Welcome to Maptun as a Saabs United sponsor!!

It’s my sincere privelege to welcome Maptun to these pages as a new sponsor of Saabs United.
Maptun are a longstanding, Swedish based Saab tuning house – and I’m pleased to say they’re also the performance partner of the Saabs United Historic Rally Team.
Maptun are based in Örebro, a few hours north-east of Stockholm, but they sell their tuning gear worldwide through a comprehence distribution chain (see below). Their products are in now way limited to the regular stuff you expect from a Saab tuning company – ECUs, cold air induction and exhausts – these guys do THE LOT!
Engine rebuilds, cylinder heads, pistons, cams, valves, flywheels, big brakes, intercoolers, fuel systems, hoses, suspension components and kits….. the list really is comprehensive. You could blow out a mortgage with these guys and love every second of it.
That’s not to say they’re expensive, though. A mate here in Hobart bought a stage 3 kit for his 9-5 Aero a few years back for $3K – fitted! More on that later.
If you’ve never visited Maptun’s website then do yourself a favour and check it out now. It’s one of the most user-friendly tuner websites I’ve ever come across. Right at the beginning you choose your language and currency and from there on it’s smooth sailing.
Pick your model, current engine, and you can see all the different tuning kits available for your car at a glance.
For example, here are the options available when I select my particular model (Saab 9-3, 1999 2.0T 200hp standard). When I said they’ve got heaps of options available, I meant HEAPS of options – even BioPower!
Maptun have just released a new product called Maptuner.
Your car’s new tune is stored in the Maptuner unit, which you connect to the car via cable into the diagnostic port. Once connected, the Maptuner reads and stores your current engine tuning information and then installs the Maptun tune you’ve selected.
It’s much simpler than ECU replacement and the beauty of the system is that you can revert back to your factory tuning at any time. Simply plug the unit in again and reinstall the original tune. Updates and upgrades will be available from Maptun via download to your Maptuner so you’ve got maximum flexibility as well.
Those of you who are familiar with BSR’s PPC tuning system will recognise the new Maptuner system straight away. It really is the simplest way to boost your car’s performance.
Maptuner is only available for a limited model range at the moment, but they will be expanding that range in the short to medium term.
A friend of mine here in Hobart, Craig Y, got a stage III kit from Maptun when he bought his Saab 9-5 Aero wagon.
Just after he bought it, we went out and shot some video. I’ve featured this video here before, but it’s worth showing again. Ah, my Viggen…..those were the days.
UPDATE – I’ve moved removed the video to after the jump as it seems to be causing problems for some.
The video can be seen here at Youtube.
Click here to visit the Maptun website.
My sincere thanks to Fredrik and the crew at Maptun for their support of both SU and the SU Historic Rally Team.

Custom Saab Badges

As you may know, I partnered up with a Viggen-owning mate in Hungary named Ivan to produce the Saab Design Shop, where we see some very groovy Saab T-shirts (new editions just approved and coming soon!).
What you may not know is that Ivan also makes custom Saab badges. He’s been doing it for over 18 months now and in that time, the badges have proven themselves weather-proof, carwash-proof and you-name-it-proof.
The badges are made from an ABS/acrylic based “sandwich” substrate that is micro-laminated with an automative industry grade metallic like surface. Both matte silver and a brushed aluminium surface (which is more popular) are available. All badges are precision laser cut from graphic designs that Ivan does himself.
There are two type of badges available:

  • 3D: 1.6 mm, real 3D object, like the factory badges/emblems, suitable for slightly curved surface
  • sticker: 0.5 mm, sticker-like, suitable for medium curved surface, however, more rigid than paper based stickers.

The beauty of this is that the sky’s the limit with what you can design. Ivan has done all sorts of custom designs for people. He has some standard badges that are readily available, too.
If you want to contact Ivan about any of these badges, or to get your own badge custom designed, you can email him at saabdesignshop-at-gmail.com
Here’s some of the things that have been done so far.
The previous post on this site featured the famous “Made in Trollhattan by Trolls” sticker. This is a badge version on the same theme.

