Saab People Different? You Tell Me

People often will ask, why is Saab so special? I have always answered this with, it is all about the people. From the production line all the way to the fans, the people are and will always be what makes Saab special.

One such person sent us the email below of their special wedding day and wanted to share it with all of us. I have to say that ten years ago today when I married my best friend and Wife, the type of car taking me to the wedding was an after thought and was certainly not something I had thought of getting photos with. This is exactly what makes our fans so different and special, enjoy.

Dear Tim and Crew,

Could you kindly accept my photos of another Saaby Wedding, which was actually mine and was held on 7th July.
The wedding took place at lake Balaton, Hungary, on two locations, one was a chapel on the hill and the other a yacht port at the lakeside.
It was just one of the most beautiful days of my life and THAT Saab was just mesmerizing!
All the fascinating love present around the event was truly and duly completed by that lovely 9-3 convertible!
Could you please post my Saaby photos on Saabsunited, that would be my contribution to the summer celebrations of the Saab scene and the hopeful rebirth of Saab!

With heartfelt regards,

Csilla and Marton from Hungary
(Member: Marque)


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