Video: SUHRT gets a Maptun upgrade

This one came as a pleasant surprise in my inbox today.

Jorgen from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team called in to Maptun and got a little work done to his summer car. Just like my mate John here in Hobart, he’s had his car tuned with the new Maptuner portable tuning device.

Cue the videos:




The special discount offer they were talking about is fully outlined here.

Short and sweet: Maptun are offering a 15% discount on all software upgrades and free shipping on your entire purchase (not just the software).

To claim the discount:

Head over to the Maptun website and check out the right tuning guide for your car. When you place an order, include the promotion code SU2010 in the order form. Your discount will be applied to the tuning software component of your order and your order will be placed.

The offer closes at the end of this month, so get in quick.

Note: I’m told there have been some difficulties processing some credit card orders. This was due to a setting on Maptun’s electronic processing system (it was set up as a fraud protection). That setting has been adjusted and those credit card transactions should now go through OK.

15% off Saab tuning software from Maptun – and free shipping!


Remember, this offer ends at the end of this month.

And this was noted in comments:

Just got Maptuner from the nice UPS man, ran the program and took it for a rip (15kms). Significant improvement all over. Car just runs better, power delivery is smoother and as many people have said the car just feels better. I look forward to putting some more miles on it…..

….I should also mention I ordered this Sunday night in Canada and got it at 2pm on Wednesday from Sweden.



Today we have another outstanding offer from our site sponsors (and rally team sponsors) – Maptun.

A few months ago we had a great discount offer on Maptun’s new plug-in Maptuner software. That offer was very popular and I’m pleased to say that we’re doing it again, though with a small difference this time.

Until the end of May, Maptun are offering 15% off all tuning software, along with FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.


The discount, combined with free shipping, means you’ll have more spare cash to consider a bigger upgrade than just software.

All tuning companies offer staged tuning kits for your Saab. These staged kits build on each other so as to offer a tuning solution that matches your budget. Initial stages typically involve software, exhaust systems and air filters. That’s just the beginning, though. With some companies you can go even further with bigger injectors, a bigger turbo, an uprated intercooler and various other parts making up further steps on the ladder to tuning Nirvana.

What sort of difference can a complete tuning kit make?

Read more15% off Saab tuning software from Maptun – and free shipping!

Sponsors: Free Shipping Offer from State of Nine

State of Nine already offer free shipping on many items in their large inventory, but for a very limited time, they’re extending the free shipping offer to cover every product on their list.
For a limited time:

  • ALL orders over $25 will attract free delivery within the continental United States.
  • ALL order over $500 will attract free international shipping

Please note that this offer is open to all of State of Nine’s email newsletter subscribers. If you’re not already a subscriber, click here and you’ll see a subscriber’s box at the top of the right sidebar.
Please note the closing dates for this offer in the information below as they differ for the two offers.

For US Customers:
At State of Nine we are celebrating the US Tax Day with Free Shipping for our newsletter subscribers on orders over $25.00. Offer valid now through Sunday April 18th (11:59PM).
For International Customers:
As a special bonus, we are even offering Free International Shipping on orders over $500! Note: Multiple box orders will be consolidated at our warehouse in New Hampshire and sent via USPS International to your destination once consolidated. Act now on this very rare promotion as this offer only valid now through Saturday April 17th (11:59PM). Enjoy!

Thanks to State of Nine for their ongoing support of Saabs United.

Hirsch Performance Newsletter – March 2010

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the pleasure of presenting a Hirsch Performance Newsletter here at SU. That delay is most likely due to the uncertainty surrounding Saab over the last 12 months or so.
It’s great to hear from them again, and the 30% discount on software looks very attractive, indeed.
Please check the Hirsch Performance website to make sure that upgrades are available in your country.
Saab 9-3 2.0T with 240PS included in the new car line-up
In response to customer demand, the markets Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland have included the perfomance upgrade to 240 hp in their national new car price list. In other countries, individual dealers have made similar offers, and have thereby been able to meet the demand for a higher output 9-3 as the 2.8T V6 was taken out of production.
Saab Performance by Hirsch
New! 30% Discount on software performance upgrades now also for model year 2006 vehicles
From the first of January 2010, a 30% special discount on software performance upgrades is available for used vehicles (MY06 and older). This special offer makes it possible for owners of slightly older Saab models to upgrade their vehicle at a really attractive price. The discount applies to the recommended retail price for all software performance upgrades for both 9-3 und 9-5.
Saab Performance by Hirsch
Click here to check all available engine upgrades.
Run-out products……
252PS performance upgrades – only while stocks last!
The 252PS performance upgrade for Saab 9-3 2.0T (B207R) MY 03- is no longer manufactured, and is therefore only available while stocks last.
Dual exhaust for Saab 9-3 1.9TiD/TTiD – only while stocks last!
The stainless steel dual sports exhaust for the Saab 9-3 1.9TiD/TTiD is no longer manufactured, and is therefore only available while stocks last.
If it is worth doing – it is worth doing it right!
Is it about time to replace the exhaust, the dampers or the brakes on your Saab? Hirsch Performance offers you a chance to not only replace but also to improve, and that to prices well comparable with the original spare parts.
Worn out shock absorbers for the Saab 9-5? Install the Hirsch Performance sport suspension! Benefit from a more dynamic stance and improved handling and braking performance.
Corroded exhaust? Hirsch Performance offer sport exhaust systems for all engine types. Great looks, a pleasantly sporty sound, reduced exhaust back pressure and improved throttle response.
Sticking calipers, worn discs or pads? Try the Hirsch Performance 345mm brakes!
More braking performance in all driving conditions, easy to modulate and with excellent fading resistance.
Hirsch performance products are available exclusively at your authorized Saab dealership.
Saab Performance by Hirsch

Hirsch Performance are sponsors of Saabs United (though I was posting these newsletters for years before they came on board).
Hirsch Performance are the official, factory-backed tuning house for Saab, but some products are available in selected markets only.

