Scottish Snowcross Championships 2011

Scotland is not Switzerland or Sweden, but they seem to have a couple of mountains where in winter they can have some snow fun.

This weekend the 2011 Scottish Snowcross Championships took place in the Glenshee Ski resort.

2011 Scottish Snowcross championship's poster

As you can see, it was sponsored by Saab.

It is an amateur competition, but at least locally, it keeps the name of Saab related with Snow-sports.

Last year Saab already sponsored the event, and it seems like people had a lot of fun.

For more pictures visit the Aberdeen snowsports club.

Back in the days where Ski-cross came to life SAAB-Salomon was a big name in the scene, they even had its own team. Now SAAB doesn’t have the budget, imho, but Salomon is continuing the job on its own.

I hope the relationship with Salomon is still there, and Saab can rejoin Salomon in 2013 when the financial problems of Saab become a lesser problem.

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