Another New Record For SaabsUnited

This is the biggest month since the new crew has taken over, and we keep beating old records. The site received 876,150 views this month, up from the previous record of 867,842 last month. While this is largely due to the rollercoaster ride that Saab has taken getting the necessary approvals to restart production, it also reflects an increase in participation by commenters, readers, and media interest too. I think I speak on behalf of all the writers when I thank every single reader and hope we can continue adding content, functionality, and interest for years to come. Saab has a long bright future, and with your help SaabsUnited will make sure we not only cover it but help to shine that light brighter.

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Site Statistics – February 2011

It’s my final full month in charge of SU, so a final month’s worth of site statistics seems to be in order.

February 2011 saw Saab’s Independence Day celebrations as well as the build up to the Geneva Motor Show so it was a great month for Saabs United in the stats department. One of the best ever, actually.

Saabs United served up 641,483 page views in February. Considering that a normal 30- or 31-day month usually sees around 540,000 pages, this is exceptionally good for a 28-day month (and as an aside, the last 30 days from today – which includes both Geneva and Independence Day – has seen over 780,000 pages served).

Those pages were served to 85,551 unique visitors during the month.


The 5 most popular articles read during February reflect the Independence Day (Edition) effect:


39% of visitors need a seeing eye dog are using Internet Explorer, which means that 39% could have had a much more pleasant visual experience like the 25% using Firefox, the 19% using Safari or the 13% using Chrome (like me 🙂 )


Three of the top four native languages spoken by visitors are languages other than English (those being Swedish, German and Dutch). Some would say the #1 language spoken by visitors also falls into that category, being “En-US”

Just jokes, Americanos.


That language stat is a bit bizarre, actually. It would appear that some poeple outside the US have their language setting on En-US because for the first time in a long time, the US didn’t lead the visitation stats.

Here are the top 10 countries for February 2011…. there’s plenty of interest from Germany. If only that would translate into sales.


Some of the more unusual search terms that led people to Saabs United during February:

  • 103 searches looking for “Swade Viggen Crash” (yikes!)
  • 76 searches were looking for “ctm” (I wish he was back, too)
  • 47 searches look to confirm that “fuel economy is the devil” (I knew I wasn’t alone)
  • 40 searches for “at least you’re in the ultimate driving machine as i zoom off in my saab”
  • 6 searches for “sofie from saab” (Stalkers! Leave our Sofie alone)


It’s nice to finish up with a big month. I’m sure March is actually going to be even bigger.

Thanks for your continued interest in SU and participation in a great Saab community.

SU Site Statistics – December 2010

We’re in a new month so I’ll take this weekend opportunity to share the site statistics from December 2010.

SU served 467,222 pages during December 2010, to 67,261 unique visitors. A slower month, thanks to the Christmas break, which really was a break this year.

Seeing we’re at year’s end, why not a small sample of annual numbers as well?

Saabs United served 7,551,995 page views for the whole of 2010. These pages were served to 784,589 individual visitors. Not too shabby, eh?


The top 20 cities visiting Saabs United during December were as follows:

Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam were all in the 25, but just didn’t make it into the top 20.

Much is made of the potential contained in the so-called “BRIC” countries. Visitation here isn’t quite pointing to the same thing, but Russia’s good at 5,821 pages and China’s growing with 1,313 pages (Taiwanese Saab fans viewed just over 2,000 pages for the month). India and Brazil were both around the 400 page mark, so there aren’t many people looking for Saab information there…. yet 🙂


Here are some new stats for you….

19.7% of visits to SU in December were people visiting just once.

28.6% of visits to SU in December were the 200th (or more) visit for the person concerned.


The top 3 individual pages viewed in December 2010 (aside from the home page) were as follows:


That’s it for this month.

And here we go again for the start of 2011!!

SU Site Stats November 2010

The monthly report is as follows….

  • There were 160 posts written on Saabs United during November. That’s an average of just over 5 posts per day.
  • Saabs United served 519,518 pages to 71,638 individual visitors during November 2010.
  • Visitors spent an average of three minutes (precisely) on site, per visit.
  • The busiest day of the month was November 18, with over 23,000 pages served. November 18 saw various posts associated with the launch of the Saab 9-4x at the LA Auto Show.


The US provides the most visitors in terms of countries……

…but doesn’t provide a single city in the top 10….

New York was #11 🙂


The top 5 posts viewed during November were as follows:

The most commented articles on site this month (over 50 comments) were as follows:

And finally, for something different, the top 10 browsers accessing the site:

Thanks to all for hanging around. It’s been a pleasure.

SU Site Statistics – September 2010

I haven’t done a site stats post for a few months, but here’s an update for September 2010. Site stats are compiled to let me know how things are going, let you know how things are developing and to provide a gentle reminder to Saab that there’s some value in this whole website thing.