Special offers from Saab USA Parts

And now, a word from our sponsors……
As you are all painfully aware, the task to Save Saab was a monumental challenge. The original deal to sell Saab to The Koenigsegg Group fell apart at the last moment and an original deal to sell to Spyker also collapsed. It was the relentless pursuit of Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker, to save the brand from extinction.
We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to thank all of you for your support in this cause. It was your time, telephone calls, letters and countless e-mails to our U.S. Senators, State Senators, Congressman, State Representatives and the board members of General Motors that captured the attention of the world. Your passion in our storied franchise was instrumental in saving Saab. Congratulations on a job well done!
In celebration of this breaking news and as a warm Thank You for your support, please find below extraordinary specials on critical maintenance items.
Thank you for your continued loyalty to the Saab Brand and particularly to Saab USA Parts. We are all excited and enthusiastic about the future of Saab as we now rebuild our cherished brand.
Safe Driving,
Saab USA Parts
Swade here again…..
Saab USA Parts have a big range of discounts available to celebrate this special occasion, offering up to 35% off a range of high-demand items from their catalogue.

Friday Snippets – treading water edition

Yes, we’re still treading water.

Here are the rules, for those of you busting your F5 key.

If Saab are to be closed, I will report that as soon as I hear it. There’s nothing left to lose at that point.

If Saab are sold, then I will not say a thing about it prior to an official announcement, other than reporting solid news broken elsewhere that I can verify. That’s news, not speculation.

As a blogger, I would love to break the news first and ‘stick it to the man’, etc. But the whole company’s future is in the balance here and there’s no way I’m going to risk annoying GM just for the sake of a scoop.

So if you’re hearing nothing, that means all is progressing as far as I’m able to tell. I know that’s not the answer some were looking for, but it’s the only one I’ve got.


Our site sponors, State of Nine, attended the Brookline MA convoy and have a gallery of images up on their website from the event.

They’re also helping to publicise the next round of convoys with direct mailouts to clients, etc.
In addition to all that, they’re also offering a 9% rebate on purchases, not including shipping, until 11:59PM Sunday January, 24th.

To claim the rebate, you simply select your items as you normally would, then add the 9% rebate product to your shopping cart. They will take the 9% off once they see that item in your cart.

Thanks again to State of Nine for the support.


And whilst we’re speaking of sponsor’s products…..

A few nights ago, a friend of mine here in Hobart tuned his 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero V6 with new Maptuner plug-in device.

I have video of the tune, which I’m going to process and upload as soon as I can get hold of the right cable to go between my camera and my Macbook (why don’t they use the same Firewire port as my old iMac had? Frustrating).

Needless to say, though, the tuning process was quick, and the car is now very quick.

Maptuner has just become available for Trionic7 engines!

You can read about another Maptuner experience here (that’s SU regular, PT and his 9-3 SportCombi).


I received an email a few nights ago from a guy here in Australia, wanting to know some details about the Viggen I crashed and wrote off a few years ago.

Yesterday, I came to understand why.

My old Viggen is for sale.

To save having to answer any more emails on the subject (not that I mind, it’s just quicker this way)….

  • I’m quite sure, 99.999999% sure, that this is my old car.
  • I had what I believe to be a serious crash in it at a driver training day back in 2007.
  • It was written off by my insurer and sold at auction.
  • If you’re considering buying it, you should assure yourself that the repairs have been done to a very high standard. Both the chassis and rear axle were bent after the accident and whilst a rear axle is pretty easy to replace, chassis straightening is a little more tricky.


The car was definitely repairable and it was running like a dream when it crashed.

Just make sure you do your homework and satisfy yourself that the repair has been done to a proper standard. An independent inspection by a quality body shop should do the trick.

Parts now available at State of Nine

As this particular year comes to a close, it’s a welcome relief to report a little good news every now and again.
As the headline implies, one of the stalwart Saab accessories providers, State of Nine, brings their well-known service excellence to a new venture: Saab parts.
So, if you need a thermostat for a C900 like I do, or if you need a couple of tie rod ends for a 1999 Saab 9-5 (newly installed on mine and I’m loving the improvement over the tired ones), head on over to State of Nine and check it out.
I’ve included the details by posting the announcement form letter from Dan DeVlieger, president of State of Nine, after the jump.

Read moreParts now available at State of Nine

State of Nine Weekly Holiday Giveaway

Site sponsors, State of Nine, are conducting a weekly holiday giveaway, with one lucky winner receiving a freebie every Wednesday between now and Christmas.
To be in the running, you need to complete a short survey they’ve set up, asking a few questions about your Saab ownership and home repairing traits. It’s all in the interests of serving better products, it takes just minutes and you get the chance to win a prize.
Complete the survey just once now and you’ll be entered for each draw between now and December 23.
State of Nine also have some new products for you to check out:

For those with light colored interiors, the beige handbrake boot does look like a winner. Hadn’t seen that before (and it’s a good reminder I’ve got to get a black one for the Monte.)
Finally, if you want to keep up with all the news at SON in an easy unobtrusive way, then why not become a fan of their Facebook page. You’ll get all the news about upcoming specials right along with all your other Facebook updates.
My thanks to State of Nine for their ongoing support of Saabs United.

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