Saab O The Week – Saab 96 convertible

I can’t tell you much about this Saab 96 convertible as I don’t know much. All I’ve got is a bunch of photos and a general location.
But they’re sure worth looking at.
All I know is that the car belongs to an independent Saab tech near the home of our unofficial Saab Ambassador to the UK, Robin M. There’s no details as to the conversion or what it looks like with the top up. But I figured I’d run with these anyway.
Another very nicely executed Saab convertible. Kudos to the owner!

Friday Quick Snippets

Light-hearted stuff. It’s been another heavy week.
Hemmings covered Mr Saab’s 80th Birthday on their blog today. It was good to see Mr John Libbos, formerly of SaabUSA, chime in in comments.
Thanks Gripen!
Did you know:
In 1974, when Saab released the Combi Coupe Saab 99, they had 15% market share in Sweden.
It seemed like a lot to me when I read it.
Some of the Saab Expressions merchandise on display at Geneva. Thanks Golfhunter!
The Local – Swedish news in English – has a great pair of articles on people’s favourite Swedish words.
Part 1 and Part 2.
I’ve been trying to learn a bit more Swedish with all these news reports from Swedish papers that I’ve had to read. It’s been fun. I hope I get to learn more some day.
Let’s hope Saab can be a bit like the kackerlacka and live through these current circumstances.
I’m not sure this one’s working……
I have joined a gym, a move intended to compliment my recent return to basketball after a four year absence.
I did a circuit today that would have a taken a 25 year old Swade (who was not a model of mid-20s fitness) around 20 minutes to complete. Late 30’s Swade took twice as long. And the pain……oh, the pain.

Saturday Snippets – Reconstruction and Zen edition

I don’t want to tell a guy how to suck eggs, but I hope someone at Saab, probably at SaabUSA, is going to take the bull by the horns here and emphasise that Saab’s latest announcement is a good thing, not a bankruptcy.
I think that the US could probably help its own companies by taking the Chapter 11 proceedings out of their Bankruptcy Code and making them a set of separate corporate reconstruction laws on their own.
Consumer Reports has virtually killed Saab with their reportage of the proceedings. A totally negative article.
Dave Thomas over at Kicking Tires took a much more responsible approach and his article gives a much better description of what’s really going on.
Yes, this is a stressing time and companies don’t do what Saab’s done because they’re healthy. But there’s a right way to cover it and then there’s the way Consumer Reports (and others, I’m sure) have done it.
If you only read one article about Saab today, make sure it’s this one at The Truth About Cars.
It’s Gold.
For those who might have missed the link, I participated in a live blog/chat about Saab at TTAC last night whilst JAJ was doing his press conference.
Tough work at 1am, but it worked out OK.
And my own moment of Zen to add to Eggs’ collection from earlier.
I love my Monte, but lately I’ve been missing my Viggen more and more. It really was the pinnacle of that era.

Some light relief from the Saab 9000

There’s a lot of stress right now, so I thought I’d take a moment to bring you some aesthetic pleasure courtesy of someone named kroc0017 on Flickr.
You know I love the Saab button dash. This is where it all began – the Saab 9000.
It holds a special place in my heart, too, because my first Saab experience was a ride in a Saab 9000 at rather high speed on the way into Philip Island.
Looks excellent, huh?
And have you ever seen a photo and thought to yourself “Geez, I wish I’d taken that!”
This is one of those.
Congratulations kroc0017. Awesome stuff.

Saturday Night Snippets

We have some guests from interstate at the moment, hence the slow posting this weekend.
My thanks to Gunnar from AutomobilesDeluxe and Etienne and Golfhunter at Saabhuy for acknowledging the birth of SaabsUnited on their respecitve websites.
Wind at your back, sun shining on you, etc.
There is no official Saab distributor in India, which is why the sighting of this Turbo X in Mumbai is quite surprising.
If you’re the mystery Turbo X owner in India, then please drop us a line and tell us the story.
Thanks Dippen!
Chris Bangle has shown off his last hurrah for BMW with the 5-series GT concept.
Looks like a slightly flattened X6 to me and like almost every BMW, is just plain unattractive.
Whilst I don’t find the car appealing from that angle, a look from the rear is a different thing all together.
So that’s turbocharging and the hatch they’re threatening to take from Saab.
Time for Saab to take them back if you ask me.
And finally, AutoVisie claim that this is the new 2011 Saab 9-5 wagon.
Something in me says “I hope not”
According to the article accompanying the image, they say that GM have stopped development of the 2.9 diesel being built in conjunction with VM Motori (which would be both a huge mistake and totally unsurprising). They also say there’ll be a lot in common with the Saab 9-4x in terms of the interior of the vehicle, and that the look of the car has been very well received in market testing they’ve done so far, better in fact that Audis currently on the market.
Thanks to Jeroen and Jacco!

Thursday Snippets

Bloomberg are sowing seeds of skepticism about Saab’s survival with a piece indicating that Saab may not be able to secure the funding it needs to keep going.
The Swedish government has pledged to guarantee loans from the European Investment Bank but they want to see more commitment (money) from General Motors in order to provide assurance of Saab’s sustainability.
That mightn’t have been so difficult six months ago, but with the bottom falling out of the market in recent months (Saab were down by between 50-60% last month) it’s now a much different proposition.
GM are counting on the Swedish government not wanting to lose Saab. The Swedish government are counting on GM wanting to build Saab up so that it’s saleable in the future rather than just shutting it down and getting nothing back for its efforts thus far.
It’s a giant game of corporate chicken.
Hopefully someone blinks before the weekend so we’ve still got cars to talk about in the future.
Forbes have named the Saab 9-3 on of their Safest Cars of 2009.
More should be made of this. We know it. Forbes know it. The market should know it, too.
Top Gear have a cracker of a blog post that sums up GM’s stewardship of Saab pretty well:

If you want to know what’s been ailing Saab all these years, today’s unveiling of the 9-3X wagon is a good place to start. Saab actually invented this car seven years ago. But GM bungling means it hasn’t been released until now.

That is the blogging equivalent of a nutshell. Recommended reading.
Arild ensures the flag is flying at all times:

Here’s a wintry greeting from Norway. We have had a lot of snow the last days and when you drive the snow whirls up behind the car and covers the back of the car completely. But one should always let other people know what car one is driving!

I’d just like to take a brief moment to thank everyone for their quick uptake here at Saabs United.
I swiched over from Trollhattan Saab to this blog on the weekend, which is traditionally a very quiet time, and today (Thursday) we have our 500th comment on the site.
A small milestone, but one worth mentioning.

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