3rd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, a great success.

We had a great email from Dimitri and Fred about the weekends Saab meet in Le Côty, Switzerland. It certainly looks like it was a very enjoyable weekend and a great success.

On Saturday morning our neighbour came with his tractor to put the snow away just before we hear the nice sound of a Saab 900 Turbo 16, some northern french arrived in a yellow 900 Aero. At 11 am and since then a regularly flow of Saab from France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium and even Sweden came in.
The nice Swedish red 900 Aero didn’t come directly from Sweden, our great and famous friend Lennart, THE Sonett specialist came with it from the Geneva Lake area.

Thanks to our sponsors (Hirsch Performance, Saab Parts AB, Garage Asticher, Atlas Editions and Dimini.ch) we could give a nice welcome package to each participant !

Read more3rd Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, a great success.

Saab meeting in Buchs, Switzerland

Today a Saab group from Buchs in Switzerland held their “1st Remember SAAB Meeting” in Switzerland.

Approx 22 cars from 1968 to 2012 met today in Buchs/AG, Switzerland.

The SAAB Fans from Switzerland think on all of the SAAB employees and hope for a good and long term solution for SAAB with Victor Muller as CEO.

Hopefully you can place this picture on your homepage. Attached some photos.

Best regards,


A few more pictures can be found here,

Geneva Show cars to go on roadshow

Greetings from Geneva!! It’s a little chilly, but I was still able to wear my shorts 🙂

I can’t do a Googletrans on the website, but i-love-saab.ch has been established and the cars that go on show at Geneva will be touring Switzerland just after the show finishes.

The Saab Design concept won’t be making the rounds, so you’ll have to attend the Geneva show to see that in person this month.

The cars that will be making the rounds include the Saab 9-5 SportCombi and of course, the 9-5 sedan, the Saab 9-4x, the Saab 9-3 Griffin and the Saab 9-3 Independence Edition convertible.

If your in Switzerland (or otherwise nearby), check out the i-love-saab.ch website for the registration form and all the details as to when they’ll be near you.

Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting – January 22-23

For the Europeans with a penchant for Saabs ….. and cheese.

Dimini.ch, purveyors of fine Saab models (I’ve still got to order one of those new C900s) are putting together a gathering of a social nature for the Saab aficionado in Le Côty, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

They already have around 60 people attending from a number of countries in Europe. If you’d like to join them, the details are below and you can register online either here or here. There’s also a Facebook page for the event.


Saturday 22 January 2011 :

  • from 11h. lunch-aperitif
  • afternoon, activities according to the weather and to the snow
  • From 18 h. Aperitif followed by the meal cheese fondue Neuchâteloise, Restaurant La Vieille Fontaine, Le Côty, CH-2058 Le Pâquier

Sunday 23 January 2011:

  • from 10 h. Brunch at the restaurant La Vieille Fontaine

Costs : Saturday evening meal CHF. 35.–/€ 27.– , brunch CHF. 25.–/€ 19.–, night in dormitory CHF. 15.–/€ 12.–

Saab 9-5: the lady’s perspective

Time for another impression from a Saab 9-5 buyer.

This one’s a little different in that it’s from a woman named Virginia, who lives in Switzerland. Yes, it’s somewhat a-typical to get a post from the ladies here at SU, but I’m very pleased Virginia’s chosen to write in and share her thoughts.


Dear Swade,

Probably it is not so common – as far I am familiar given my short time with your website – that you receive comment from a female just having joined the Saabists by buying one of the first Virginia Saab 9-5 Saab 9.5 2.0T Aero Turbo4 (polar white, automatic shift, no four wheel drive) in Switzerland. I can confirm that wherever my car seen there are admirers right on the spot. Even when I’m driving, sometimes another car will show up and the driver signals his admiration, of course for the car, not the driver!

I have enjoyed reading the experiences of others who have just bought one of these cars. My decision was taken swiftly when I saw the car for real – I wanted it immediately. I wanted to show confidence in the new Saab Company and I liked the wonderful Swedish Saab design, space and driving qualities and most of all the electronic systems included. Of course the price here in Switzerland is high – especially when I compare it to the one in the States – but customary on Swiss terms. And when you weigh what you get then the price is rather inferior!

I got my car on September 3 and I am enjoying it more every day. I like the interior but agree that there is a lot of plastic and the car was only shipped to Switzerland a few days before it got mine. As a woman I have noted that the smell is quite dominant of fresh leather and the plastic in the interior and that it is quite difficult to make it fade away.

So far I have not experienced any complaints except for the door to place things under the panel; it can be a very dangerous construction when you leave it open by error and when you enter the car, it can open your skin at the leg. I have already placed a suggestion on how this can be solved and it was passed on to Sweden, which I think is an excellent service from the dealer Hirsch, Ruckstuhl.

Virginia Saab 9-5

I have always purchased new cars in regard to technological advancement and electronic progress and I was a fan of Saab but in the past I decided for other cars such as RO 80 with rotary Wankel engine. I also had five Renaults, the last one was a Safrane and I had it for 18 years, because I did not find another model giving me the same riding experience and gadgets I like. But the new experience with Saab is making the driving and riding experience an absolute dream and it is with pleasure I will become an absolute enthusiast of Saab and its fan community.

By the way it is the closest experience I have had to my time as a former private pilot and I do like the perfect cockpit of my new Saab!

In addition I bought a slightly used Saab 9-3 Vector Sport BioPower offering also excellent features and driving experience. One can say that Saab attracted me at the first glance and impressed me with all that makes Saab an individual show place but no window dressing.

