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Want to help one of our regulars here at SU?

Phil Lacefield is a young guy who’s entered into Jalopnik’s America’s Next Top Car Blogger competition and you can vote for him simply by clicking this link and reading his article. It’s about Saab and whilst I don’t like the headline (unnecessary negativity) it’s a good read.


One of my mates in England, Mike P, took his 900 out on the weekend for a track day at Mallory Park. Very nice form, Mike.

Saab 900

Unfortunately, the car developed some electrical and fuel problems, shortening their day. Mike ponders if the car would make a good boat anchor, below 🙂

Saab 900


Does anyone visiting here live in the Dallas or Fort Worth area and have a spare garage space I could use for around a month or so?

Just asking…..


We’ve done a little bit on hypermiling and fuel economy in the past. Frankly, it’s not a huge interest of mine as I enjoy the turbo rush a little too much.

Still, for those of you who are interested, this guy got 51mpg (US measurement) from his Saab NG900.

Thanks to Charron for the tip!


As seen at Landvetter airport, Gothenburg, by Henrik….

Saab 9-5 Landvetter


Saab had a big marketing push in Italy last week to promote the new Saab 9-5.

This comprised:
– TV adverts on national channels
– banners on important websites such as
– full pages on national daily newspapers (like the one below).

Saab Italy Advert

The advert says

“those with their roots in the sky, could only create a car out of ordinary. The new 9-5 has arrived and thanks to its innovative solutions and advanced technology it offers a unique driving experience. New SAAB 9-5, drive it with different eyes. Discover it on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd”

I hope the test drives went well!

Thanks to Carlo for the tip!

More pics from SOC2010 Track Day

If you participated in the Saab Owners Convention track day last week, you might want to check out Johnny Del’s Flickr feed and see if your car is amongst the pics there. It’s a great collection and he tells me there’s more to be added some time around mid-week.

If you didn’t participate, then you still might want to check it out, see what you missed, or just dribble on your keyboard whilst you watch some great cars doing just one of the things they were made to do – fun!

Back in Black – Saab 99 Turbo hits the track

If you’ve met an Aussie who is a total Saab nut and you’ve met him outside of Australia, then the chances are high that that particular Saab nut would either be Steve B (known as “sab” on the various internet forums) or the owner of this particular 99 Turbo – Brendan B.
Brendan’s been to the Saab Festival and has got to know many of you through his running of the Saab 99 Register.
A few weekends ago, Brendan got his black 99Turbo out of the shed and took at for a run at Oran Park racetrack as part of a European Performance Car Challenge meeting.
Brendan’s 99 was running in a coupe class and within his class, he ran a very credible third place based on handicap points.

  • Jeff Morton – BMW 135i
  • Mark Croudace – Porsche 986CS
  • Brendan Burdon – Saab 99 Turbo
  • Michael Cousidis – BMW M3 (E46)

He also managed to embarass a few newer and higher rated cars during the session as well.
Brendan’s daily driver is a RenaultSport Clio, which is a pretty quick little hot hatch. Despite being 20-something years older and a fair bit heavier, the Saab 99T was only 5 seconds slower around the park than the Renault, a deficit Bredan reckons could be eradicated with some better brakes, tyres and suspension.
The modifications made to the 99T are mild and are as follows:

  1. Exhaust – Custom 2.5 inch Stainless Steel turbo back exhaust with a straight through muffler.
  2. Gearbox – Custom built 4 speed, basically using all the best bits from a mixture of 99 and C900 gearboxes.
  3. Ignition stystem – Replaced the standard ignition with a MSD 6 BTM and replaced the magnetic sensor in the distributor with an Optical sensor. Also replaced the coil with a Crane PS91 coil and am now using Iridium spark plugs.

He says:

The Ignition would have to be the single best mod I’ve see done. Improved the fuel efficency for around town driving and have more power through the whole rev range.

To put the 1:38 best lap time Brendan managed into perspective – he was keeping up with an R32 Golf at 200 km/h on the back straight and managed to totally embarass a BMW E30 325iS, which could only managed a 1:52, a full 14 seconds per lap slower.
As you can see from the watermark, one of the photos above was taken by a guy called Matthew Mead. He is a motorsport photographer who does some very handy work. You can see more at his website. I like this guy as he shoots with real 35mm film as well as in digital.
More of his photos from this specific session are also on Flickr.
A final thought…..
Have a look at that second photo again. This is why the 99 Turbo is still my favourite Saab of all time. The snub nose, the aggressive stance. As befitted the first turbocharged model they ever made, this was a car that meant business.

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