Saab 9-5 wagon sneak-peek from Geneva

he he…..
From the Auto Motor and Sport video interview with Victor Muller, we get a sneaky peek of the new Saab 9-5 wagon.
It was only up there for a second, but when you’ve got a pause button then a second is more than enough.
I think someone might be working on changing the slideshow fairly quickly 🙂
BTW – that’s not the first time we’ve seen that image. The first time was here.
Well spotted, Erik!

Monday Snippets – NO edition

It’s been a holiday here today. Regatta Day.
For the first time in about 4 years I’ve actually got to sit down and watch the Superbowl. Congratulations to New Orleans on a tenacious win. Payton Manning’s body language in the 3rd gave it all away, didn’t it?
UPDATE: No urgency to this report. It’s from February 7 last year (d’oh!)
The Saab 9-4x has been caught doing some snowy testing once again. I don’t know about you but I’m becoming much more open to the Saab SUV idea. I mean, I liked this car when I first saw it in Detroit back in 2008, but I’m becoming more accepting of the idea of one of these eventually being parked in my driveway.
Maybe I’m getting older or something, but that’s a foxy looking vehicle.
Don’t believe the engine talk in the article. This SUV will come with the same engines as the Caddy SRX, that is a 3.0 litre normally aspirated six (said to be a bit anemic) and the 2.8T V6 (said to be quite good in this car).
All I hope is that it’s significantly lighter than the Caddy as that will improve the driving experience no end from what I’ve read so far.
There are some awesome photos of the Thailand Saab Support Convoy here.
These guys seem to love their Saab 9000s.
And whilst we’re talking photos, here’s a 99 rally vehicle I’d not seen before, on Flickr and posted by Mattijs
Saab 900 wins the latest instalment of the 24 hours of LeMons as covered by Jalopnik. Simply awesome.
I noted last night that these guys were the overnight leaders and it’s good to see they survived all the lead changes to hold on today.
Thanks Ted for the heads up!

Saabs still out being tested

These shots are interesting.
They came via Markus, who writes:

Spotted 3 testmules one hour ago at the Port of Kiel. That’s were the Ferry goes to Gothenburg. It was a 9-5, an Insignia with the dashboard of the 9-5 and an Opel Astra with a saablike dasboard. Couldn’t get the interior shot because the driver was coming back to his truck. But the shape seems like the dash of the 9-5. So could this Astra be the first future 9-3 mule?

An here are the shots. I’m really not sure how far along they’d be with 9-3 platform engineering, but you never know….

Saab 9-5 wagon spyshots – in black or not-so-black

Two more publications are coming out with images of the Saab 9-5 wagon being tested in various parts of the world.

Auto Motor and Sport has one in predominant black:


……and Auto Evolution has one with a lot more chequers on it:


Both of those links feature multiple photos for you to dissect.


Auto Motor and Sport also have a pretty good article today on the dilemma facing Saab and the Swedish government. Another great piece of work by Pär Brandt.

Anyone got a graphic of Maud Olofsson pulling a rabbit out of a magic hat?

Thanks to Oddjob for the 9-5 image links!

Saab 9-5 SportCombi caught in testing

It’s got to see some normality happening in the eye of the storm.
Not only will the new Saab 9-5 still be shown at the New England Auto Show next week, but the big-back version of the car is out and about in testing, as spied by Hans Lehmann and posted on
There are three more shots at that link, so go and check them out. It’s an interesting choice of camo locations, too, I have to say.
Of course, I feel compelled to see their spyshot and then raise them an official CGI:

Saab 9-4x still getting tested have just published photos – recently snapped – of the Saab 9-4x getting trailered somewhere for testing.
Many have noticed that it’s been quiet on the 9-4x front lately. Hopefully these couple of photos are an indication that things are indeed still in motion with the Saab 9-4x.
There are a few more photos at the link, above.
When i asked the Saab people at Frankfurt about it, they mentioned that it is still all-systems-go for this vehicle. The reason for the quietness is because there’s nothing new to see or to talk about. We’ve seen the concept, which is basically very similar to the production vehicle, and we know it’ll be part of the four-cars-in-18-months timetable.

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