Free postage on T-Shirts for North America

I haven’t written about our little T-shirt shop for a while, but our shirt provider, Spreadshirt, has an offer on for the next week that’s worth writing about.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but there is just a little more than 6 weeks left till Christmas. Don’t panic! That’s just for people who wait until the 23rd to start their gift shopping. Good things come to those who wait plan accordingly. So, if you are already thinking about the right gift for your gift list: this free shipping promotion is a great way to start!

Order from our wide selection of gift ideas before November 14th and enter the coupon code SHOPEARLYUS (or CADSHOPEARLY for Canada) when going through checkout.

Of course, if no-one else in your family is thinking of a Saab T-Shirt for you, you might want to email this post to them (see sharing options below).

Ivan’s got plenty of great designs at the shop and you can use the SU DIY Shop to customise your shirt in any number of ways.

Saab Turbo Shirt

Save Saab stuff

I noticed this one on Flickr, uploaded by an account-holder called drivenperfection.
As it happens, there’s a car detailer called Driven Perfection attached to Shaw Saab, in MA. I think that’s more than a coincidence 🙂
I’m not sure if they’re offering these for purchase, but they do look good. There’s a number of different colors at the link.
My partner in T-shirtery, Ivan, has created a bunch of Griffin Up! stuff and placed it in our T-shirt shop.
There’s no margin on any of these – you get them at cost price. We just wanted to make something available for people who might want to wear something to a gathering (not sure if deliveries would arrive by January 17th).
Griffin up touque
These are available in the Euro Shop (both pre-form and DIY) bit not in the US shop at this time.
….And a guy named Josh M runs a T-shirt store of his own and has created a “God Save The Swedes” shirt, shown below. Just FYI.
And don’t forget the Saab Saab image that can be used for signs, available on Flickr.
Save Saab

15% off T-Shirts – Euro shop only

Today is the 23rd, so it’s the last day for this discount!!
Ivan’s been hard at work whipping up some new T-shirt designs and for the next few days, you can benefit by getting 15% off the price!
The discount will remain in effect through November 23, so if your family members are a little stuck for ideas on what to get you for Christmas, maybe you should leave the computer open at the Saab Design Shop page and a Post-It note with the discount code nearby.
NOTE: At this point, I believe it’s only our European shop that’s offering this discount. Other shoppers might like to try the discount code at the US shop to see if it works, but I don’t think it will work there.
The discount code is NOVEMBERSALE. Enter that code when you check out and the 15% discount will be applied. The discount is applicable to all items in the shop, but will most likely not apply to shipping.
Link to: European standard shop (choose from pre-formatted items)
Link To: European custom shop (pick your garment and design)
Some of the new designs include the Saab 9-3x, the new Saab 9-5, and the Saab 9-4x:
Saab T-shirt
Saab T-shirt
Saab T-shirt
Other new designs include an old-skool Turbo badge and the fantastic Viggen emblem, both in silhouette and in full color:
Saab T-shirt
Saab T-shirt
Saab T-shirt
Finally, we also have our full range of old-school style Saab outlines that cover a range of favourite Saab models, old and new.
Saab T-shirt
If you want your shirts simple (and a little bit cheaper) then head for the Euro pre-formatted shop where we’ve selected a number of popular design and garment combinations for you.
If you want full control over your shirt, head to the Euro DIY custom shop, where you have full control over the garment and design combination, as well as the size, color and positioning of the design you choose. You can even add multiple designs and custom text!
Remember – the 15% discount ends November 23rd and the coupon code to enter is NOVEMBERSALE when you check out.

KoenigSaab T-shirts out now!!

Ivan and I are proud to announce the latest addition to the Saab Design Shop….
The KoenigSaab T-Shirt.
The announcement isn’t final just yet, but Saab are coming home and to celebrate, Ivan’s put together this great Koenigsegg-Saab design – you could call it Saab’s first hybrid!
Koenigsaab T-shirt
That rendering isn’t quite as sharp as the real thing, but you get the idea.
Below is just one of the pre-formatted shirt/design combinations that Ivan’s put together.
Koenigsaab Tshirt
Of course, the fun option involves the Do It Youself shop, where you can pick the shirt you want and combine it with the design, positioning and even extra text.
Koenigsaab T-Shirt
You can even adjust the colors of the K-Saab design and do a black and white version if you like
KoenigSaab T-Shirt
We have pre-formatted and DIY shops in both Europe and the US and the KoenigSaab design is available in both.
European Shops:

US (and Asia) Shops:

Our shirts are made by Spreadshirt and are great quality products. Both the garments and the prints are long-lasting.
Get ’em while they’re hot!

