Saab Swedish sales data – April 2011

Now we have the proof. 4 weeks of no production have an effect on the number of sold cars.

Sweden has sold in April 2011 only 560 cars. It is still more than in 2010, where Saab sold 528, but compared to the almost 900 of last month it is a low value.

YTD Saab has sold 2.626 cars, compared to 1.648 last year it is an increase of almost 60%.
For an increase of 100% over the last year Saab should have sold about 1.200 cars.

The split is:
April: 433 (330 in 2010)
YTD: 2033 (991 in 2010)

April: 128 (198 in 2010)
YTD: 593 (657 in 2010)

Safe to buy a Saab in Sweden

Vi Bilägare today posted a summary of the potential pitfalls of buying a Saab in case the sky is falling.

First up they cover the warranties:

The warranty is a contract between the buyer and the resaler. This is entirely independent on whether Saab continues its existance or not.

Second issue is spare parts:

Among the most important assets that will befall the government should Saab not be able to repay the EIB loan is the spare parts business supplying parts to the 1.5 million Saabs rolling around all over the world. It will remain a profitable business for at least ten years, which translates to good availiability of parts for the consumer

The third issue discussed is the second hand value:

For Swedish business customers, this has been solved by the dealers who now guarantee the residual values. For private buyers there exists no such guarantee. But we must keep in mind that it was the OG 9-5, a completely outdated model that was struck the hardest during last years residual value turbulence. The residual values of the new 9-5, especially the new combi shipping this summer, will most likely stand more firm in a worst case scenario.

So, in conclusion: If you really want to make sure you have everything covered, then just buy an extra Saab.

“It was because of Saab” – Rob and Leah

A weekly feature where we invite you the SU readers to tell us your stories.

A story about how you met your partner or lifelong friend– was it because of Saab? If you can think of anything that happened in your life because of Saab, we want to hear about it.

If you have a story you would like to tell, email it to the SU crew for publication. Send a few pictures along and we will publish it so the whole SaabsUnited community can have a read.

This weeks story comes from Rob and Leah.

Read more“It was because of Saab” – Rob and Leah

Saab Swedish sales data – March 2011

The sales data for Saab in the Swedish market are out.

Saab sold in March 888 cars (388 in March 2010)

Those can be splited in 708 9-3 (6th this month, 7th YTD) up from 224 in March. 2010 and 180 9-5 up from 164 in March 2010.

The 9-3 is going strong, and when the first SC < 119g hit the market it will be able to reach the 1000 units. The 9-5 is doing well, but it needs the SC to really be able to sell more units. The 9-3 TTiD SS sub 120g was sold 222 times in March, which means the 12th most sold "green" car in Sweden. Saab was able to sell more TTiD SS sub 120g than E85 models this month.

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