I am absolutely delighted with the services accompanying my new car and also the total warranty for three years, showing that the company is not only believing to overcome but in for a bright future.

Best wishes from Switzerland and kind regards,


P.S. One picture below shows a 98 yrs. old lady – a friend of my family who I care for – who is proud of my new 9-5 Saab and she can’t get enough rides to enjoy it!

Impressions of IntSaab – Part 2

It’s been a massive couple of months for Saab gatherings. There’s been the Saab Festival, the SOC in the US, the annual SOC gathering in Bath and now this Internation Meeting of Saab Clubs – IntSaab.

This second look at IntSaab comes from of our SU regulars, a bloke by the name of “Me”.


Yes I had my second SAAB festival this year. And I can only say one thing, and let me use the words of Sister Sledge: We are FAMILY !!!

I met Robin as well as some Aussies (see photo) and saw the car from Svizzera. In Interlaken was also an Orange 99 from Russia.

This is my IntSAAB, in pictures:

Yes a 96 still looks good on the street.

But it also did look good in the past 🙂

In Trollhättan the colour was yellow, in Interlaken it is green. Those belong to René Hirsch, but I don’t know if they are original or replicas.


OK, Swade here….

The green Sonett is actually Saab Sonett #4 and it has been through one heck of a wild ride over the years. It was purchased from Saab by an engineer named Sigvard Sorennsson (for 3,000 crowns). He didn’t like the green Sonett body so much, so he removed it and sold it. Over the original Sonett chassis, he built a fibreglass body that was more to his liking, and called it the Facett. It was originally white, then ended up red. It was sold on again and driven for another 22 years, eventually ending up as a garden ornament for the kids to play in, before resting finally in a basement garage.

In the mid 1990’s a German doctor by the name of Klaus Muller-Ott heard about the car and set about buying it and rebuilding it. He even tracked down the original body and eventually restored the entire car.

Today, it belongs to Rene Hirsch, from Hirsch Performance, and they own the Facett body as well. What you see in that picture is both cars together.


Seems like you can meet an Australian everywhere in the world. But he didn’t bring none of his SAAB’s from Oz. 😉

OK, Swade here again.

This is one of those episodes where you realise how small the world can be. The guy in the photo is indeed an Aussie. He lives in Sydney, his name is Simon A and back in 2007, I bought a silver 1985 Saab 900 Aero from him. Simon has one of the sweetest 99Turbo’s you’ll ever see.

Chocolate is the other reason to visit Switzerland. And best of all, you have to drive a curvy road up to the mountain and down to the next valley to get there, and a second time to get back.

Modern cars don’t have bumpers. I’m wondering haw can you attach such a plate on a modern e-car without grill 😉

The encounter of the generations. I like those three faces 🙂

Yes there where also some classic 900 on exposition. And I must admit, this car even looks good as a pick-up.

Back to the more modern cars. The new 9-5 IS a big car, even in comparison with the old one.

Yes, it seems like people where parking besides similar cars.

These two are like Laurel and Hardy (it’s actually Backstrom and Carlsson). They are so funny, and you can listen and listen and listen …..

The Saturday evening has been quite wet, but just before the Meeting ended on Sunday the sun came out. And good looking SAAB’s looked even better.

Well that was my IntSAAB in Pictures. I don’t think I will be travelling to Finland next year. But anybody will find me in Spa, Belgium on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of August 2012. 😉

Have a nice week.

Impressions of IntSaab – part 1

IntSaab was held over the weekend and I’ve received a few photos already, which I’ll split over two different entries.

These first photos are from Christoph Bleile, the PR Manager for Saab Automobile in Switzerland. As you’ll see, the Saab Spirit was alive and well at IntSaab this year.

But first, a quick look around at the scenery, which was …… big.

Some Saab 99’s

OK, to the spirited bit, which is quite nice to hear.

Saab Switzerland decided to raise some money at the event, to donate to a charity that organises holidays for disabled children.

They cleaned out the cellars and sold some old exclusive promotional material to aid the cause. They also sold off this toy Saab, shown here with Saab Switzerland manager, Mario Klaus.

All told, they raised around 4,300CHF, which is just over US$4,000!!

Well done Saab Switzerland and IntSaabers!!

[Unofficial] Swiss pricing for the Saab 9-5

As yet unconfirmed, but pretty solid. Passed on by Djup Strupe and received with thanks.
Here is the unofficial 9-5 pricing for Switzerland. It’s close to German pricing – but as always a little bit higher 🙁
Model Year 2010-1/2
2.0T 220 HP linear
6 speed manual 52500 CHF (XWD 56600 CHF)
6 speed automatic 55500 CHF (XWD 59600 CHF)
2.0T 220 HP vector
6 speed manual 56000 CHF (XWD 60100 CHF)
6 speed automatic 59000 CHF (XWD 63100 CHF)
2.0T 220 HP aero
6 speed manual 65000 CHF (XWD 69600 CHF)
6 speed automatic 68500 CHF (XWD 72600 CHF)
2.8T XWD 300 HP 6 speed automatic 76900 CHF
2.0TiD 160 HP linear
6 speed manual 53500 CHF,
6 speed automatic 56500 CHF
2.0TiD 160 HP vector
6 speed manual 57000 CHF,
6 speed automatic 60000 CHF
All prices incl. 7,6% VAT
Model Year 2011

  • 1.6T 180 HP linear/ vector
  • 2.0T BioPower 220 HP linear/vector/aero
  • 2.0TTiD 190 HP linear/vector/aero
  • 2.0 TTiD 190 HP XWD linear/vector/aero

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