Saab amusement park

Teknikens Värld reports that Saab have started planning an amusement park to be completed some time in 2014. The main attraction is a big rollercoaster where the vehicle of choice is of course modelled after the PhoeniX.

Thanks Marcus for the heads-up!

On a more personal note, my wife commented ‘nice’ when I showed her the article (the one above, NTP!). The date however did not impress as much. 🙂

Teknikens Värld takes the 9-3X Griffin out for a spin

The past few days here have had a heavy focus on the business side of Saab. It is only appropriate then to turn our focus back to the cars.

JH gracefully supplied us with the following manually improved googletrans of the original article (also containing 11 pictures worth checking out).

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Read moreTeknikens Värld takes the 9-3X Griffin out for a spin

Saab 9-5 amongst best used car purchases

UPDATE – the perils of working with Googletrans. It seems this report was made by Folksam themselves. It was merely reported by Teknikens Varld. Auto Motor and Sport reported on it too.

This post has been changed to reflect the initial error.


There are a number of companies who measure various automotive metrics and report on them. Depending on the criteria used, these can be good measuring sticks for consumers to evaluate a possible purchase.

Typically, however, those studies only measure one thing – safety, reliability, customer satisfaction, etc.

Folksam, on this occasion, have combined data from annual vehicle inspections with their own safety data to build a list of the best buys in the Swedish second-hand vehicle market.

Data examined was for 395 models manufactured between the 1990s and 2006. To qualify for this “best list”, cars had to have a five-star Euro NCAP rating, the highest scores in “How safe is your car” survey, have an electronic stability control system as standard, whiplash protection, and be at least 25 percent better than the average car in annual car inspection statistics.

Applying that criteria, they slimmed the list from 395 models to just seven.

And the winners are:

Honda Civic (2006)
Lexus IS (2006)
Saab 9-5 (2004-2006)
Toyota Avensis (2005-2006)
Toyota Prius (2004-2006)
Toyota Camry (2001-2003)
Volvo S40/V50 (2004-2006)


A lot of people started panning the Saab 9-5 around that era because it was an old model with no replacement on the near-term horizon.

The good thing about that generation of 9-5, however, is that it was a rock solid car and by this time, it had its bugs ironed out and was fantastic buying. It’s no surprise at all that it would turn up on this list.

Thanks to Johan P for the tip!

Teknikens: Saab Sport in 2015

This is a partial scan from the cover of the latest edition of Teknikens Varld (a Swedish technology magazine).
I’ve only seen a scan of the article in Swedish and I can’t find an online version to translate.
From what I’ve heard (thanks Aero Pilot) and seen briefly in the scan, it looks like Teknikens are claiming a Saab sports car will be built on the bones of a Spyker C8 architecture, aiming at a 2015 introduction.
All the projected stats they claim look pretty similar to the C8 stats, so at first glance (I can’t read the story, remember) it looks like just a new body and interior on a C8 base.
The SU take:
Nice dream, but it seems to me Teknikens are just picking some low hanging fruit for a good story. Saab and Spyker have a lot more important things to worry about and look forward to than this and I’m quite sure they’re pretty focused on those.

Teknikens Varld drive the 2010 Saab 9-5

Yesterday it was Robert Collin from Aftonbladet driving the 2010 Saab 9-5.
Today it’s Tekniken’s Varld. They have a great little slideshow at that link, so make sure you check it out.
Tomorrow? We’ll wait and see, eh?
Here’s the Googletrans, with my usual feeble effort at a tidy up for readability. Corrections in comments, please, and I’ll try to update it as quick as I can (before bedtime, at least)
New Saab 9-5 – direct report from the first test
Test Manager Hans Hedberg is currently in Västergötland. As one of the first Swedish motor journalists, he has received a first tasting of the new Saab 9-5. First impression: Great, Huge, tight and very good.
2010 Saab 9-5 TV.jpg As one of three invited media, Teknikens World test head Hans Hedberg received a test drive in what is perhaps Saab’s most important model to date – New Saab 9-5.
In classic Saab-distances in Västergötland offers Saab on a first sneak peek and test drive of the new 9-5. But it is very secretive. Saab not only want to show the car to the public but the purpose is also to receive feedback so that any changes can be made before the final launch.
The car is still well masked with tape and the interior should certainly not be caught in the picture. So far, we keep the benefits of Hedberg report.
– It is very much Saab-feeling inside. Saab has as usual worked a lot with creating a cockpit feeling, and they have done very well. There is some inspiration from Audi mixed with the functionality from Volvo. For a pre-production car, everything is very well together,” says Hans Hedberg over the phone.
According to Hedberg, the test drive car is one of the best assembled pre-production cars he has ever run. Everything feels tight and electronics working properly. No error messages.
The first impression is short: Huge!
– The back seat is very generous. It may bend a little on the neck to gain entry because of the low roof profile but the place is the back seat class leader, “says Hedberg.
The long car also has a large long travel potential. According to Hedberg is the chassis is well calibrated and precise. The steering is light and not as blunt as is often the case with the sporty competitors.
More information about important new Saab 9-5 is available in the next issue (No. 12) of Teknikens World.
Thanks to all for the corrections!!

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