Saturday Night Snippets

How’s the weekend going?
I still have to get to the Q&A #3 questions, which I’ll hopefully do tomorrow. I’ll give advance notice now that there’s a few there that I can’t answer.
If I’m reading my translation correctly, then it seems Saab’s factory in Trollhattan is a chance of winning a lead production award for 2009. The story is over at TTELA.
The award is for efficiency and minimal wastage in production, and it reads as if Saab are one of three finalists for the award.
I wonder how the Swedish press and Industry Ministry will put their negative spin on that one (if they win it).
If you don’t know about them already, this is a must-bookmark site for owners of older Saabs (incl 95/95, 99, 90 and C900) though they sell bits for newer Saabs as well.
Skandix are a company who sell a lot of the harder-to-find bits for older Saabs. You can choose your model and download a PDF dogalogue here.
Many thanks to Drew B for the heads up! I’ve downloaded the 99 version already 🙂
The 7 stages of grieving Saab model introduction – by Jon

  1. Excitement of waiting to see spyshots of New Car.
  2. Fingers crossed its a remake of the [insert favourite old Saab model here].
  3. Horror as it slowly dawns on us that there is no hatch. GM screwed us again.
  4. Sheer rage that our own impossible demands for the perfect SAAB have not been met. Compose angry entry to SU.
  5. Model Launch. Turns out some of us actually LIKE it.
  6. Mid-life face lift. Whay did they do that? We liked it as it was.
  7. Car replaced, now has national treasue status. The replacement starts the cycle over again…

That’s pretty darn accurate, actually….
More fodder for those who believe Subaru are shaping as being the modern day Saab.

The litany of changes to the Subaru Legacy and Outback for the 2010 model year have helped them earn the Institute for Highway Safety’s coveted Top Pick accolade. The award means the cars scored “Good” (the best result) in front, side, and rear crash tests and have standard stability control.
All Subarus now bear the IIHS award. The Subaru Impreza, Forester, and Tribeca are also Top Safety Picks, making Subaru the only carmaker to have its full line honored by the IIHS.

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