  • There were 152 articles written on Saabs United during September 2010. That’s just over 5 per day for each day of the month.
  • Saabs United servers fed 540,833 pages to 75,585 individual visitors during the month.
  • Visitors spent an average of three minutes on site, per visit, which is quite a lot of face time.
  • The busiest day of the month was the 29th September, which was when Saab announced their partnership with BMW


Pageviews (click):

Pageviews Sept 2010


Referral sources

  • The #1 referring site to Saabs United in September (aside from search) was Auto Motor and Sport.
  • The #2 referring site to Saabs United was Facebook (which is interesting as I don’t even use FB for promotion of SU)
  • The #3 referring site to Saabs United was Twitter



The top 10 countries with visitors to Saabs United are as follows (click):

Countries Sept 2010

The top 10 cities with visitors to Saabs United are as follows (click):

Cities Sept 2010


Popular posts

The following were the top 5 viewed individual posts during September:

The following posts had more than 50 comments during September:

SU Site Stats – January 2010

These are a few days late, but better late than never.
It’s fair to say that January 2010 was a month the likes of which we’re unlikely to see again for some time.
A normal month during the latter half of 2009 would see around 400,000 pageviews here at Saabs United. As you’ll see, January 2010 was nothing at all like a normal month. The possible demise of Saab and subsequent sale on January 26th drew an incredible amount of interest from all around the world.
January 2010 saw Saabs United use up 529 GB of its 100GB per month allowance 🙂
It also saw nearly five times the usual amount of traffic, with over 1,900,000 page views for the month. Here’s the graph:
Now, I know what you’re thinking…… “But I pressed F5 so much it’d account for nearly half of that”….. and yes, there was quite a bit of refreshing going on. But still, the site normally serves those 400,000 pages to around 50,000 or so individual users.
This month, there were over 166,000 individual users who jumped onto Saabs United.
Who says no-one cares about the Saab story?
The Top 10 countries were as follows:
As an additional note, Sweden is normally in the top few countries visiting, but it’s never usually that close to being #1 in terms of visitation.
In fact, three of the top four cities visiting the site are in Sweden – Stockholm (1), Goteborg (2) and Trollhattan (4). London was #3.
Back in November 2009, there was only one visit to this site from Zeewolde, the home city of Spyker Cars. In January 2010, it seems the Spyker employees are a bit more interested in their new big brother:
G’day to my old mate, ctm, whom I still miss a great deal around here.
And I’m pretty sure this was my first ever visitor from Uzbekistan. Welcome!
And this month’s novelty statistic – the top 10 referrers to this site for the month. These are sites from which people have clicked on to SU.
SU itself is rated at #1, I assume due to internal links (comments, linking to another post, etc).
As I said, I don’t think we’ll see another month like that one for a long, long time.
And for Saab’s sake, and their employees, etc, I hope we never see such a month ever again!

Saturday morning snippets – site stats edition

I wish I could just write shiny happy stories about Saabs and ownership right now, but it’s crunch time and that would feel somewhat akin to fiddling while Rome burns.
Nevertheless, here’s an attempt at some cheerier stuff. Or at least less activist stuff.
Harry the Huntsman is back!
The big hairy mongrel is hiding somewhere in the front left guard and popping in to the cabin occasionally. I’m now driving around with a big can of bug spray.
Quick site stats for December 2009. No time for a full entry.
SU normally does between 350,000 and 400,000 page views a month. Here’s December:
Yes, over 1,000,000 page views – served to over 125,000 unique users.
Who says on-one’s interested in Saab’s story?
Anyone tempted to whine about the NG900 or 1st generation Saab 9-3, please cease.
Spotted by Mark M when perusing some old publications…..
small saab 1997.jpg
Big Papa spotted in Trollhattan!!

Well done, Ciprian!!
They just have to make this car.

SU Site Stats November 2009

With so much activity happening on December 1 (GM Board meeting) it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of our normal end-of-month activities were overlooked.
So it’s time now for the site stats for November 2009, and it’s no surprise that traffic has been up since the Koenigsegg announcement on the 24th November. In fact, here’s the comments graph for the last 30 days……click to enlarge.
I’m pretty sure that 609 comments is a record for one 24 hour period 🙂
That big day was in December, though, so we should wind back a little and take a look at the numbers for November. Saab people – there’s value in this blogging platform!
There were just short of 370,000 pages served at Saabs United during November 2009. The largest day, by far, was the day the Koenigsegg Group announced their withdrawal from the agreement to purchase Saab Automobile.
Those pages were viewed by 54,295 individual users, who left 3,133 comments during the month.
The top 10 cities around the world were as follows:
But unfortunately, there was only one visit from Zeewolde last month. Zeewolde is the home of Spyker cars.
There’s been a handful more since. I wonder if we’ll be getting to know one another a lot more closely in the future?
It’s interesting to note that Beijing wasn’t the highest source for Chinese visitation during the month. That was actually a city called Hangzhou, not far from Shanghai.
And finally, the browser distribution for the month…..
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