Saturday Swedish Car Day 2010 Photos

Sitting with Swade as we speak going over the day’s events.  Here are some photos that are, I hope, worth more than a thousand words.

I’m very indebted to Pierre Belperron, Service Manager at Charles River Saab, for his hospitality.  Thanks, Pierre!!

Site Regular JohnnyD, Swade, Pierre

Swade in that Sonett II from the SOC in Aurora:

Swade in the Sonett II

Next, some of our regular readers in attendance:

Saab007, Gunnar, Tedjs

All of the photos will be here.  Some are there now.  Visit soon and visit often!

EnG Convertible Shopping Snippets

In a complete left turn from Swade’s hard-hitting news coverage, I bring you some of the oddities that I’ve run across while shopping for a new convertible. Not really new, but one that’s new to me. After a brief flirtation with the notion of buying a Viggen convertible that’s reasonably close to me, I’ve decided to stay with the C900 for many reasons, but the primary one is personal preference. I’m just a classic 900 guy. The 9-3 convertibles that I’ve driven (I didn’t drive the Viggen) have also convinced me that they are just a touch smaller than I can reasonably drive regularly.
Seeing all of the nutty things that people will do to a car and seeing all of the mistakes that people make while trying to sell a car is just plain fun. You never know what in the heck these people are thinking when they choose their path. Read on for a few Saab oddities…..

Read moreEnG Convertible Shopping Snippets

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