For sale: Saab 900R Group A

Drivers and Team Manager Nürburgring 24 hrs
Drivers and Team Manager Nürburgring 24 hrs

Just recently brought up an interesting story. Back in the 90s Saab Germany wanted to revive Saab’s motorsport heritage. So the company of Uli Weinmann, a German engine- and tuning-specialist, was assigned to turn the 900 II into a Group A racecar.

While the car was a 900 II from the outside, the inner tech already based mostly on the coming generation of the 9-3. Thus the modifications on the car were used to obtain Group A homologation for both the 900 II and the 9-3.

The 2.0 engine was equipped with race pistons, camshaft and camshaft drive were changed and adapted and the cylinder head and air intake was modified. The turbocharger was reworked at Turbotab, the Cosworth wastegate strengthened and the engine management was replaced by a fully programmable version by Weber Marelli. Further adaptions included two oil coolers, a different intercooler and a lot of small changes on suspension, brakes and steering.

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Saab 92 Concept

ursaab_colorsI think many of us always liked those Saab 92 color samples at the Saab dealers.

I once tried to get one but never succeeded. Just recently our friends from German managed to buy the stock that was left over at the company that made those samples.

They are now for sale on their shop in a wide range of colors but only in limited numbers of course, so it’s first come first serve.


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