX

There will be several groups re-living the Saab Support Convoys they held last year.

Some Saab nuts in Dallas will be gathering in a celebration of Saab’s independence.

Date: Saturday, January 22 from 01:00 PM to 4:30 PM

It’s time to gather and celebrate that SAAB lives on after just one year of a pending death sentence! This date was by far the most popular so I hope you can attend.

I thought we could meet for lunch and a mid-day margarita if you are so inclined at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop since they have good parking. (
From there it is a short drive over to White Rock Lake. There is a great spot for a photo overlooking dwntwn Dallas at the old Dreyfuss Club spot located at E Lawther Dr Dallas, TX, 75394 (East side of White Rock Lake).

Access from Lake Highlands from N Buckner Blvd

Take Tiffany Way Left from Lake Highlands down toward lakeside trail. Keep right to Dreyfus Club spot on top of the hill.

The goal of this meet is to celebrate all things SAAB and be thankful for the future. Unless it is just pouring rain please try to make it out! Please call or email with any questions!

Thanks – Daniel

If anyone in the area is interested in attending and hasn’t got the contact information, please let me know and I’ll connect you with Daniel.

Saab Support Convoy re-enactments

How many of you are considering some sort of formal remembrance of the Saab Support Convoys?

The bulk of convoys were held on January 17, 2010, with more following on the weekends after (and one held earlier on January 7, in Detroit).

These gatherings, held in around 60 locations around the world, were an unprecedented show of support for a car company. Many were covered by news services for days afterwards, leading to a three-week campaign where the impending sale of Saab was in the news – an instrumental part in keeping the spotlight on GM.

I’ve received notice that there will be a couple of countries working to remember the convoys with a similar gathering this year.


UPDATE: Sydney

This drive starts at the Porter’s Scenic Lookout at Dural.

We then drive up the Old Northern Road to Wiseman’s Ferry; we can stop at the lookout just before descending into the valley for a photo opportunity. Then proceeding to the shop near the actual ferry for an ice cream or coffee etc. The shop is fairly basic but it has a nice view to the river and the ferry. From there we cross the Hawkesbury River on the ferry and have a winding drive alongside for several kilometres passing through the hamlet of Spencer before climbing out of the valley and up to Mangrove Mountain. Turn left, heading north for a couple of kilometres before turning right and driving down into the Yarramalong Valley to the Yarramalong Manor for lunch.

After lunch we head back down the Yarramalong valley towards Wyong and back on the F3. For anyone who wants to they can break off the freeway at Calga and come back on the Old Pacific Hwy for more driving fun!

Full details here.


Czech Republic

Saab Underground in the Czech Republic will be leading a gathering this Sunday.

We at SAABunderground decided to recall the exciting and important moments we experienced last year, when nothing was sure yet and we rallied in the chilly and windy January weather for our beloved car brand. Thus, this Sunday we’ll be meeting again, to celebrate SAAB and the people and community and fun that is always connected with it.

Good luck to all the Czeck Saabnuts this weekend. Please send pictures!



The Saab Turbo Club of Poland will also be getting together on Sunday, to remember last year’s convoy with a drive in Warszawa.

Anyone interested in attending can contact me and I’ll put you in touch, if necessary.


Are any more of you considering celebrating last year’s Saab Support Convoys?

Please let me know and I’ll be happy to add your event to this post.

Idea: Get your Saab Support Convoy decals out for Saab Festival

The Saab Festival for 2010 will soon be upon us and it’s going to be brilliant!

I received an email today from Mattias G, whose sister is still showing her Saab Support Convoy decals on her Saab 9-5.

She says it makes life very easy in terms of finding her car in a crowded carpark 🙂 . Me, I just think it’s great that someone continues to show their support for the company that way.

She’s not the only one, though, as Dad is also showing his support on the family Volvo!

Thanks Matthias!


All of this, plus another email earlier in the week, got me thinking about a pretty cool idea. What if all the SSC attendees who are travelling by car to the Festival showed they were part of the Convoys during the Saab Festival.

You can get another decal and stick it in your window and in doing so, feel just a little extra pride as you cruise around Trollhattan during the Festival. It’d be great for SSC attendees to recognise one another, and it also be great for outsiders (like me) to walk around Trollhattan and see some cars that took part in convoys from different parts of Europe.

I had a chat with the guy who designed the decals, Gary M, and the decals are all still available for download at his website. Gary’s even able to design new ones for you, if required.

As Mitsubishi used to say in their Aussie advertising – Please Consider.

And make sure you keep an eye out for Gary’s car on Saturday, too 🙂

Saab Support Convoy – Scotland

This is one I didn’t get much info on at the time but I’ve received a whole bagful since and wanted to share it here on site – these convoys should all be recognised, ya know.
The Scots got together back on February 21, just days before the deal with Spyker was finalised in Stockholm. It was a relatively sunny winter’s day there, a little icy, but that didn’t deter these Saab fans from celebrating the imminent deal.
Kevin A has sent through an account of the day, as submitted to DRIVER, the Saab Owners Club Magazine.

