The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 3

If you come all the way from Taiwan to Central Europe and someone handed you a car like the 9-5 Hirsch Performance where would you go? Of course the Green Hell is the place to experience the abilities of the car. And it looks like they enjoyed it: “Simply put, it’s dynamic performance on the track, makes you forget that it is absolutely up to five meters in a cart, and dynamic performance in the Sports mode, the performance is also hot”. The full story can be found on

Here’s the video they shot on the track.

Click if you missed Part 1 or Part 2.

Image and video courtesy of sniper.liao/

The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 2

In the second part of his story sniper.liao writes about the parts that Hirsch has added to the 9-5 and how they work. What is really worth a look are the photos they took, most likely still in Switzerland. The full story can be found on (English translation).

Read moreThe Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 2

The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 1

A few weeks ago three guys from the Taiwanese website visited Hirsch in Sankt Gallen. Sniper.Liao took lots of pictures and videos and made an extensive reportage about the company and the 9-5 Hirsch Performance they borrowed for a few days to experience the car on their own.

You can read the full story here – of course is in Chinese but a googletrans gives you at least an impression on how much they liked it. Maybe the most interesting feature in this article is the interview video, which is in English.

Image and video courtesy of sniper.liao/

Saab Club Taiwan end of year celebration

One of the great things about the Saab Support Convoys back in January last year (was it really one year ago????) was the fact that you got to see people supporting Saab in countries that you may never have thought had a significant Saab following.

The amount of support coming out of Asia was a real eye-opener for me and one of the great expressions of support came from Taiwan, where they assembled a massive 180 vehicles for a heartwarming Saab Support Convoy.

The Saab Club of Taiwan had a gathering on December 31st to see in the new year, with a still-impressive 40 vehicles and around 60 people attending.

Happy New Year to you Saabnuts in Taiwan, and thanks for the photos and video! I hope you all have a wonderful 2011.



Saab Taiwan sponsor Yen-Hsun Lu (Rendy Lu)

I’m so pleased to have some extra international flavour here at SU today. We have a lot of stories that come out of Europe and the US, but it’s great to see some progress and movement in Asia as well.

I’ve just heard that Saab in Taiwan are sponsoring tennis player, Yen-Hsun Lu. Who is he, I hear you ask?

Yen-Hsun Lu, also known in Taiwan as Rendy Lu, put his name up in lights a week or so ago when he triumphed in five sets over Andy Roddick in the fourth round at Wimbledon, progressing to the Quarter Finals where he eventually lost to The Joker.

Saab Taiwan will be sponsoring Lu, providing some cash in his hip pocket and use of a SAAB 93SportCombi 2.0t Linear.

Below are some photos from the sponsorship announcement and there’s also some video (I love this behind the scenes stuff).

Save Saab in Taiwan

I just received these photos via email from a group of Saab lovers in Taiwan. They had a small get together over the weekend and took these photos around midnight on the 10th.
Taiwan is reputed to have a very enthusiastic Saab community. I can remember seeing photos from some time ago of Erik Carlsson doing events there, along with other demonstrations from the Saab Performance Team at different times.
My mates at Maptun tell me that the Saab tuners in Taiwan and other parts of Asia are some of the most passionate (and crazy) when it comes to tuning their cars, too.
So Griffin Up! all you Taiwanese Saabers and thanks for the photos.

Saab 9-5 videos from Taiwan

I have an extremely busy day here in Oz today, but thankfully one of our friends in Taiwan has left us with plenty of links showing the Saab 9-5 in all its Saaby goodness before it’s debut at the motor show there.
These are all Youtube videos ranging from the car being unloaded from the track to some demo’s of various features.
There are 20 videos in total. Yes – 20!!!
Click here for the full list, which is in comments. Below is a sample….
With many many thanks to JogNien for the links and videos.

And in a completely unrelated matter……
Let’s hope the people from the Industry Ministry aren’t stuffing around like their Riksdag counterparts.
Get your gear back on and get to work!!

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