Saab 9-5: Graeme’s last report.

Saab’s tale of woe in recent months has resembled a horror movie – but it hasn’t spoiled Graeme’s enjoyment of classy saloon.

Life with the Saab has been like a Hollywood movie recently. Not because of anything the 9-5 has done wrong, but because in the past couple of months the firm has experienced more twists, turns and heart-stopping moments than your average box office blockbuster.

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Does stylish Swedish saloon have what it takes to fill the shoes of an old favourite?

Friend and fellow Saab enthusiast, Graeme Lambert, has recently taken delivery of of his latest long term test car and it just happens to be a Saab 9-5 TTiD Aero. As you may know Graeme is a journalist for the British Car Weekly Auto Express. He will be writing about his new Saab on a regular basis and will let us have the links to his latest entries online.

Having recently sold his old 900, the 9-5 fills a huge void in his life. If you couldn’t tell already, Graeme is very excited about the 9-5 as you will see if you pop over to his page at Auto Express.

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