Quick note about stickers

We have nearly caught up with all the orders that arrive every minute in our house. The kitchen table looks like a mess but its organised, we think.

New orders
We are very happy to take any order that arrives at the house but if you want your sticker by Saturday, we think, due the postage times, there needs to be dead lines.

The last orders for the World outside Europe needs to be made by Monday 12pm (UK time)
The last orders for all of Europe need to be by Tuesday 12pm.
England can be Wednesday.

I have 40 unpaid invoices here waiting to be done. If one is yours can you check it over. If you have decided that you dont want the stickers, please email me, [email protected] and I’ll cancel the invoice.

Bulk orders, for clubs etc. I have done all the orders I have here, If you have not had an invoice please can you also get in touch just incase I’ve missed you.

I’m really looking forward to next weekend. I’ll be at Yelverton in Devon, UK with over 30 other Saabs.

Simons ready,

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