Saab USA lease offers

I’m hearing a lot of talk about the need for Saab to fix leasing in the United States.

I’ve just taken a look at Saab’s latest leasing offers in the US, and I’m struggling a little bit to see what’s so lacking. In saying that, I fully acknowledge that I live in a market where leasing is not commonplace for private buyers. I’m therefore a little unfamiliar with the options available to customers outside of what’s on the manufacturer’s pages.

The numbers I’ve reproduced below are all from the websites of the manufacturers mentioned, except for the Audi A6. As I couldn’t find lease offers for the Audi A6 on their website, I used LeaseCompare (3.2l FWD model, 15K miles p.a., 780 credit score, $2,600 downpayment).

The Saab 9-5 lease is based on a Turbo4 Sport Sedan, so it’s not as well equipped as some of the higher end Teutonic competition. It’s still a cracking drive, though, and if you opted for a Hirsch upgrade (when they come online) then it’d be even moreso. I think the price differences noted here are pretty compelling.

[table id=14 /]

(1) I couldn’t find a Mercedes E Class offer on any model less than the E350 (if in fact they offer a model smaller than the 350 in the US).

(2) The base model A6 seems to be called ‘Premium’. Maybe I should have used a higher downpayment (upping the downpayment to $3500 lowered the monthly cost to $551).

As mentioned, these figures are from the manufacturer’s own websites and I haven’t gone to the trouble of comparing all equipment levels, etc. I’ve chosen the most basic models I could get a lease figure for and threw in the BMW 3-series for the benefit of those who might have doubted the validity of including a 5-series.

The G37 comes up smelling like roses in this comparo, but bear in mind the loss of rear leg room (some four inches) and a significant loss of cargo space in the trunk as well. The G37 is a bit bigger than the 9-3, but it’s more expensive as well (see 9-3 leases, below).

It might just be me, but if these lease offers are correct, then the 9-5 should be seen as competitively priced. If there’s something I’m missing, please let me know in comments.

IF the 9-5 is indeed competitively priced, as it seems, then maybe there’s something else that needs to be fixed – customer trust, dealership experience, marketing, equipment levels, etc.


The Saab 9-3 is going for $299 a month for the 2011 models and there’s 0% finance available on both 2011 and 2010 Saab 9-3 models.

That is unbelievably good value, if you ask me. If I could get a 9-3 for $299 a month, I’d be all over the sucker.

Big US Saab sale event between Christmas and New Years

If you’re in the US and you’ve been contemplating getting a new Saab, you might get the opportunity you’ve been waiting for in the week between Christmas and New Years.

A handful of Saab dealers will be participating in this event, all of them making stock available for New Salem Saab in Albany, NY, a long term friend of SU.

I hope to bring you some more details in the next few days, but here’s a sample of what’s going to be available:

2010 9-3 Sports sedan, 4 cyl turbo, 6sp manual trans, no sunroof, black exterior and black leather interior. Sale priced for current Saab owners at $22,750.

There’ll be around 70 or more 2010 models available at these sort of knockdown prices and thanks to Darryl Carl at New Salem Saab we’ll be following the campaign to see how it goes.

The Truth or Dare ads have been prepared, including radio and TV versions, and they’ll be going strong, starting from today.

In essence, we’ve seen this campaign develop right from the get-go with those Truth or Dare ads and next week will be the big test. It’ll be great to watch the process.


This isn’t just an observation exercise, though. It’s a sales event and there are incredibly good cars going at prices that represent amazing value.

As I said at the start, if you’ve been on the fringe of picking up a new Saab for a little while now, you won’t get a better opportunity to bag a big deal than this.

Under $23K for a brand new 9-3 is exceptional value by any measure.

Cyber Monday at Saabs United


Please note the following from Fredrik at Maptun (there were some early problems with the code being accepted).

The coupon code is now fixed. It’s valid until 23:59 Tuesday November 30th Swedish time.


The internet has few real traditions, but one of the recent ones is Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the Monday after the US Thanksgiving holiday and over the last five years, it’s become a day for online shoppers receiving discounts and special deals.

So be it. Please pay attention to the applicable dates as they vary from offer to offer.


State of Nine invite you to take advantage of a free shipping offer. All purchases over $25 in the US will receive free shipping and any international buyers will receive the same for purchases over $550.

State of Nine sell all manner of Saab accessories, including accessories from Hirsch Performance. While you’re visiting, complete their winter survey and you’ll automatically go into their weekly prize draw.

The offer is open right now and continues through until 12:01am on Tuesday, November 30.


