Saab’s technology, top or flop?

After my visit at the IAA I’ve started reviewing some of the press kits the different brands were so keen to distribute among the press people during the press days of the motor show. Too bad I started collecting the press kits on the second day, as many brands ran out of them and the only one I got was a visit card with a web-address to their media site.

But for some of Saab direct competitors I have the information I wanted. No this time I will not talk about the current product portfolio, or about visionary prototypes on the mobility in the future like the VW NILS, this time I will talk about technology other brands will introduce in normal cars in the near future and compare this with announcements Saab has already made about their future plans.

So let us check if Saab can be competitive in terms of technology or not.

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5 Saaby things you can do with Google Chrome

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted; it’s been too long, really.  So, I’m going to keep it light and leave the heavy lifting to Swade and RedJ for now.

I love the internet.  Almost as much as Saab.  Almost.  I’ve also noted on these pages that I am a real fan of the Chrome web browser from Google.  Previously, if you’d asked me why, I would have answered, “Chrome is fast and it takes fewer clicks to navigate.”  Simple.  Those things are still true, but now Google has opened the Chrome Web Store, which is much like an App Store for the iPhone and Android.  Instead, of course, it contains plug-ins and extensions specifically for the Google Chrome browser.  It’s another clear reason to prefer Chrome.

As you may guess, the applications and extensions in the Chrome Web Store are information aggregation applications for the most part — bringing you information in different ways than before.  Harnessing these little applications for your own fun and profit is surprisingly easy and rewarding.

We’ll take a look after the jump….

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Wednesday night Snippets – Saab F1 edition

Did anyone place a bet with Ladbrokes betting agency a few weeks ago when they offered odds on potential Saab buyers?
You’d have got 5-to-1 on a Swedish consortium buying Saab. I think Koenigsegg qualifies to win that bet, despite the Norwegian and US interests. I’d have lost my money if I had placed a bet as I thought Renco would have been GM’s choice, even though they weren’t mine.
Ladbrokes are now offering odds as to whether Saab will enter Formula 1 under Koenigsegg’s ownership before 2013. I think I’d stay away from that one, but you never know.
BTW – it looks like F1 participants are all enjoying a group hug with Bernie again today. Max Mosely is nowhere to be seen, though I’m sure News Of The World will find out how he’s choosing to soothe his separation anxiety.
Thanks Joyrider!
The Saab Newsroom are asking which future Saab you’re most looking forward to.
They talk a little about the showroom of the future, which was viewed by potential buyers. It contained top-secret cars as well as the ones we know about. One of those top-secret cars was a Russelsheim derived model of a future 9-3, though as I understand it, it may not be the final product.
Tesla have received almost half a billion dollars in US tech loans to help them build the Model S four door electric car. The money has to be repaid by 2022.
Call it a matter of national pride, but shouldn’t the Swedish government consider this an incentive to try and help Koenigsegg and Saab build the Quant and beat Tesla at their own electric game?
Personally, I’m not sure the Quant is anywhere near ready enough to come to series production soon, but I’m for helping them try.
Thanks Karen!
Saab social networking?
Our unofficial Saab Ambassador to the UK, Robin M, has recently started up Saab Friends, where you can make new…..Saab Friends and catch up with old or current…..Saab Friends.
It’s only been up for a week and there’s 26 members so far, so you’ll be getting in early. I’m just hopeless with these things and haven’t joined up, though I do intend to. I might wait and see if I can be member #99
From Flickr:

Wednesday Snippets – constipated edition

Follow the links and you might see the reason for the title.
I’m still away with work. When will it end??
Autoblog report that GM are running rabid, making extensive preparations for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The report states that GM could be split into two separate entities; one “new” unit consisting of the General’s successful brands (read: Chevrolet and Cadillac) and an “old” unit made up of its less-profitable endeavors (Hummer, Saab, Pontiac and Saturn).
If the plan is enacted, the all-new GM would assume some of the debt from the bankruptcy (primarily, unsecured debt) and that GM’s bondholders would lose a substantial amount of value if the Chapter 11 filings go through.

I really hope Saab can secure a sale soon and avoid all this mess. I’m not sure how it would effect Saab in its current state, but it doesn’t look like a great thing to be a part of.
Then again, it may be music to a potential Saab investor’s ears.
The Detroit News ponders recent news that people are actually interested in investing in Saab or Opel/Vauxhall. They just don’t seem able to believe it:

The Financial Times again, reports out of Sweden, that Saab has received interest from 20 what it calls “active parties”. No suggestion as to why a company which sold 93,000 vehicles last year, and needs annual sales of 130,000 to break even, would be attractive to investors. A Swedish court Monday gave Saab more time, until May 20, to restructure in bankruptcy.

The reason why is that Saab have new models coming soon, can make money once free from GM and are a freaking cool company. Dig?
I don’t have iPod or phone connectivity in my car, not even a hands-free kit. I don’t have an iPhone, either. in fact, I don’t eve own a phone of my own and probably won’t for years.
Yet somehow this picture seems significant.
From Flickr.

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