SOC 2012 Wrap Up

The 2012 SOC has come to a close, but the stories and photo’s keep rolling in. I have heard people in and out of the Saab community try to tell me that the Saab community is all but dead. Dead? What rock are they living under? If this is death of a community, I’ll take it because I’ve been a part of other groups that didn’t have the kind of response that Saab does even when they were healthy. With over 200 people attending the 2012 SOC in Iowa and the same kind of action if not more at IntSaab 2012 in Belgium, I would say the community is still alive and kicking.

Below are some photo’s and a story from Tim O and his time at SOC.

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Pictures From The SOC In Iowa

We’re starting to get our first bunch of photo’s in from Iowa thanks to Mark Marcon and photographer Richard Moore. Seems they had to run for cover at one point because of a serious storm hitting but last we heard it had cleared and things were good again.

Please keep the photo’s coming and good luck to all the participants who are up for some hardware.

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