Maptun are offering 15% off all Maptuner software upgrades. Maptuner is a plug-n-play upgrade solution that can boost the power and torque of your Saab (T7 and up).

This is a Monday-only offer, and it’s available as long as it’s Monday 29th November somewhere in the world.

Please use the code CM2010 when you place your order.

If you haven’t seen it already, I shot some video earlier this year of my friend John tuning his Saab 9-3 using a maptuner, in less than four minutes!


SaabUSA Parts have a number of different parts on sale from (Black) Friday 26th November through to Cyber Monday. All of these will be available at special prices for the full four days.

Click here for all the details.

Specials included cover roofracks, smartslot items, cargo nets, jumper cables, genuine Saab car care products, plate covers, rear spoilers, car covers and MORE!

Check the specials page for appropriate model details.



The Saabs United T-Shirt Shop also has a Cyber Monday discount happening. Note that this is for the US-based shop only (links below).

Shoppers can get a 25% discount on all orders over $40 from now until November 30th.

To claim the discount, US shoppers should use the code CYBER2010 during checkout. Canadian shoppers should use CADCYBER2010.

Click to visit….

1993-2002 Saab Owners – Welcome back from Saab Cars North America

Saab Cars North America want to welcome owners of 1993-2002 Saabs back to their local Saab dealers with some special offers on parts, and vintage labour rates.

All dealers are participating and have access to a 15% discount from SCNA – make sure you ask for it when speaking with your dealer. In addition, many of those dealers have been encouraged to offer a vintage labour rate for work performed on your car. Again, make sure you ask for it.

The Welcome Back offer is open to owners of all Saabs from 1993 to 2002 and covers the following parts groups:

  • Shocks
  • Water pumps
  • Fuel pumps
  • Air filters
  • Exhaust systems
  • Brakes, brake components
  • Clutches

The offer is scheduled to close at the end of October, so the first thing you need to do is locate your nearest dealer, give them a call and get down there for a visit. With winter coming on in the next few months, the time to get your car prepped is looming and this is a great opportunity to get it done, support your local dealer and get a good price for it at the same time.

For Saab to be strong, they need a strong dealer network. That means dealers need your support. So if you’ve got a Saab made between 1993 and 2002, please head on down and pay them a visit.

Friday Night Snippets – US loyalty discount edition

I’ve received word from one dealer in the US about this boost to the loyalty dicount available to previous Saab owners…..

Saab announced an enhancement to the loyalty program today. P

Previously, it was $1,000 off a 9-3 if you (or someone in your household) owned or leased a 1999 or newer Saab currently. Then it was bumped up to $2,000 off a 9-3.

Now it’s $2,000 off a 9-3 purchase or lease if you or someone in your household HAS EVER owned or leased a 1995 (yes, 1995) or newer Saab and can prove it with a registration car, payment coupon, or purchase or lease contract.

I hope some folks saved their paperwork obsessively, because this is huge for the traditional once-every-ten-years-plus customers!

Check it out at’s Current Offers section, then see your local dealer and make sure you get it, too.


Some people questioned why Saab aren’t getting into BioGas yesterday, after Jan-Ake Jonsson’s chat with Ny Teknik. If Saab aren’t prepared for it, and it sounds like they aren’t, then there’s no point going into it with a subpar system.

I don’t exactly what the nature of the problem is (and I’m not hinting it’s BioGas related in any way, just that there’s an issue), but Volvo are having to halt production of so-called ‘green’ V70s because they don’t actually meet the green requirements to receive the concessions they’re supposed to get in Sweden.

Thanks Tompa!


Spyker Squadron are back racing this weekend – in Hungary:

Spyker Squadron will venture into unknown territories this weekend as it takes part in the fourth round of the 2010 Le Mans Series season. The team has travelled to Budapest for the 1000 KM race on the Hungaroring Formula 1 circuit.

Stay tuned to @spykersquadron for updates via twitter.

Good luck, guys!


To paraphrase John Cleese – I may not know much about design, but I know what I like!

And I like it when Sniff Petrol parody designers 🙂


Sometimes you love something, but you don’t see it for a while. And when you see it again it gives you goosebumps and you feel that feeling all over again.

I hadn’t seen one of these for a while, but when I saw this today I just – well – looked at it for a while.

Via Flickr.

New Carlsson Edition 9-3 coming for UK

I’ve just had some news come through from the mother country about a new, limited edition Saab 9-3 Aero Carlsson Edition.

I don’t have a photo yet, but I can tell you that the new Carlsson will be limited to just 96 units for the British market. It will be based on the V6 XWD 9-3 Aero and will have two optional power packs that potential owners can choose from.

