New SCNA website – featuring 2010 SOC

Before SCNA stood for Saab Cars of North America, it was (and still is) the acronym for the Saab Club of North America.
The SCNA has a new-look website online and it’s looking pretty good. Those of you who haven’t checked it out yet might want to do so here.

They’ve got a link there to some groovy Saab wallpapers, put together by a guy named Roy Chui. Great work.
I love Saab wallpapers 🙂

Most importantly, they’ve also got some preliminary information on the 2010 Saab Owners Convention, which will be held in Aurora, Ohio from July 22-25th, 2010.
This will be the first post-GM convention and I’m sure the new Saab 9-5 will play a prominent role.
Early details are available at the Saab Convention website.

Saab gatherings online

There were two significant Saab gatherings in the last few weeks.
IntSaab 2009
IntSaab 2009 was held in The Netherlands and by all reports was an outstanding success. There were around 500 cars in attendance all up, including one of the six original Saab Sonett Super Sports, which got a full throttle run on the test track (the sound was quite the thing to behold, I’m told).
The IntSaab organisers have put two galleries of photos online.

Here’s a small selection. My congratulations to the organisers of IntSaab in the Netherlands this year.
rolin  0 (18).jpg
rolin  0 (36).jpg
Saab Owners Convention 2009
The SOC for 2009 was held at Copper Mountain, Colorado. Everything I’ve heard so far indicates it was also a great event.
Congratulations to the Rocky Mountain Saab Club on hosting this year’s event.
Ryan over at Saab History has a good review of what went on, complete with video.
In addition to that, you should check out the incredible gallery put up by the New York Saab Owner’s Club. They have over 700 photos there!!! It’s definitely worth checking out.
Again, a sample, but please do make sure you check them out for yourself.

SOC 2009 mini-gallery

Many thanks to Greg Abbott for shooting through a few photos from SOC2009, which was on over the weekend at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
If you see yourself or your car in any of these, shout out in comments and let us know!
You can view more of Greg’s photos from the event here.
To start – a great graphic for this years conference. Kudos to the image guy.
This Sonett creates a very interesting look, wearing some original Incas from the 99T on the autocross. I like the combination a lot.
Dinner is served. Friday night.
A nice arty closeup of a yellow, Saab 9-3 Viggen

Read moreSOC 2009 mini-gallery

2009 Saab Owners Convention has begun!

The 2009 Saab Owners Convention, being held at Copper Mountain, Colorado, is now underway with Saab owners coming in from all around the United States.
I don’t have anybody there committed to providing coverage of the event, but I’m sure that photos and stories will pop in over the weekend and the week following.
I just received the following from Dave M in my inbox – it looks like they’re off to an interesting start!
Greetings from Copper Mountain, Colorado. We are in full swing with the SOC at 9,000 ft. Dinner is coming up and a special video greeting from the U.S. talk show host Jay Leno.
I’ve attached a couple of very interesting examples of the cars that are here.
Tubbed Sonett drag car! Ay Carumba!!

Who’s doing what in the next month or so?

The next six weeks offer some big events for Saab fans in different parts of the world.
IntSaab 2009
It’s a little late to ask who’s going to IntSaab, as the people attending are either already there, or in transit. IntSaab is on from August 7 to 9 (i.e. this weekend).
IntSaab will not only bring Saab nuts from Europe together to celebrate their common automotive interests, it will also serve as a 50th birthday bash for the Saab Club Nederland, which is the oldest Saab Club in the world. Organisers are expecting over 400 cars and around 700 people to attend.
I’ve got a few friends that I know are on their way to IntSaab, and probably a few more that I don’t know about. Hopefully we’ll get some photos filtering through after the weekend.
NOTE: If you didn’t register for IntSaab but you’re nearby and want to visit, you can get a day-pass for some Saturday events. Entry to the parts sale and vehicle show on Sunday is free and open to all. See the IntSaab website for details.
Saab Owners Convention 2009
In the US, the 2009 SOC is almost here. It’s on from August 13-16 and is being hosted by the Rocky Mountain Saab Club at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
Saab History tells us that the deadline for registrations is on August 8 – this Saturday. There will be 47 pallets of spare parts being shipped in from various parts of the US, so it could be a bonanza for restorers.
And don’t forget the live auction that will be held during the SOC. Items up for sale are actually online for you to bid on now, including several very tidy vintage Saabs (I’ll take the Sonett II, thanks).
2009 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)
As big as those two event will be, perhaps this is the Big Daddy of the lot. The IAA will be open to the press on September 15th and 16th, to industry on the 17th and 18th, and then it throws the doors open to the public until the 27th September.
Saab and Koenigsegg together? Maybe.
The 2010 Saab 9-5 on display – definitely.
The Frankfurt Motor Show will be significant in that it will mark a new beginning for Saab with an all-new flagship vehicle to lead the way. Sure, the road after this will be long, but the starting line is a place to celebrate.
So who’s going?
I know we have a lot of Europeans visiting here. Surely a few of you must be considering making the trip?

SOC09 features Saab auction – items online now!

The Saab Owners Convention 2009, being held at Copper Mountain in Colorado, will feature an auction of Saab cars, accessories and memorabilia.
A large number of the items are at online auction site, Proxibid, already and you can view them now and even place bids. The final auction will take place live during the SOC, on August 14th.
Looking over this list has left me carrying a just a little bit of regret that I purchased my MX-5, as there’s a couple of very desireable vintage Saabs there that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.
The cars for sale include a Sonett II, a Sonett III, a nice looking red SPG and an 850 Monte Carlo.
There are some videos of the cars for sale – two minutes each in length, that you can view via Youtube. Start here for the V4 Sonett II and you should be able to link up to the rest OK (can you tell I really like that V4????)
There’s some other bits and pieces for sale, too, including a Halda Speedpilot IV, some Talladega wheels and bits for older Saabs like V4 heads and a 95/96 dash pad.
If you’re interesting in buying me a V4 Sonnett II bidding for any of these items prior to the live auction in 4 weeks time, then Proxibid is the place you want to be.

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