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Another review of the Saab 9-5, this time from Canada. A little over-written if you ask me, but good and positive over all.

Overall though Saab’s style makes the Germans look even more conservative than usual. As Castriota said, it’s not a design for everyone and it isn’t meant to be. You will love it or hate it, but you will notice it. Have a look for yourself, but we think it’s cool.


An avenging Fangio in a Saab 900?

Let’s start with the video…..


The story behind the video’s an interesting one. The guy in charge is Davey G Johnson, formerly of Jalopnik. He’s got a blog post about how it evolved here.

The artist is a guy named Peter Hughes, who some of you may apparently know from a band called the Mountain Goats (you’ll have to excuse my ignorance here).

Hughes has a blog of his own with some writings about this song, the imagery and his fondness for Saabs. Whilst the song isn’t my cup of tea, the fact that he had a Save Saab sticker on his bass guitar during a performance on national TV is pretty cool.


The model guys at have some new stock and they look sensational.

Click to enlarge.

Saab scale models – which would you choose?

We don’t have much time to comment on this as the manufacturer concerned has asked for comments by April 22. Still we do what we can.
This is from Ralf22, who’s working with some German Saab dealers on marketing and promotion in Germany.

German Saab dealers are complaining about the lack of little 1:87 Saab model cars as a giveaway to their customers. Of course there are the big 1:43 models. But these are much too expensive for this purpose. So we made contact with WIKING – legendary manufacturer of 1:87 model cars.
They have many classic VW, Mercedes, Opel, Ford models. They have some legendary Citroen cars and two VOLVOs. They even have such nice rarities like a “Tatra 87”. Wow. But guess what? They have absolutely NO SAAB model.
Too bad.
At the end of the upcoming week they will make decisions aboutfuture models. So there is a chance they could choose some classic SAAB model(s).
They ask worldwide Saab enthusiasts: Which classic Saab should be produced as 1:87 model? And what is your color preference? (Of course it should be a real Saab colcor of its time.)
Please have your say in comments……here are some suggestions (with apologies in advance for the mis-stated convertible – not my image)……
Saab_election.jpg on Flickr

I posted a few weeks ago about, a new website that’s focused primarily on selling scale model Saab cars.
I’ve just noticed they’ve got an account with photos of their models on Flickr, so you can check out all their excellent work in one place prior to figuring your way around the website. It’s a great way to see it all at once.
Their Flickr account crossed my radar as they’ve just added two new models to the range and they’re quite retro-grooooooovy.
The early model Saab 9000:
And the too-cool-for-school Saab 90!
Bookmark it, baby!!!

New site for Saab scale model cars

Some of you might already have some scale model Saabs. Personally speaking, I’v e got a dozen models at my office in 1:43 scale, most of which come from the Saab Expressions catalogue. They range from UrSaab right through to the Aero-X and there’s even a 9-7x amongst them!
Last week I heard about a site featuring Saab model cars that absolutely knocked my socks off!
It’s called and is run by a couple of Saab nuts who are avid collectors of Saabs, both full size and scale models.
Here’s a sample. Click to enlarge.
And one of my personal favourites – a two-door Saab 99 Turbo:
Large_19435_NEO43016.jpg is a partnership between a couple of guys from Switzerland – Dmitri and Frederic. Between them they own a collection of 13 classic Saabs as well as a few other distinct Europeans.
Here’s a quick message about from Dmitri:

Since forever, I’ve been a car and a model car collector, fascinated by the automobile and especially Swedish cars. I was frustrated not to be able to combine my passions because Swedish cars and more particularly Saabs are not easy to find as model cars.
In my professional career, I have been working more than 10 years in the world of model cars. Because of this, I now have all the necessary connections to begin the sale of these model cars in order to fill this void for collectors.
The online shop at is now open and it offers to all the collectors and model cars fans, especially Saab, Volvo, Valmet, Scania and other Scandinavian brands, a wide choice of models that were previously difficult to find.
Do not hesitate to visit our site and ask for the models you are looking for, and please send us your comments so that we can continue to improve our offering.

Those of you who like to collect scale model Saabs ought to bookmark that site as I have a feeling it’s going to be a great resource for Saab collectors.
The frontpage site is at and the web shop is at

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