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I could have sworn SU covered this story a year ago, so apparently it happened again. Someone attempted to drive over a Saab. The 9-5 looks like it held up quite well — as expected. Thanks Alexandros for the tip. reports that the Swedes and the Danes are heading up Saab Wales Open. Are other nationalities more easily distracted by the presence of that gorgeous 9-5 on the links?

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Saab’s Winter Driving Tips

It’s only October, but people are already talking about winter tires and as you can see from the photo below, the weather around Trollhattan has started getting treacherous already.

Crashed Saab in Trollhattan

I’ve pubished these tips from Saab a few times over the years. It might be that a few could be updated (“I” for iPhone now? 🙂 ) but they’re still all relevant and it’s good information to bear in mind as you prepare your car for winter.

Winter Driving – an A to Z Guide from Saab

For drivers and their vehicles alike, winter is the most testing time of the year. Difficult driving conditions greatly increase the risk of an accident and even routine journeys can become hazardous experiences.

Scandinavian winters are among the most severe in Europe and place extreme demands on the abilities of cars and their drivers to perform reliably and safely at all times. Saab Automobile of Sweden is used to designing and building cars for such conditions and here Chief Test Engineer Torbjörn Christensson gives a seasonal A to Z guide of simple “do’s” and “don’ts” that will be useful to all car drivers.

Anti-freeze is the engine’s first line of defence against sub-zero conditions. But how often do you check it? For it to remain effective, the recommended strength must be at least 50%. Topping up your coolant with water only, for example, will gradually dilute the mixture. To be sure of maximum protection, do ensure the anti-freeze is checked each year, regardless of mileage, as part of the car’s service.

Black ice. Whilst ice and snow are obvious hazards, black ice is an almost invisible threat, especially during the onset of freezing temperatures. Beware when driving round sheltered bends or corners which are shaded from the sun, because this is where black ice is most likely to catch out the unsuspecting. A tell-tale clue you are on black ice is when all goes quiet in the car and you cannot hear any tyre noise. Do not brake or make any sudden steering inputs but do ease off the accelerator and proceed slowly and smoothly.

Car batteries are put to a severe test in winter due to the extra demands of running heating fans and lights. Most are now maintenance-free but do have the voltage checked, especially if the car is repeatedly used for short journeys. Consider charging the battery overnight or try to plan a longer run occasionally.

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