Update from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team

Saabs United Historic Rally TeamIt’s been a big week for the Saabs United Historic Rally Team and there’s been plenty of new stories on the SUHRT website.

The big story of the week has been the Swedish press picking up on the fact that Vladimir Antonov will be driving for the team in the #2 car in the Midnight Sun Rally. TTELA featured the story and I think a few of the Stockholm papers ran it as well.

I’m going to be there in Trollhattan when the rally guys hit town on the first night and I can’t wait to see the cars, as well as the drivers and navigators.

The other posts in the last week include:

  • Our premiere sponsor – Mellowood Medical
  • Our #2 car is going green!
  • Our new rally clutch arrives
  • Preparations for the new paint on car #2
  • Interior works on Car #1 (including a good look over the re-vamped dash)
  • Mixing our Marble White paint for Car #2

Make sure you head on over to the Saabs United Historic Rally Team website and check it all out.

The Midnight Sun rally is now less than two months away!

Thanks to Justyn for the Antonov link!

Saabs United Historic Rally Team Premier Sponsor – Mellowood Medical

This is a pretty important post, even if it doesn’t concern Saab news.
It’s important that I give a shout out and a big round of thanks to this company – Mellowood Medical – for jumping on board and providing support to the rally team that bears this website’s name.
I’m even more chuffed because the guy behind the company is someone who freuqents, and contributes to, this website. I’ll leave his nom-de-blog out of this piece as I don’t have clearance to make that disclosure. But his belief and interest in the effort means that we’re better placed to get two Saab 99 Turbos into the rally field, and that’s why Mellowood Medical’s support is being acknowledged publicly here.
As Jorgen said on the SUHRT website…… just like the little fella in Mellowood Medical’s logo, only one car can finish first (normally). We aim to have that car on our team.

Mellowood Medical is a global purveyor of clinic management software for reproductive clinics (those that specialize in In Vitro Fertilization) – with the largest installed user base in the English speaking world. The company is based in Toronto, Canada, but has offices in various countries all around the world.
MellowoodMedicalLogoSUHRT Our product, IDEAS (Infertility Database Embryology Andrology System) is available in 4 languages at 80 clinics including: The world’s first successful IVF birth unit, Bourn Hall; the first clinic in Canada (IVF Canada) and 2 US ‘Top 10’ Medical Centers – Yale and UCSF.
Why sponsor ‘SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team’?
Well, in addition to the fact that the Company President, Mark Marcon, is in ever-lasting bliss with his Saab Turbo X, we believe in the ‘Saab Spirit’ – in its Renaissance especially – and we believe it’s in keeping with the branding, style and niche excellence that Mellowood has conscientiously and consistently put front-and-center (and plans to expand upon).
Some geography at play: Mellowood Medical recently established our first clinic in Norway [IVF Hausken] and we are preparing to push deeper into the Nordic and Scandinavian markets. We can’t think of a more exciting ‘vehicle’ to put one’s advertising Kroner towards. We’re sure our clients – and us too – will get a kick out of following the progress of J

Vladimir Antonov to drive SUHRT #2 car at Midnight Sun Rally

I was going to wait a little longer to confirm, but it seems to be out there on the internets now……
The Saabs United Historic Rally Team is pleased to announce that Vladimir Antonov has accepted an invitation to drive our #2 car for the 2010 Midnight Sun Rally in Sweden!
vladimir_antonov_spyker.jpgAntonov is the former part-owner and board member of Spyker Cars NV who, in controversial circumstances, rescinded his ownership stake in order to facilitate the sale of Saab from General Motors to Spyker Cars.
Antonov is also the Chairman of the Snoras Bank supervisory board and the largest shareholder in Snoras Bank, who are big sponsors of the Spyker Squadron motorsport team.
Antonov is, of course, a very curious figure in the emerging Saab landscape with an obvious passion for the company. It’s going to be great to see him flying around the forests of Sweden in our white Saab 99 Turbo, based on Per Eklund’s early Saab Turbo rally cars.
That car is still under construction in Stockholm, but should be ready very soon.

Saabs United Historic Rally Team update – and competition!!

I’ve just been very busy posting some updates to our Saabs United Historic Rally Team home page.
What, you didn’t know that there was a Saabs United Historic Rally Team?! Well, there is, and our two Saab 99 Turbos will be running in the 2010 Rally to the Midnight Sun in just a matter of months from now.
Car #1 is now looking absolutely fantastic with its shiny black paint and rally livery. The guys are finishing off the body work now and soon the engine will be ready to go in.
Here’s some of the recent postings and videos from the SUHRT website:

And now to our competition!!!!
Watch the video and J

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