Saab Spain hoping for sale in June

On friday we received an e-mail from one of our Spain resident readers. His was forwarding an E-Mail he got from Saab Spain on the very same day about the situation and the future of Saab in Spain.

It is a very good E-mail from Saab Spain, so we decided to publish an english translation here at SU.

So, if your Spanish is good enough you can follow this link.

For the rest

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Sunday Snippets

I think it has ben a long time since the last snippets post from Saabsunited, but the reasons, at least from my side have been many and different.

It is a long time since I’ve posted about the Saab Sales Data. First of all, Saabsunited will reopen the SSD section of the site, but it is not the top priority now, and we all know why. Despite this I keep collecting the data and finding more reliable sources for the registration numbers.

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A Belgian car show and the Spanish Saab dealer tour

Today is the last day of the French dealer tour. The French, as well as the German tour, was divided into two groups, in order to visit the whole country in only two weeks. Today the cars made their last visits, one group in Bayonne and one in Toulouse. I don’t know who will stay in the south and who will go north, but the information we have received says that one group will be heading to Belgium and the other to spain.

According to SAABLOG-In the Saab 9-5 SC and the 9-4x will be at the first motor show of Waregem(Belgium), just between Gent(B) and Lille(F)

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The Zero Hero snippets

Saab UK had PR campaign were they called the 119g 9-3 TTiD 180 the Zero Hero because the Vehicle Excise Duty (the vehicle taxes) was equal to zero because of the low CO2 value.

Today Saab UK has presented the new Zero Hero, the Saab 9-5 TiD4 MY 12, with manual transmission. It will also, like the 9-3 TTiD, be exempted of VED because of the low CO2 figures, 125 for the Saloon and 128 g/km for the SportWagon.

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Saab smaller market sales data – December 2010


It’s sales data time again. Thanks to BoeBoe for many of them in comments and others via email.



December: 66 (+0,81% vs 61 from 2009)

Full year 2010: 390 (-1,51% vs 396 from 2009)

Thanks Alan!



December: 131 (+70,13%)

Full year 2010: 2010: 788 (-37,71%)

There were 68,551 Saabs registered in Germany on January 1st 2010 (-3.34%, market share 0,16%, total amount of registered cars in Germany: 41,737,627) in comparison to January 1st 2009 (70,920, market share 0,17%).



Dec 2010 – 5

Year 2010 – 56 (70 in 2009)



November – 2 (3 in 2009)
December – TBA
Jan-Nov 2010 – 12 (22 in 2009)

Thanks Marko!



December: 76 (26) +192%
Year: 390 (420) -7%



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 2 vs 53 (-96,23%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 2 vs 777 (-99,74%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 0 vs 33 (-100%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 197 vs 368 (-46,47%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 107 vs 51 (+109,80%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 628 vs 714 (-12,04%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 110 vs 101 (+8,91%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 574 vs 1.585 (-63,79%)



From Cardoso, via email….

Hi, Swade,

I send you the Spanish sales of Saab of December. This month Saab sold 119 cars in Spain (there were 115 in December 2009).

The final sales for 2010 were 755 cars (1.577 in 2009).

Nevertheless, the figures are growing pretty good in the last few months here in my country. If my memory doesn’t fail, 36 cars were sold in August, 63 in September, 69 in October, 81 in November and, finally, 119 in December.



From Carlo, via email….

Sales in Dec 2010 were 99 (Dec 09: 127; -22%)

Total Sales in 2010 were 633 (total 2009: 1891; -52%)

My guess is that 99 would definitely be the highest monthly total for 2010 in Italy. Even if the total number for the year is down, the trend is on the way back up.



From BoeBoe, via comments:

December (’10 vs ’09)
9-3 6 vs 2 (+200%)
9-5 2 vs 3 (-33,33%)
Total 8 vs 5 (+60%)

2010 vs 2009
9-3 339 vs 422 (-19,67%)
9-5 191 vs 96 (+98,96%)
9-7X 0 vs 3 (-100%)
Total 530 vs 521 (+1,72%)

That’s still alarmingly low for the Dutch market.



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 69 vs 50 (+38%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 1.090 vs 1.259 (-13,42%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 8 vs 7 (+14,29%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 31 vs 121 (-74,38%)



Dec 2010: 42

Full year 2010: 199 (371 in 2009)


I’ll add more countries as they come in.

New TV ad – Saab Spain

Cardoso reports in from Spain (which was actually Saab’s fourth biggest market just a few years ago)…..

Saab Spain is doing an interesting offer in a 9-3 that they call Performance Edition. Last Saturday night, in prime time (23:00) I saw an ad in one of the biggest Spanish TV stations, Antena 3. The message was something like “sorry, you guys that have bought a new car recently…” because now you have a nice 9-3 with a very good price.

Here’s the ad… – fantastic to see some publicity in prominent places in a market like Spain.


And it’s hasta la vista from me….. plane time.

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