The classic Griifins, made in mirror fashion so that they can go on the wings of your car and both face the same way. The most popular seller.
Custom Saab Badges
The standing moose in brushed aluminium finish.
Custom Saab Badges

Read moreCustom Saab Badges

Saab 93B in classic rally

Congratulations to site sponsors, Mobil Forum, on their participation in the Sachsen Classic rally earlier this month, in a beautiful blue Saab 93B.
Tobias Kaboth, from Mobil Forum in Dresden, acted as co-pilot in this event, which took in drives to Zwickau, Freiberg, the Dresden City Festival, then to Zittau and the Czech Republic and back to Dresden.
The car is still Swedish registered and reportedly got through the rally with no problems at all.
Congratulations to the team at Mobil Forum in showing off this historic car as well as getting it through the event unscathed.
More historic motorsport, please!!

Thursday Snippets – crash

Hey all. Long time, no write. Sorry about that, but the body called time-out last night so I got a regular night’s sleep.
I’ve just picked up a goodie-bag from Saab Australia this morning. It included some leather cleaner, window washer fluid, the all-important wheel nut covers, and a few other bits and pieces.
I’ll be trying all these out in the next little while and reviewing the process here. Am looking forward to it!
The other thing that’s arrived this week is my new air filter for the Monte Carlo. I ordered from Elkparts last month (tip: don’t order things that have to come in from Sweden during July – the whole country takes the month off!).
I’ll fit that on the weekend and am looking forward to the Darth Vader-esque soundtrack 🙂
New Salem Saab have photoshopped a new logo for their electronic mailouts 🙂
New Salem Saab Combined Logo.jpg
Thanks to Magnus for forwarding to me this graphic from a Norwegian newspaper.
The big question now is who picks up Bishop’s share.
The question mark next to Fabela’s name should be a zero. To this point he hasn’t put up money for an ownership stake, but is the Chairman of the Koenigsegg Group.
I’d be surprised if he doesn’t put up money soon.
Note to Simon Padian, Bard Eker and whoever else is going to be involved in the future design team at Saab.
This comes from Go Auto here in Australia and refers to the launch of the new Mondeo range.

FORD says the discontinuation of the Mondeo sedan will not impact sales of its revised and expanded MB series that was launched in hatch and wagon versions launched last week.
Ford Australia vice president for sales and marketing Beth Donovan said buyers of the previous Mondeo tended to choose the more practical and better-looking five-door hatch.

Thanks PT!

Hirsch Performance – now available in the USA

I’m pleased to see an announcement this morning from site sponsor – State of Nine – that they are now a US distributor for Saab’s official tuning house – Hirsch Performance.
The release:
Hello from the Saab Owners Convention!
You may recall our promises of great new features for 2009 and I’m happy to announce today one of the biggest (still more to come…). Today State of Nine is proud to launch our exclusive Hirsch Performance Product Offering – not previously available in the USA! BMW has M-Power, Mercedes has AMG, now Saab Customers in the USA have Hirsch!
Click here for the SON Hirsch page.
mountain_cc.gif Some of you may also recall my European journey in June 2008 where I was meeting with our European suppliers and finding new products. The image to the right was taken by me after about 20 minutes of switchb-backs in the Swiss Alps in my diesel rental car. You could say we went over mountains to bring you this product line.
Having visited the Hirsch facility myself, I can tell you this is not a group of people in a garage making Saab modifications. Not only could you eat off the floor in any of the offices, engine rooms or shop floors, everything that Hirsch produces is beautiful and precise. They even have instructions on how to install their Hirsch Badge to the back of your Saab. I cannot stress quality of this product line enough and I can assure you that any of these products will enhance your Saab and distinguish it from most other Saabs on the road.
As an additional benefit, we are offering Free Continental US Shipping on all our Hirsch Products. This means that your order will arrive to you from our US warehouse without any additional shipping charges, brokerage fees, VAT, sales tax, etc.
When placing your order for any Hirsch Products we require some standard information about your Saab, including your VIN#, so be sure to have that info handy. Including this VIN# will enable us to make sure that the item you ordered is fit to install precisely in your Saab. After reviewing your order, we will import the product(s) and assign your order a UPS Tracking Number. You can reference this tracking number to monitor movement of the item(s) after they arrive at our US facility. Please allow 2-4 weeks for activity/delivery. We expect to improve the import time as we measure the variation of products ordered.
I hope you enjoy these new products and we are excited to grow this offering to you over the months and years to come.
Remember to check out our other August Promotions as well. Here is to a great Saab Convention this weekend!
Enjoy Your Saab,
Dan DeVlieger
State of Nine Ltd.