Custom Saab Badges

As you may know, I partnered up with a Viggen-owning mate in Hungary named Ivan to produce the Saab Design Shop, where we see some very groovy Saab T-shirts (new editions just approved and coming soon!).
What you may not know is that Ivan also makes custom Saab badges. He’s been doing it for over 18 months now and in that time, the badges have proven themselves weather-proof, carwash-proof and you-name-it-proof.
The badges are made from an ABS/acrylic based “sandwich” substrate that is micro-laminated with an automative industry grade metallic like surface. Both matte silver and a brushed aluminium surface (which is more popular) are available. All badges are precision laser cut from graphic designs that Ivan does himself.
There are two type of badges available:

  • 3D: 1.6 mm, real 3D object, like the factory badges/emblems, suitable for slightly curved surface
  • sticker: 0.5 mm, sticker-like, suitable for medium curved surface, however, more rigid than paper based stickers.

The beauty of this is that the sky’s the limit with what you can design. Ivan has done all sorts of custom designs for people. He has some standard badges that are readily available, too.
If you want to contact Ivan about any of these badges, or to get your own badge custom designed, you can email him at
Here’s some of the things that have been done so far.
The previous post on this site featured the famous “Made in Trollhattan by Trolls” sticker. This is a badge version on the same theme.

The classic Griifins, made in mirror fashion so that they can go on the wings of your car and both face the same way. The most popular seller.
Custom Saab Badges
The standing moose in brushed aluminium finish.
Custom Saab Badges

Read moreCustom Saab Badges

Saab Disagrees T-Shirts

I thought I’d just give you a heads-up about these latest additions to the Saab Design T-Shirt Shop that Ivan and I run through the site.
These shirts are based on an old Saab promotional video. I think it was from the 1980s (I’ve lost the link) but it featured some great lines that were very independent minded and very Saabish.
We’ve chosen one of those lines for this particular T-Shirt design.

Conventional wisdom measures performance by the single dimension of speed. Saab disagrees.

It’s available in two formats, with the message all on the front, or the message split between the front and the back.
The shirt is only available through the US-based stores, which everyone can order from.
You can get it either pre-formatted in one our chosen design combinations, or you can go to the DIY store and set it up exactly as you want.
What are you waiting for??!

New Saab T-shirts online

I just thought I’d give you a quick heads-up to some new shorts that we’ve put in the US Saab design shop.
Inspired by the recent “Saab Disagrees” post I put up here, we’ve decided to turn the original campaign into a retro Saab T-shirt for those who might be interested.
By using the DIY Saab Design Shop, you can choose your own garment and color scheme. Here’s a look at it on a standard black T-shirt, with the lettering in silver (reminiscent of the ad itself).
As mentioned, this shirt is only available in the US version of our Saab Design Shops. The standard shop has several pre-formatted designs, or you can use the Do-It-Yourself shop and customise it to your hearts desire.

New “Save Our Saab” T-Shirts

Ivan’s been busy playing around in our Saab Design T-Shirt Shop and he’s created a little something to spread the Reconstruction Spirit of positivity and independence.
Here are the two new designs, specially formulated to be worn at a Trade Union rally that might be held in your immediate area (or just to bolster some community spirit for Saab, as well).
We normally have a small margin on T-Shirts sold through the Saab Design Shop, but in order to get as many of these out into the public as possible, we’ve eliminated the margin completely. The only people getting paid for these puppies are our T-Shirt producers, Spreadshirt.
And remember, if you order before the end of February, you can get 15% off, too (see that link for the code you need to claim the discount.)
This is the one I’ve just made up, a ladies T-shirt, size M, in a nice slimming black. It’s being dispatched to the Swedsh Ministry of Enterprise.

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