The Scots are people of many opposites. Historically we are slow to react to major events preferring to go with the flow and solve our problems over a nice cup of tea. On the other hand we are accredited with pioneering many things.
So it should be no surprise that by the time we had arranged a date that was suitable to have a “Scottish Save Saab Convoy” news was breaking that the Spyker deal was going ahead. That’s right, we had, possibly, the first “Saab is Saved Convoy”.
Scottish SOS Convoy.jpg
The event was organised through the UKSaabs website where there are a growing group of regular faces at Scottish events. Initially there were many different suggestions as to what was the most suitable day. Sunday the 21st February was chosen as it tied in with the Knockhill Racing Circuit Track day that two of our regulars were attending.
There was quite a stir at the Wallace Monument in Stirling as an entire section of the car park was taken up by Saabs. After a brief ” hello” and ” welcome everyone” it was time to head north to Callander and to the shores of a frozen loch Venechar for morning coffee.
Scottish SOS Scenery.jpg
With snow on the hill tops and bright sunny blue skies the roads around the Trossachs National Park could not have been more picturesque. There was still plenty of ice on the shaded sections of road so we did all need to keep our wits about us. At the Lochs end we stopped for a group photo in the car park for Ben Venue. This also provided a convenient “lose your roof” stop for the convertibles.
From here it was up and over the Dukes Pass and then down into Aberfoyle. Those that knew the road were clearly enjoying the twists and turns in spirited fashion while others were trying to take in the magnificent scenery. Hopefully we can return to the Dukes Pass during the summer and enjoy a barbeque along the seven mile forest drive that’s hidden near the summit of the pass.
From Aberfoyle we headed East to the Kingdom of Fife to Scotland’s official race circuit, Knockhill.
Despite heavy snowfall and last minute mechanical difficulties, Magoo and MorganAutos had brought their 300bhp 9000s to show just what a Saab can do. Although they weren’t the fastest cars on the track they certainly left an impression on a number of the smaller and lighter cars as the two turbos pushed effortlessly past most others on the uphill straight.
As the sun set it was time to exchange farewells and make our journeys home, each with a smile and a home baked cup cake.
A special thank you to all involved including those who couldn’t make it on the day.
Kev and George have made this wonderful video of “Saab Saved Celebration”.

It was a day of optimism and good laughs. There were friendships formed and strengthened as a group of people ranging from those just starting school to those enjoying retirement all enjoyed each others company in something that can only be described as “that spirit of Saab”.
Scottish SOS Group 2.jpg

Saab O The Week – stripes!

It’s time for another Saab O The Week entry.
This week’s car is owned by Barry L, the organiser of the Memphis Saab Support Convoy. I’ll let Barry tell the story…..
This 2009 Saab 9-3 Aero convertible marks my fourth Saab, which began with a 1997 900 SE convertible. I have owned nothing but Saab automobiles since then. I must admit that yellow was not my first choice, but a great sales effort and a great “deal” on the car by the General Manager of Saab of Memphis convinced me to ‘do the deal’. My only stipulation was that the car had to have a racing stripe, something I had never seen on a Saab, but wanted to give a try.
When it arrived from the shop with striping, even non-Saabist’s took note of this car. And while I realize it is sacrilege to most Saab owners to even put a pinstripe on a Saab, I am happy with the look and the very professional job done in very fine detail (badges properly outlined, grille integration without compromising the ‘flow’ of the striping, etc.). It actually makes the vehicle look completely different, and accentuates, by virtue of the striping going all the way down both front and rear bumpers, the black lower fascia at each end.
I had and still have a passion for Saab that I have never shared with any other brand that I have owned, which includes BMW, Lexus, Mazda and others. In 2005, I joined Saab of Memphis as a salesman and am proud to say that I have continued in that capacity to this day.
After following events around the world, mainly through the very trustworthy Saabs United website, I decided that Memphis and Mid-South area Saab owners and enthusiasts should have an opportunity to demonstrate OUR passion for the brand and desire to see it live on, therefore I organized the Memphis Save Saab Convoy (which subsequently became the Memphis/Mid-South Area Saab Independence Day Rally).
This car was the ‘lead’ car of that Rally, and these photos were taken just prior to arrival of the other participants of the Memphis/Mid-South Rally on February 7, 2010.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my ‘story’ with you, and thanks to all Saab owners and enthusiasts around the world for doing your part to secure the future of the brand!

Hi-Res poster now available – in Swedish!

With many thanks (again) to the kind folks at Lowe Brindfors…..
And many thanks (a millions times over) to Elkparts…..
The Swedish version of the new Saab advertising poster featuring images from the Saab Support Convoys is now available for you to download and print.
(I recommend a right-click-save-as).
Click here for the Swedish version (6MB pdf), and in case you missed it, click here for the English version (3.5MB pdf).

Hi-Res Saab poster now available

I posted the new Saab advertisement from Lower Brindfors – the one featuring photos from the Saab Support Convoys – earlier today. As many of you noted, however, it was a low-ish resolution PDF and may not suit enlargement and printing.
I asked Lowe for a higher res version and they’ve very kindly come to the party with a 3.5MB version that looks much clearer and I’m sure will keep everyone smiling for years to come.
Thumbnail image for Saab SSC Ad - Believing
Once again, our longest-serving sponsor from TS/SU, Elkparts, have been fantastic in hosting the image for us, so please offer them a golf-clap and some of your purchasing power when you get an opportunity in the near future.
Click here to download the PDF (3.5MB)

The Saab Ad that you made :-)

Small-ish version available on Facebook. I’m going to tap Lowe for a big version and will make it available asap.
This ad is made up of photos from the various Saab Support Convoys that were held back in January. This is the ad that you made possible with your dedication, your willingness to act, and of course, with your cameras.
It’s a beautiful thing…..

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