State of Nine prepare pre-SOC specials!

Site sponsor and friendly-service specialists, State of Nine, have prepared a number of special offers to celebrate the upcoming Saab Owners Convention.
State of Nine will be at the SOC once again this year, so make sure you stop in at their trade stand, say Hi and tell ’em Swade says G’day as well 🙂
Here’s a look at what’s on special this SOC-month at SON:
Cash for Convertibles
Save $60 on Select Convertible Windscreens so you can extend your season with the top down. Sale Ends 8/31/09.
New Convertible rear spoiler!
Make your 2004 to 2008 9-3 Convertible look like an Aero with our factory style 9-3 Convertible spoiler. Custom painted to match your Saab, these spoilers make your Saab look more complete. Special Promotion Price! $40 off normal price through 8/31/09 and don’t forget – it ships for free in the continental US!
New! Photo Blur license plate protector
This photoblur plate protector will keep you from having a surprise violation in the mail. We have been getting lots of calls from customers in AZ and CA looking for a solution to this new ticketing technology. Now we have this new style at a lower price. Looks like a normal license plate cover and keeps the bugs off your plate too!
Photo Blur plate protector
Check state and local restrictions before using.
New! Replacement mats
We are always searching for floor mat solutions to meet different needs. Our new “SON Replacement Mats” have been patterned around the factory floor mats, including the mounting grommets, but also include a thick nibbed rubber backing. Available now for the 1999-2007 Saab 9-5 and the 1999-2002 Saab 9-3. Offered only as a set of four, these custom mats are made in the USA in one of three colors to match your interior. If you want a basic carpet floor mats, you can’t beat the price on these mats.
Carbon Fiber Door Pulls!
Back by popular demand, our Exclusive Carbon Fiber Door Pulls are in-stock for 1995-1998 900 (all models) and 1999-2002 9-3 (including 2003 9-3 Convertible and Viggens) models. We just received a limited supply which otherwise take 4-6 weeks to produce. Special Promotion Price! $30 off normal price through 8/31/09
Black Carbon Fiber Pillar Post Sale!
Instead of faded, finger print stained door pillars (constant problem on my 9-3 – SW), your Saab can look dramatically better with our custom carbon fiber pillar posts. Click on the product zoom image to see how great these look! On sale through August 31st.
Saab Cleaning staples!
Our DP Interior Cleaner is a detailer’s secret weapon – try it and you’ll agree. Also, if you normally use house soap to wash your car (we’ve all done it), just try using our P21S Shampoo and you’ll understand why they call it a shampoo. It seals your paint and keeps your Saab looking clean even after it has rained.
th_freeship.jpg Remember, there are heaps of items at State of Nine, including many of the offers here, that attract Free Shipping within the continental US.
Other items will attract a low flat rate of just $9.95.
My thanks to State of Nine for their continued support of Saabs United! Make sure you check out these, and all their other great Saab accessories and offers.
…..and say G’day to Dan and the crew at SOC for me!!!

