Saab 9-4x spyshots: winter testing

Bilnorge, from Norway, have some new spyshots of the Saab 9-4x undergoing winter testing.
As you can see, Saab have all but given up on disguising the car, with only a few black triangles covering up the true lines of the vehicle.
Looks great! But how does it drive?
The full library of photos (all of which are bigger than this snippet that I’ve cropped for use here) are available at Bilnorge.
Thanks to you-know-who-you-are!

New Saab 9-3x spyphotos

I believe some of the European automotive press are actually either on their way to, or are actually conducting some initial test drives of the Saab 9-3x in northern Sweden as we speak.
The automotive papparazzi seem to be hanging out there as well.
There’s a new gallery of shots over at Motor Authority.
Here’s a small version of one. Head over to Motor Authority for the rest, all of which are much bigger. All of them suffer from bright flash exposure and the snowfall that was happening at the time, but are still interesting to look at.
The question remains – are any of these diesels? And if so, do they also have XWD?

Will the Saab 9-3x come with a diesel?

This isn’t going to help slow sales in the US, but it’s potentially a very positive development for the imminent release of the Saab 9-3x.
One of the bugs with the XWD system in the regular Saab 9-3 is that there wasn’t enough room to have both a diesel engine and Saab’s new cross-wheel-drive system in the same car. With diesels being so big in Europe, this would have made a great alternative to an SUV for the Euro market.
Saab 9-3x
I’ve just heard from one source in Europe that the Saab 9-3x will be offered with a diesel engine, which raises a couple of possible scenarios:
1) With the extra suspension-induced clearance that might be available with the 9-3x (being a raised up and body-cladded version of the 9-3 SportCombi) they’ve now got enough room to fit both the XWD system and a diesel engine.
2) There may be a FWD version of the 9-3x on the menu in addition to the standard XWD model that we’re expecting. This could offer the same drivetrains as the regular 9-3 SportCombi range, but with the body modifications of the 9-3x and no XWD system.
Option 1 is definitely the preferable scenario. When the XWD system first came about I heard from a lot of people who were interested in the combination of XWD with a diesel powerplant.
Although option 2 seems to go against the “x” part of the model’s name, I’d imagine this is the more likely scenario. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for a diesel/XWD combination and then have those hopes dashed. Having both FWD and XWD versions of this body style would make sense, too, offering the vehicle to more potential customers who want the utility that comes with the ground clearance, but not the extra fuel consumption that comes with XWD.
There was no mention as to whether the diesel powerplant in question would be a TiD or a TTiD engine, so we’ll have to wait and see.

2010 Saab 9-5 interior spied by AMS Sweden

Saab 9-5 mules have been quite scarce and with the new version expected on display in Geneva early next year, AMS are starting to get twitchy. Someone from AMS spotted a car with an Opel Insignia face and a lot of tape on it. When he looked closer, past the Opel badge on the steering wheel, the shape of the dash gave away the possibility that it might have been something else all together.
The original article with more pictures is here at Auto Motor and Sport. You Swedes should go there and read it in your native tongue.
Here’s the main image of interest. It’s grainy and there’s a LOT of reflection off the glass, but this could be the best close-up glimpse we’ve got of the new 9-5 so far.

What we can see here is a departure from Saab’s traditional all-green interior lighting. The lighting on the console seems to be green with the exception of the controls on the left. The lighting on the steering wheel appears to be red, which may be because it’s an Opel wheel (or maybe because that’s how it’s going to be). It’d be very odd to see two different colors in there, though.
What’s leading people to think this is a 9-5 interior, of course, is the shape of the dash. It’s certainly not the Insignia dash shape, so the badging on the car doesn’t accurately reflect what’s inside.
The mind boggles, but the body’s tingling with the thought that this could be the first genuine glimpse we’re getting of the car.
Following is a Google translation of the bit on AMS that pertains to the interior.
Again, for more images and the original story from Par Brandt, in Swedish, click through to Auto Motor and Sport.