Specs are said to be as follows:


Saab 9-3 Aero Carlsson

  • Limited edition model with maximum volume of 96 customer cars
  • Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Erik Carlsson’s trio of wins on the RAC Rally in 1960, 1961 and 1962 with the Saab 96
  • Based on 9-3 Saloon Aero V6 XWD Automatic with extra equipment as standard
  • Upgraded XWD chassis (suspension & brakes)
  • Exterior and interior styling enhancements

Based on Aero specification PLUS;

19″ ALU85 (Turbo X) alloy wheels silver finish
TX Design Pack front bumper
TX Design Pack titanium front grill surrounds
TX Design Pack titanium fog light surrounds
TX Design Pack anthracite rear boot lid handle
Rear bumper diffuser
Rear boot lid spoiler
Ultra sport chassis
High performance brakes
Premium Natural Leather Sport interior trim

  • Black – Arctic White and Carbon Grey vehicles
  • Black & Parchment – Jet Black vehicles only

Carbon fibre effect interior decor, gearlever surround, door & fascia inserts
Nappa leather handbrake lever & smartslot
Nappa leather door handles
Nappa leather instrument panel
DVD Satellite Navigation with 6.5″ colour touchscreen
Bluetooth phone integration system
Bi-xenon cornering headlights
BOSE Surround Sound audio system
Dual electric front seats with driver’s 3-position memory
Electric folding mirrors
Auto dimming interior & exterior mirrors
Rain sensor wipers
Premium Natural Leather Sport interior trim
Full size 17″ alloy spare wheel
6 speed Automatic transmission
Metallic paint – Exterior paint colour availability;

  • Arctic White solid
  • Carbon Grey metallic (included in vehicle price)
  • Jet Black metallic (included in vehicle price)

On-Road Cost is £26,495 (The equivalent specification on a model year 2009 car would have cost £38,566. This was when the V6 was last available as a new order)

Also available are two Hirsch upgrade packs:

  • Carlsson Power Pack 1 300PS / 430Nm Engine ECU remap larger turbo intercooler, free flow air filter housing. Special retail price: £1,450 (inc. VAT)
  • Carlsson Power Pack 2 Same as above plus stainless steel sports exhaust. Special retail price: £2,185 (inc. VAT)

This sounds like a brilliant deal and a really collectable version of the Saab 9-3.

I’ll post photos as soon as some are available.

Thursday night quick snippets

I hate all this waiting and counting the days.
Every day wit your a$$ is another day wasted, I swear it’s a day too long….
One dealership here in Australia has just sent a PDF out to customers, offering up to $23,000 off selected vehicles on their lot.
Best value (for me) is a Saab 9-3 Vector SportCombi for $44,000, which represents a saving of around $18,000 off normal price.
That’s MetroSaab in South Australia, in case anyone’s looking.
Autocar are running a poll to see which was the greatest new release of the last 10 years.
There are a number of interesting cars listed for you to vote on, as wide ranging as the Bugatti Veyron and the Tata Nano. There’s no Saabs listed, unfortunately.
There is, however, an “other” box where you can write in a vote if you’re so inclined.
Etienne has scored some photos of the Saab 9-5 arriving in Taiwan for the motor show there.
Great pickup!! Hopefully some of our Taiwanese mates will go along, have a look and share some thoughts.
Not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I reckon this is the most important bit of writing I’ve done in at least the last 2 weeks, and given the gravity of the situation, quite possibly all year.
This link will take you to the story of a Saab dealer in the US doing it tough. It’s a touching story and one that’s probably echoed in every dealership right now.
Worthwhile reading. Hang in there, dealers.
A beautiful image, from Flickr.

TX Edition Saab 9-3 Convertible arrives

Saab ConvertibleSaab have just announced via the Newsroom that the 9-3 Convertible has joined the Sport Sedan and SportCombi in getting the TX treatment.
Going from our last entry on the TX edition, it comes with the following gear:
The Turbo Edition model in the UK see you get the following kit as standard:

  • Leather seats
  • Climate control
  • 5 Spoke 17″ alloy wheels
  • Heated front seats
  • Cruise control
  • Rear parking assistance
  • CD player with MP3 compatibility

Upgrade further to the TX edition and you get a bunch of Turbo-X inspired goodies added into the bargain:

  • Aero front bumper
  • titanium finish grille
  • front fog light surrounds
  • special 17″ 5-spoke alloy wheels
  • perforated leather sport steering wheel
  • carbon fibre effect decor
  • carpet floor mats with grey edge piping

That’s a pretty nice offering, actually. Much like the 60th Anniversary models from a few years ago, these should be selling in good number. Here’s hoping.

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