The Truth about Saab

There are certain things in this world that can be regarded as The Truth.
You know The Truth. It’s something that doesn’t need to be sold. It’s the essence of the habitat in which it dwells. It’s the thing that tells you all you need to know about that of which you enquire.
One thing to remember, though, is that The Truth is in the eye of the beholder. What might be The Truth for me may not be The Truth for you, but The Truth is often so good that The Truth for you will at the very least be meaningful and worthy of respect from me.
Radiohead’s OK Computer is critically acclaimed as The Truth in modern music.
My wife’s smile – her real smile, not her photo smile – tells me all I need to know about The Truth in happiness.
Paul Pierce is The Truth in basketball, though Kobe Bryant is without doubt The Truth as well. Two Truths? It can happen. Imagine you get the same story from Reuters and AFP. Both stick to the facts. Both tell the truth, but in slightly different styles. AFP and Reuters. Pierce and Bryant. The Truth.

The Truth About Cars is not The Truth, even though it claims to be.
U2 are not The Truth, but Rattle and Hum was A Moment of Truth.

Some things don’t even need a descriptor to tell you of The Truth they pertain to.
The Porsche 911 is The Truth.
A baby’s smile is The Truth.
Ansel Adams was The Truth.

So what’s The Truth about Saab?

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