Some rumors claim that the 9-5 is being tested in the U.S., where it does not arouse much attention. Others argue that Saab carries out testing and mask the car as an Opel Insignia, which we believe we have demonstrated for a few days ago. Lars Ryefalk were coming over from Denmark on the ferry when he quoted a closet Insignia, which is a bit odd given that the car has been out for a long time now.
When Lars looked into the car he saw the Opel-wheel first, but then thought that the interior looked “Saab” out. A few quick pictures with mobile camera, then it was time to run out of the ferry. Lars waiting to hear what engine it was in the car, but “Insignian” refused to start and therefore it was not possible to determine whether it was gasoline or diesel. Lars thought that backdoor makers saw joins out and wonder if it can be a Saab-chassis hiding behind Insignia-chariot? Maybe!


Saab 9-4x Interior Spyshot

Our mates at Auto Motor and Sport in Sweden have picked up some more Saab 9-4x spyphotos.
This time the 9-4x was caught testing somewhere in northern Sweden and it’s almost completely nude – including the inside.
Saab 9-4x testing - interior
I’m diggin this!!
I’m not so hot on the steering wheel or the dial surrounds, but everything else looks very promising. You’ll see on the hi-res version (at AMS, see below) that the materials aroud the center console area look great. It’s quite Saaby, without doubt.
It’s almost got me lusting after an SUV. Almost. I definitely want to drive it.
Go over to Auto Motor and Sport and get a much bigger version of this image. Theirs is a massive 2400px wide. I’ve reduced it to 700px as it’s their image, reproduced with gratitude and their permission.
They’ve also got some exterior shots of the car, but there’s no doubt that this shot is the prize.
There’s a fair possiblity that you’re also looking at what will for the basis of the new Saab 9-5 interior, too. I’d imagine they will theme both of them in a similar manner.
Thanks AMS, and WooDz!
Saab 9-4x testing - front view
Saab 9-4x testing - rear view
Saab 9-4x testing - side view

Spyphotos: 2010 Saab 9-5

A French publication called Autojournal are claiming to have the first pics of the new Saab 9-5 in testing.
Apparently the car was zooming around a facility in Barcelona when these shots were taken.
Now…..if you can tell anything whatsoever from that image, you’re doing better than I am.
Still, if you want to see more, ncluding several different angles, then Autojournal is the place to go.
Thanks Tobias!

Saab 9-3 spyshots appear

As has been mentioned a few times already, Saab had the 9-3x out for a photoshoot in the last few weeks and sure enough, Djup Strupe has come through with some albeit lo-res goods.
Here’s the car. Click to enlarge:

As you can see, it seems to have all the things we’ve mentioned here in the past: The riased stance, the cladding all round, the scuff plating front and rear, the roof rails.
The only difference that I can see is the set of wheels they’ve put on this one, which seem to be a new split 10-spoke wheel on this model vs the silver Turbo X alloys they had on the model shown in Germany.
For our previous intel and spyshots of this car, click here.
I just hope they market the crap out of this one as being the anti-SUV. Or can they not do that with a 9-4x in the pipeline?

First spyshots: Saab 9-3x

Djup Strupe has been busy in the darkroom developing these shots of the coming Saab 9-3x (with a glimpse of the production version 9-4x thrown in as well).
These photos look like they’ve been taken from a video screen, hence the grainy and unsaturated nature of the shots. Consequently we get an impression of what they look like here, but not the level of detail required to say we’re seeing everything.
Click to enlarge and enjoy!
Saab 9-3x
Saab 9-3x
Saab 9-3x
Saab 9-3x
For those who are unfamiliar with this future model, the car is being referred to for the time being as the Saab 9-3x. Saab showed a concept car with the same name around 7 years ago, but this car is no relation to that concept.
The Saab 9-3x seen here is what you might consider as a Saab response to an Audi Allroad or a Subaru wagon. It’s raised by approx 30mm, is fitted with Saab’s groundbreaking Cross Wheel Drive (XWD) as well as some scuff plating at the front and rear, twin exhaust, some cladding on the sides and some bling here and there.
Whilst the earlier mail had the car debuting in London this month (July 08), recent speculation from Auto Motor and Sport in Sweden has the car showing at the Paris Motor Show in October.
Thanks to kdsaab in comments, and for those interested in more spypics, Los Jalopniks have a pic of the 9-4x that GM boss Slick Rick Wagoner produced today. Click here to check it out in all it’s fuzzy glory.
If the 9-3x is coming in Paris in October and the 9-5 is coming at Geneva in March, that must leave the Detroit show open for the 9-4x in January.

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