Sunday Night Snippets – Euro Saab 9-4x prices

After a city-load of rain the last week, it was nice to have a pearler of a weekend. I hope you’ve had a great one, too.


Congratulations have to go out to occasional SU commenter, ‘Sappy’, who just won a trip with Saab to the Ice Hotel.

Sappy recently purchased a new Saab in the UK and entered via a draw open to new owners. His wife’s not too keen on the idea, so I think he might be holding a raffle to see which one of his mates goes along.



Following are a few slides from Saab in Belgium, detailing prices for the vehicles and the options available. Click to enlarge.

Belgian Saab 9-4x Pricing

Belgian Saab 9-4x Options

If anyone wants the full info for the Belgian release of the Saab 9-4x, click here.

I’m hoping to bring you some of the first European impressions of the vehicle from Jorrit, a regular here at SU, who went to take a look at the 9-4x in Brussels over the weekend.


This is pretty cool.

If you’ve got a 2008-2011 Saab 9-3 that isn’t an Aero and you’d like to add a little bit of Aero flair, Saab USA Parts (site sponsor) has a kit for Aero foglamp surrounds.

We have taken the standard black foglight housings and painted the centers black with a silver edge to give the same affect that the Aero style has.

Each kit is painted to order, so you might have to allow 7-10 days for them to be shipped.


I got a note from Kurt at telling me that the official Saab facebook page was edging very close to 60,000 members.

Right now, it’s at 59,398.

If you’re registered on facebook but haven’t hooked up with Saab there, then maybe a “Like” is something you could consider. They have occasional competitions and all sorts of other stuff there, and you can even have your car posted as their profile picture for the week.

Saab on Facebook.


Another image from the Saab showcase outside the Detroit Auto Show.

From Flickr.

Saab Hirsch Detroit

Saab 9-5 accessories at Saab USA Parts

I get product updates from time to time from the sponsors here at SU and I was chuffed to see one recently from SaabUSA Parts, who are now stocking new accessories for the new Saab 9-5.

As is their way, they’re stocking them at pretty good prices compared to list price as well.


  • New Turbine 19-inch wheel, which is listed at $485, is being sold for $388 per corner. The same wheel in black is $100 off list price.
  • Noise cancelling wireless headphones for the entertainment system are $12 off list price, at $46.62.
  • Roof racks are $42 off list price, at $185

Saab KeychainTheir feature product this month (the Saabtoberfest sale) is a new keychain from Saab. It’s got a new padlock style locking mechanism, some classy white stitching and a more durable clear coat for a longer life.

Like everything else, it’s at a good price, too, at just $13.95.

They’re all genuine Saab accessories, too. You can check out the full line at SaabUSA Parts and I’ve put up a little gallery below showing some of the stuff that’s available.

My thanks to SaabUSA Parts (and all the SU sponsors) for their continued support.

Special offers from Saab USA Parts

And now, a word from our sponsors……
As you are all painfully aware, the task to Save Saab was a monumental challenge. The original deal to sell Saab to The Koenigsegg Group fell apart at the last moment and an original deal to sell to Spyker also collapsed. It was the relentless pursuit of Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker, to save the brand from extinction.
We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to thank all of you for your support in this cause. It was your time, telephone calls, letters and countless e-mails to our U.S. Senators, State Senators, Congressman, State Representatives and the board members of General Motors that captured the attention of the world. Your passion in our storied franchise was instrumental in saving Saab. Congratulations on a job well done!
In celebration of this breaking news and as a warm Thank You for your support, please find below extraordinary specials on critical maintenance items.
Thank you for your continued loyalty to the Saab Brand and particularly to Saab USA Parts. We are all excited and enthusiastic about the future of Saab as we now rebuild our cherished brand.
Safe Driving,
Saab USA Parts
Swade here again…..
Saab USA Parts have a big range of discounts available to celebrate this special occasion, offering up to 35% off a range of high-demand items from their catalogue.

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