More from Saab Club España – Saab 9-5 launch event

I received an update from Jotaele at Saab Club España on the Saab 9-5 launch event and historical show they put on at La Coruña. What an outstanding event!

Saab Espana

The main purpose of the event was the presentation of the new Saab 9-5 by Darsena Motor, a Saab Dealer in La Coruña. They had a special presentation, which was an invitation event. But of course, the visual highlight for all the locals was the exhibition of classic Saabs, which too place over 3 days!

All of the older Saabs displayed in the historic presentation are owned by Saab Club España members. Jotaele tells me that the engagement and co-operation from the Saab España administration since the purchase of Saab by Spyker has everyone inspired and very hopeful for the future. The club worked together with the dealership and Saab España on this event and I think you’ll agree the results look outstanding.

A list of the cars present, supplied by Jotaele:

– Saab 92B (this was the 2nd Saab registered in Spain)
– Saab 93B
– Saab 95 V4
– Saab 96 Bull nose
– Saab 96 Long Nose
– Saab Sonett II V4
– Saab Sonett III
– Saab 99 EMS
– Saab 90
– Saab 900 SPG
– Saab 900 cabrio preGM
– Saab 9000 aero
– Saab 900 GM
– Saab 9-3 classic
– Saab 9-3 Cabrio
– Saab 9-5
– Saab 9-5 SW
– Saab 93SS
– Saab 93 SC
– Saab 93 SH

How successful was the event? Well, they expected around 200 people at the actual 9-5 launch event – and got 400!

Here’s a walkaround of the display and Wulf has some more photos from the event over at Saabworld:



Well done again to all concerned.

Saab España get spectacular for Saab 9-5 launch

As tweeted by @clubsaabespana…… who I assume were involved in the event given the sheer number of classic Saab metal on show.

The Spaniards seem to have put on a Saab spectacular to launch the new Saab 9-5 at La Coruña. There’s no written details but who needs words with pictures like these?

Saab Espana

Saab Espana

Saab Espana

Now that’s how to launch a car! What a gathering.

Saabludos to the organisers….

via re-tweet from @saabworld – thanks Wulf!

Saab Spain use “not for you” advertising

We’ve talked ad nauseum (pardon the pun) about Saab’s recent advertising and this one has just popped up in Spain.

saab 9-5 ad Spain

One of the controversial ads that Saab used in the US in the last few months is the She’s Not For You ad. This uses a similar tagline, but without the fluff.

Being an online ad, the full story has been omitted. Instead, it says the following (translated) …….

The all-new Saab 95. Alive and kicking.

You are a very serious guy. It is not for you.

The ad appeared online at a news site called El Confidencial, which I’m told is a news website typically used by executives, politicians, etc. The “in” here is that people are looking at a serious news site, they’re considered serious people and Saab are teasing them by implying that they’re too serious for such a car.

The ad flashes up as a full-screen graphic first, before appearing as a rectangle ad on the front page of the site. Personally speaking, it works for me much better as a shortened web ad than as a text ad in a magazine.

Opinions aside, it’s just good to see Saab advertising in the Spanish market again. Spain overtook Germany for a short time as Saab’s #4 marketplace, but that was a couple of years ago now.

Thanks to Oscar G for the tip!

Saab Spain chief interviewed

There was a time, not so long ago, when Spain overtook Germany and became Saab’s fourth largest market. It seems there was something with the Swedish marque that resonated with Spaniards. The convertible, maybe?

The guy looking after Saab’s interests in Spain is Manuel Alcazar and he recently did an interview with the Spanish newspaper, Negocio.

An SU reader named Oscar, has sent through a Googltrans of that interview, which I’ve edited (where I can) and reproduced below:


Manuel Alcazar, president of Saab Automobile in Spain: “GM is a clear example of how not to manage a premium brand”

In May he became the youngest CEO of a car company in Spain. At 36, Manuel Alcazar has worked in Auna and Procter & Gamble, and landed at General Motors (GM) in 2000. In the past four years has managed the areas of marketing and after sales at Opel and Saab.

Signed directly by Victor Muller, the owner of Spyker sports cars, which in February bought the assets of GM-Saab, Manuel Alcazar wants to return the shine to Saab as quickly as possible and has no qualms in admitting that his old company mis-managed development of the Swedish company.

“General Motors is a clear example of how not to manage a premium brand within a general product portfolio,” said the manager during an interview with NEGOCIO.

Read moreSaab Spain chief interviewed

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