UPDATE! Hi-RES: SAAB 9-3 STCC Racing on Mantorp


Video filmed from a Sony Z Ultra with a iPhone 6. Video by SVT

Right now the 2nd round of the STCC series is on Mantorp Park Raceway. Björn Wirdheim had been in 3rd the whole heat. In the last corner comes the attack on the Seat. The race tonight can be seen on SVT Play live on the web. Not shure if you guys outside sweden can see this.

Saabsunited has a proud heritage in rally and racing and will follow the series this season. At least one race will be covered by me. Yes I will wear my Saabsunited Historic Rally Team jacket. GOOD luck 🍀 Björn and the other Saab drivers.

First WIN ever for a SAAB 9-3 Racing car in Swedish STCC Series


SU has written articles on the two teams racing Saab 9-3 STCC cars in the STCC Racing Series here in Sweden. Yesterday Daniel Haglöf who is not only the driver parallell to Emma Kimilänen in the PWR team but now also the team manager after that Peter “Poker” Wallenberg has stepped back. Peter is still with the team that bears his name. Daniel managed to make a dual Saab win with Göransson from the Tidö Team in second place.

This is the most important SAAB Racing victory in a very long time! Great work in the PWR Team. Congratulations! – Jörgen Trued

Thus putting the Cyan Volvo of Thed Björk in third position. But it was really close racing for that third place and if the race would have been one more lap I am convinced that the other PWR driver Finnish driver Emma Kimiläinen would have made it a trip Saab win. Let hope for that in the near future. Lets hope Daniel puts SaabsUnited on the VIP list at PWR for next season so we can do even more and in depth stories about the team and its success.



SAABs in Motorsport 2014

Photo: Team Per Eklund Motorsport

In the last two weeks, agreements have become clear that means we will see SAABs in two different motorsport championships.

The first announcement came early in April, then it become clear that the Swedish driver Ramona Karlsson will be driving for Team Per Eklund Motorsport in this years FIA World Rallycross Champrionship (World RX). THis is the first female driver in the Supercar class, and at this moment it’s decided that she will drive 7 of 12 rounds. She will of course be at the start line in Höljes (Sweden) the first weekend in July, and the work is in progress for that she maybe can drive more then the 7 rounds that already decided. Henning Solberg from Norway is the secound driver in Team Per Eklund Motorsport.

The Supercar class is the most extreme class in Rallycross, cars have a 1.6- or a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with around 600hp. All engines that the original vehicle manufacturer has delivered in the actual model can be used as a base for building a supercar-engine, there is no standard engine in this class that everyone has to use. The car goes from 0-100 in around 2 seconds, and of course they have all-wheel drive and a sequential manual gearbox. Every car in the 2.0-litre class have to at least weight 1320kg including the driver.

Daniel Haglöf, STCC Göteborg 20130629
Photo: PWR Racing Team

This week it also become clear that NEVS initiates collaboration with PWR Racing Team in the STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship). In a press release the team manager at PWR, Daniel Haglöf, says “- I am absolutely delighted that we have been chosen to run the 9-3 and represent Nevs in STCC. We both have a vision for collaboration and a shared vision of what we expect in the season.” The other owner of PWR Racing Team, Peter “Poker” Wallenberg jr, is also enthusiastic about this; “- Both Nevs and PWR are young company and we now want to help each other grow.”

Presentation of who’s going to drive the cars will be later in April.
“- It is an interesting driver line-up, this much I can say, and one of the reasons why we want to be involved in this venture, says Jonas Hernqvist, sales and marketing director at NEVS.”



Personally I think it’s exciting that NEVS choose to corporate with a motorsport team, but probably we can’t expect it to be like the time with the factory-team (where Per Eklund had great success in the 70’s), but a cooperation is good, and obviously a great way for NEVS to show up.

Saab touring car program put on ice

This is a project that’s been on the burner for a few years now. Unfortunately, those involved have been defeated by some prospective rule changes in 2012 that make the build inviable.

The Saab Dealer Team has decided to close down their planned programme for the Swedish Touring Car Championship.

“We are closing it down, there will not be anything of it,” said team boss Jan Warnestad to vf.se.

The team has completed a test program with a S2000 specification Saab 9-3, powered by a bio-gas engine. The plan was initially for the team to join the STCC for a full season in 2009, plans that has been postponed several times.

“The regulations makes it hard. It does not look like we are going to make it. You’ll never know what happens in the future, but as things are now we are closing it down,” said Warnestad.

That text and the following video are both provided by Touring Car Times.



I feel terrible for these guys. It’s been a long process for them and as you see in the video, they had made great strides.

