July comes to the End

July comes to the End and like last month I would like to make a resume of the last month sales data and an outlook on my expectations of the current month.

On Monday August 1st at 9:00 am (CEST) Sweden will be the first country presenting their sales figures, and with that the hunting for Saab Sales Data will start once again.

Last month I said that I was expecting Saab to sell about 1.200 cars and Saab managed to sell almost 1.300 cars, which isn’t much but it shows that at least 1.300 people do still believe in Saab. Sweden did perform very poor to be honest, but it is understandable as no other country is so massively informed about what many would see as Saab’s de-facto death. Also, Saab wasn’t able to sell one single car in 9 out of the 36 markets we follow, but this should also be due to the lack of stock.

And what will happen in July?

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Saab mid-size markets sales data – June 2011

Italy and Norway figures are out, but Saab is too small to be reflected in the summary, so any help is welcome!!

As I announced last month I will separate the small markets into small and mid-size.

Those are the countries that belong to the mid-size group.

Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Taiwan.

The figures are added as we get them.

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Saab US Sales Data – June 2011

Update from Jeff

June 2011

.                    Sales                           YTD                            Stock

9-3                 216                             2,821                            2,008

9-5                 107                             650                               1,659

Total             323 (+50%)              3,471 (+155%)            3,667


June 2010

.                   Sales                              YTD                              Stock

9-3              204                                1,084                             2,253

9-5               5                                     175                                 21

9-7X            7                                      87                                  11

Total            216                                1,346                             2,285


June 2011 323 (216 in June 2010) +50%
YTD 2011 3438 (1346 YTD 2010) +155%

Year Total 2010: 5445

9-4X sales will be counted for July, since it hasn’t even been delivered to a single dealer yet. They are in port however (confirmed by dealer sources) and as I drove over the NJ Turnpike last night looking down into the parking areas I saw amongst the thousands of cars a pretty large pool of what looked to be 9-4Xs by themselves with white hood protectors. I’ll try to take a picture next time I go over it next weekend.

Saab small markets sales data – June 2011

This is the group with the small markets.

Australia, Canada, Luxembourg, Singapore, Japan, Estonia, Check republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Hong Kong, Latvia, Cyprus, Bulgaria.

Australia and Canada are currently in this Group, but if they continue selling more cars than some of the mid-size countries, they could move to the other group.

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Time for mid-week Snippets

In the last week news events were so big that it was convenient to present them in a single post each. But now it’s time to wait for the next big event, and the pieces of news are less important but not less interesting.

In Germany the Independence Edition Saab 9-3 Convertibles have landed. At least the German Saab Blog Saabblog.net reports about it.

I know they are based in the Frankfurt area, where Saab Germany has its offices, so they should know.

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Saab small markets sales data – May 2011

I will repost this thread during the week, as new market data keeps arising.

Saab did not produce cars for the last 7 weeks, so the May figures will only show how many cars the dealers had for sale, and not the real interest in the brand.

As always, you can post sales data here or send an email to sabsunitedcrew-at-gmail-dot-com.

Thank You to every single one of you sending us any sales data.

17 out of 36 countries have already published their sales figures, summing up slightly more than 1.000 units. Looking at the past months Saab should reach 1.300 – 1.600 units this month.

UK, Japan and Switzerland are done and Saab has reached already 1.460 almost 1.500 registered cars in May. Still missing, The Netherlands, France and Germany and a hand full of smaller markets.

This will be the last update, the German figures have arrived, and they are promising!! 🙂
Saab has reached the 1.600 barrier, with still a few small size markets missing.

Further updates will only be reflected on the SSD page.

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