Special offers from Saab Australia – 9-5 decor panel and Inca alloys

RE-POSTED for the benefit of any Aussies who missed it the first time.
As you may know, Saab Australia’s genuine parts and accessories division is now a sponsor here at Saabs United and from time to time, they’re passing on some great special deals on genuine Saab accessories and parts for your late model Saabs.
I just fitted the genuine Viggen shocks and springs to my 9-3 Monte Carlo and the difference they’ve made, along with the Hirsch ECU and steering rack clamp, is absolutely amazing.
Saab OZ have just informed me of another pair of limited offers and as SU readers, you’re getting the best exposure to them.
Saab Inca alloys
As you know, the wheels maketh the car and these genuine Saab alloy wheels look sensational on all current generation Saabs. They even looked the goods on Kaylan’s old Saab 9000 Aero (pre-toasting, and if you’re thinking of these for a 9000, then make sure you check the stud pattern).
These wheels are normally around A$2,000 for a set of four.
Saab Australia are doing a special offer on three (3) sets only – for $990 inc GST.
To take advantage of this special offer, contact the Accessories people at your local Saab dealer and ask them for the special deal on Saab Part number 32025941.
Saab 9-5 rear decor panel
This is a really quick way to pretty up the rear of your 1998-2001 model Saab 9-5. This rear decor panel takes about 30 minutes to fit and looks like a million dollars.
These are going out the door at $132, inc GST.
To take advantage of this offer, contact the Accessories people at your local Saab dealer and ask them for the special deal on Saab Part Number 400106233.
Actually, if you’ve got a 98-02 model Saab 9-5, these two offers could transform the look of your car in a day.
David at Saab is also going to send me a bag of wheel nut covers. He got the inspiration after seeing the Viggen wheel photo that Stu the Lens Genius took, featured earlier this morning.
Ordering part number 12771404 (for the five-stud pattern) gets you a bag of 20 covers as well as the special removal tool to get them off again when you need to.
All that for only $10.40 inc GST.
I’ll post some before and after shots when the covers arrive.
If you’re reading this from outside Australia and seething with jealousy, remember that our other site sponsors also carry some genuine Saab parts and accessories, as well as some top shelf aftermarket stuff, too.

Specials on Saab Accessories for Aussie Saabers

UPDATEI thought I’d re-publish this for any Aussies who missed it last week and might be interested in these limited-quantity special from Saab Australia.
I’m pleased to welcome Saab Australia to the left sidebar as a sponsor of Saabs United.
They’re interest here is making sure you all know about the importance of using genuine Saab spare parts and accessories.
Clicking on the advertisement at left will take you through to the Saab Australia accessories page, where you can look up all the available bits and pieces for your car’s specification and model year.
To kick off Saab Oz’s campaign here, they’ve sent through a number of specials they’ve got going at the moment.
There are some great bargains here, but they’re in limited numbers. If you see something you like, write down the part number and get in touch with your local Saab dealer. Point them to this entry if you need to and make sure you get the advertised price.

Carbon Fibre dash kits to suit 9-5 MY98-05.
The kits include the instrument panel, shifter surround and ashtray.
Was $1190, now just $349.
Part No. 400 112 553.
Steering wheels to suit the 9-3 Sport Sedans.
First, there is the Leather/Wood version in polar brown to suit the MY03-05 cars, which is normally $690. There are two only at the special price of $219.
Please note this excludes the audio controls and airbag which can we swapped from the vehicles original items.
Part no. 12791542
Also, we have a Sport version to suit MY06-09 normally $490. There are four available for only $219.
The wheel is finished in black leather with extra thumb grips. Again, this excludes the audio controls and airbag.
Part number 12757703.
OG9-3 Cupholders
For original 9-3 owners (1998-2002) there is a cup/coin holder, which fits into the centre armrest, these are great value at only $16.50.
Part No. 400126504.
As you can see, these items are in limited numbers, are genuine factory items and are at great prices.
My thanks again to Saab Australia for their support of Saabs United!!

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