It’s ironic that they’re being forced out by rule changes as Saab themselves suffered from this on several occasions. In fact, the original Saab Sonett was destined for racing until rule changes stopped all chance of production in significant numbers.

Biogas Saab prepared for Swedish Touring Car Championship

Bilsport and AMS are both reporting on a Saab 9-3 being prepared for the next Swedish Touring Car Championship.
This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this car, however. It’s actually been in development for a few years and was shown at the Saab Museum back in February 2009 with an intent to run in the 2009 STCC series. My guess is that Saab’s uncertain fate in 2009 caused them to hit the brakes on that effort.
Initially running as a Saab BioPower vehicle, the car has now been re-engineered to run on Biogas.
From Auto Motor and Sport (Googletrans):

Now the gas as a propellant entrance Touring Car racing. Saab set up a biogas-powered 9-3 in Gothenburg City Race in June, and tomorrow (Thursday), the racing car is on display at the Gothenburg Motorshow.
“This is a Swedish product of Swedish subcontractors in both software and hardware. The engine was developed in cooperation with Saab Powertrain and BRC Sweden. Saab’s original parts have been used as far as possible”, says Mr Jan Warnestad, coordinator of the Dealer Sports team, based in Karlstad where they developed the concept.
Saab 9-3 Concept Biogas has a two-liter turbo engine which is designed according to the 2000 Super Touring Car and the biogas regulations. It was shown two years ago at Mantorp Park, but then with an ethanol engine. Gas-fueled cars has grown by Dealer Sports to now be ready to run the STCC.
The car is ready to run STCC this year. Dealer Sports, Saab Performance and FordonsGas have a common goal to get it to start already in STCC’s City Race in Gothenburg 4-5 June.

It seems they’re still searching for more funding and support, so anyone in a position to assist should get in touch with them via their website at saabperformance.se (in both Swedish and English). After a few setbacks, it’d be great to see them get this car up and ready for the championship this time.
As mentioned in the article linked, above, the car will be on display at the Gothenburg Auto Show from tomorrow.
There is also video of a testing lap. Looks quick!

ex-Saab engineers power Volvo C30 racer

It seems Volvo Motorsport are teaming up with AVL to develop their race car for the Swedish Touring Car Championship in 2009.
AVL are a global engineering company based in Graz, Austria.
In October 2008, GM Powertrain Europe sold it’s facilities in Södertälje to AVL. The sale included the site, the buildings and the employees working there. These guys were working on the next generation of biofuel and turbocharged four cylinder engines for GM Powertrain Europe, work which moved to Trollhattan after the sale.
Now, less than a year later, they’re advancing development of a Volvo C30 biofuel race car.
The Googletrans from Polestar:

Volvo Motorsport Division and AVL have recently entered into a partnership based around Volvo STCC projects. The cooperation covers the 2009 season and is based both on technical and commercial elements.
……Our goal is not only to win the STCC but also to develop our C30 DRIVE racing the world’s best racing cars in the FIA’s Super 2000 regulations. It is AVL with their skills and their products [who are] an ideal partner for us and our ambitions,” says Derek Crabb, Motorsport Director of Volvo Car Corporation.
AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development of combustion engines and transmissions. The company was founded in 1948 and is based in Graz, Austria. AVL develops and sells advanced measurement and analytical equipment to the automotive industry. The group consists of nearly 5000 employees as part of a global network of development and test resources.
Operations in Sweden include the testing of engines, vehicles and gearboxes, south of Stockholm and Södertälje.
With a position at the forefront of engine development AVL has a long tradition of cooperating with and helping racing teams to success worldwide, especially in Formula 1.

It’s a little sad to see what are essentially ex-Saab guys working with the other side, but I hope they go well and the car comes in a very close second to the Saab Performance 9-3 in the STCC this year.
I’m sure there’ll be plenty of friendly banter and backslapping in the pits, whichever way the results go.
Thanks Jörgen!!!

Saab 9-3 closer to entering Swedish race series

Auto Motor and Sport have an update on the effort to get a Saab 9-3 vehicle ready for the 2010 Swedish Touring Car Championship.
It looks like the team is called Saab Performance and is owned by a guy named Jan Warnestad. They did some testing last year at Saab’s own track in Trollhattan, but the project may have slowed after that due to uncertainty about Saab’s situation.
It seems they’re back on track now (literally) with a testing session held recently where they completed 96 laps at GellerĂĄsen.
Apparently all went well, with the team learning a lot about how they can improve the car, as well as setting a lap time that would have got them qualified in 12th place in the last STCC race held at that particular track.
Swedes should click through to AMS and read the original article.
In fact, all though click through to AMS, so you can watch the in-car video of the car in testing!
Good luck to these guys. I hope we can see them on the tarmac next year.
Thanks Dippen!

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